12th Apr, 2017

Twisted Minds of Preditors

It is amazing how to me that people can twist the laws of the land; ones God made for mankind. These moral, ethical and biblical ones are being destroyed; because people have forgotten God. Some seem to make their own laws and forget their ethical bounds; such as lawyers and judges in our case did.

Speaking from experience; you are never estranged from the child you love because you don’t accept their immoral behavior. As with us; we tried everything we knew to get our son on the right track. The people around Russell interfered with everything we did; just as they did during the case we had to get our son’s remains.

The unhealthy relationship is what killed our son. We had proof that Kevin belonged to a POZ social club in Washington, DC; where HIV positive men party and have sex together at night. Russell did not belong to this social club and worked at night while Kevin did his thing; we believe this is where this disease came from that killed our son. We were not successful in getting the lawyers to use this information because of Kevin’s parents being lawyers. They did some unethical things and got away with destroying our case.

I was so grief stricken at the time; it was hard to deal with all that was thrown at us. We are still grieving for Russell; but our minds have cleared about all the crooked things that was done to us and to Russell.

Parents who condone this homosexual lifestyle are a menace to society; and I don’t say this with malice, but with passion. I don’t care who this refers to; if the shoe fits, wear it.

I believe from some of the things I have found; Russell was afraid of Kevin. There is always one in the relationship who is the controlling individual. Kevin controlled Russell’s finances; which is hard to believe, because Russell was always great with his finances and worked hard for his money. I have proof of what I say about all these things; just in case there is a problem with what I write.

I speak from the broken heart of a mother who lost a part of her life that can never be replaced. I can only speak the truth; in hopes that it will help some young person not die a tragic death as Russell did, he was so precious to us.

For every homosexual; there are the Christian parents who are grieving their hearts for the danger their children are in.


The truth is in God’s word.

Romans 1:22-27

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