21st Jan, 2023

Time Standing Still

It seems like time has stood still for me. I can think of all the memories of Russell as he grew up; now dreaming of when I can see him again. I know he is in good hands now and not living a Satan’s lie here on earth.
Russell accepted Jesus Christ when he was young and was baptized into God’s family. This is the reason I know I will see him again; God doesn’t kick you out of his family because of the sin you commit. Russell just won’t get the rewards he could have had.
I know he belonged to God before he was even born and God wanted him back. I know it broke God’s heart for him to be living the lie he was living here on earth. Oh, how I miss Russell; the pain has never gone away. It also broke his mine and his dad’s hearts for him to be involved in the mess he was in here on earth.
I am not going to write much today; I have written so much before on how I feel. I will go on to say; I know the ones who destroyed Russell, and those who lied to keep us from burying Russell with dignity will pay for this.

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