24th Feb, 2020

Tragedy In The Lifestyle

Most everyone thinks this homosexual lifestyle won’t happen in their family! The tragic thing being promoted in our society today; is the acceptance of a lifestyle that is an abomination to God! There will be consequences; this is written!

If only I could tell every parent out there; love your child, but don’t accept the homosexual sin they are involved in. Usually along with this lifestyle comes the drugs. I have heard drugs help with the sting of the behavior!

Allowing the Democrat who is openly gay, kiss another gay on television; is a tragic event!!! I get sick at my stomach; thinking about all the children who are watching this horrible action. I hope people responsible for such events; will be held accountable. What is this saying to our young people? Think about it!!!

What’s going to happen if things don’t change? This is not free speech; this is destruction! The people who vote for this homosexual; will be held accountable to God!!!!

It’s tragic that parents don’t stand against this homosexual lifestyle. Our country is going to be destroyed; God is tired of this mess!!!

Wake up folks; it’s wrong!!!!

Leviticus 18:22 Leviticus 19:30
Romans 1:26-29

I know Homosexuals don’t like these verses; they are the truth, if anyone wants to know the truth. I can voice my free speech in telling about the destruction this lifestyle is causing!!!!

Carolyn Groff

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