Six year anniversary….painful loss of our son

Today is not the only day we reflect the horrible death of our son, it is a process we go through every day. The only way we have gotten through all we have gone through; is through the Grace of God.

How does one not suffer the pain and agony of losing one’s child? Russell was the life inside of us. No matter how much time passes, things will never get any easier for us. Our hearts are raw with pain.

I am thankful for God sending such wonderful people to help us with the journey we have been on; to get our son brought home and buried properly. Our journey met with failure, because of the lawyers and Judges who did not treat the case with dignity and respect. The people who helped us will always have a place in our hearts; and one day they will have their rewards.

The holidays are a sad time for us; missing Russell and having to keep enduring the pain. I know we are not the only parents who suffer during the holidays. Many parents have lost their loved ones to this dreadful lifestyle; while others are battling the deceitful lie, that has their children chained to the homosexual lifestyle. Parents want their children to understand, but it seems hopeless as with Russell. It is such a destructive and sinful lifestyle; that  deteriorates a person’s body, as it did with Russell.

I would like to make Russell the poster child for showing what this lie is all about. This young man was brainwashed like so many are about homosexuality. Russell had everything going for him; and he lost it all.

This is a cruel and evil world we are living in; our children are believing the lies Satan is throwing at them.

We went to Russell’s grave a few days ago, and we are going back today to spend some time to grieve and work on his flowers. One day the grieving will be over; and we will be with him.

We love our son and will never give up the journey we are taking even with all the grief we have to bear. We know God is with us, and he will make a way.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff