6th Jan, 2020

Why do people explore the homosexual lifestyle?

I have thought a lot about this subject, and I want to get people to think about how our youth are being brainwashed into this lifestyle.

When one explores this lifestyle; it is hard for them to get out. It is like Satan has gotten hold over him or her. I know for a fact that Russell was unhappy and wanted out. Satan manipulated him; Russell was a soft hearted young man who made some really bad choices for his life.

There are so many influences out there to manipulate and brainwash. I was talking to a someone who is supposedly a Christian; and was totally shocked at some of the responses she made! I felt she was a little bitter about me bringing up the subject of how I was fighting the homosexual lifestyle. Everyone knows about Russell and how he died; they only know gossip. I don’t try to get around the subject without trying to witness about it.

I was telling her about how I felt about the influences of Hollywood. I mentioned one of the women who I felt was one of the biggest influences on television. This woman is a lesbian who has talk show, in advertisements in a well-known pet store, a line at Kohls stores, game shows, etc. She is set up for more of a idol; I believe.

You can’t believe the response I got from this neighbor! She said, “Well she does a lot of good.” I told her she does a lot of evil! This woman said she watches her on television and she gives a lot of stuff and money to people. I responded that this was a ploy of advertisers to sell stuff; she doesn’t give away her money! Folks shouldn’t buy anything from these advertisers.

This is how Satan works through television and Hollywood. I feel that one day these people involved in supporting someone like this will be held accountable for what they have done to the youth of our society. Likewise this person who sells herself with the help of these advertisers will be held accountable with a harsh judgment! God knows about all this; I don’t have to worry about it.

I will spend the rest of my life telling about this evil homosexual lifestyle! I don’t care who I offend by telling the truth! Those who support this lifestyle are not Christians; they don’t serve Christ. Theirs is a false God!

Carolyn Groff

1 Chronicles 25 For great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; he also is to be feared above all gods.
1 Chronicles 26 For all the gods of the people are idols: but the Lord made the heavens.

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