4th Dec, 2009

When a child rebels……

Dealing with what happened with our son Russell, we know the hurt a parent can experience when their child goes into  rebellion, no matter what it may be they are doing. Our children cannot see the parent’s pain for their own selfish desires. They can’t seem to realize these desires are false, and can ruin their lives.

As with Russell and what he once said to his Dad, (I guess it is too late to turn back now) I believe Russell thought it was too late to turn back. We didn’t know how to handle his thinking about this, and it is something that haunts us now that we didn’t push the issue further and get the right help for him. I doubt he would have listened to us when Kevin was still manipulating him.

When Russell left Baltimore and came home, Kevin came here to get him back. He showed us nothing but disrespect when we were trying to help Russell out of that mess. I believe if he had left Russell alone, we could have helped him realize the truth. Kevin did not want to lose control of Russell. They fought all the time, and I think at some point Russell became afraid of Kevin. We believe Kevin threatened to tell us what all went on with the homosexual lifestyle. While we were so naive to what the lifestyle was about, we knew it was a horrible one.

Children get themselves into situations like Russell did, and they no longer have control of their lives. I know some get out of the homosexual lifestyle, but many cannot and they die like Russell.

I know Russell never thought his actions would cause so much pain to him and his parents. Russell was convinced he was right and we were wrong. Look what happened to him, his life was destroyed! Russell was brainwashed by Kevin, his parents and his gay friends. They convinced Russell we did not love him or we would accept the lifestyle, because that was who he was. This is a big bunch of garbage that filters through the minds of some one like Kevin who controls and manipulates someone. They have to alienate the ones who have the greatest influence over the person.

In going through what we have with Russell’s death, burial and the expensive court case to try and get his body, we have learned there has been so much that happened we were so naive about when Russell was alive. If we had just known what we know now……..

Since Russell’s death, I have tried so hard to help others learn about the lifestyle in order to help their loved ones. I hate to see them be naive like we were. Some want the help, while others don’t. I have one parent who went to a gay birthday party for her son, and now she accepts the gay lifestyle for him. They really did a number on her……she told me they were so nice to her and embraced her. I really felt sick at my stomach, because she ultimately is enabling him to live a lie that will eventually destroy him.

I feel she is very lonely and has no one else but her son, but she can love him and not accept this lifestyle for him. There are so many ways she could help him, but I guess like so many, it is easier to brush away the truth, and accept what seems to be the easier way. I just hope she does not have to have her son die of AIDS, and he is in a good position to get it.

Homosexuality is a cult, just as with other cults, brainwashing is the only way they can control. Russell was controlled, (as in brainwashing) and manipulated to his death. I guess I sound like a broken record, but this is something I know for sure.

I feel his life meant nothing to anyone but us, his parents. We did everything we knew how to get Russell out of the lifestyle, but we feel we were not equipped to deal with Kevin and his manipulation. The pain of losing our son has devastated our lives, and we know it is hard to understand why we cannot accept what he chose to do. You don’t just ignore things you know that were intentionally done to end your son’s life. Kevin has told so many lies to everyone about Russell’s death, and one day everyone will know the truth. I have many more things I have found out since the court case ended.

Eventually the true facts about what all happened to our son will be exposed! 

Russell and all other children who rebel against their parents are not only hurting themselves, but their parents. It is the one who gave them life that loves them most, not some perverted homosexual. Kevin has moved on and has another significant other now, according to his face book page.

Kevin had no love for our son, and he should give us his remains. He destroyed his possession that would have meant something to his family. He is going to have many regrets about all of this, as we are not finished! We will never give up!

Kevin brags on his face book page about his being high maintenance and easily annoyed….a fact we already knew. He took everything Russell had worked hard for, because he worked hard and was not a great spender like Kevin. Russell was not one to have to have the best of everything, because he was not spoiled. Kevin was so controlling over Russell, that he even made him get a joint bank account, so he could control his money. I think I talked about this before, this is one way of controlling someone.

Russell did not realize in rebelling against our moral values for him, he was actually signing his death warrent. I say this with all the power in my body…….he died for nothing!Russell was a good kid, and we know he would never have hurt us intentionally. He was not a gay activist like Kevin. He really got in over his head.

I don’t understand Russell’s rebellion, because he had it all, he had a really great life. I think kids think it is fun to experiment with the unknown, and then find themselves trapped in some dark and dangerous things. We as parents pray for their escape from the darkness, and sometimes our prayers are answered, and sometimes they are not. We don’t understand when they are not, but we will understand it all one day.

I know how parents hurt for their rebellious child, because the pain Lowell and I have suffered for Russell is so overwhelming.

Isaiah 30: 1 Woe to the rebellious children, saith the Lord, that ttake counsel, but not of me; and that cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, that they may add sin to sin:

Russell thought it was too late for him to turn away from his sin, but our father is a forgiving father. Do you believe in God? I hope you will listen to what I have said in my letter to you, and to all the other things I have written. It is never too late to turn back. Russell would be smiling in Heaven is he could see you change your life and turn away from this sin you are living in.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

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