19th Feb, 2009

Those who care….

Since Russell died, we have met so many nice people. I believe God has put these people in our path, to encourage us. I appreciate everyone I have met, and everyone who has been there with us through all these trials and tribulations. God has placed many in my life that needs help, and I hope I have been a little ray of sunshine in their lives.

The people who spoke out about the “Winter Wickedness” orgy, held at the Holiday Inn at 7007 North Worthington, Ohio, are truly to be commended. Peter Labarbera, with Americans For Truth, is the first one who alerted me about this event. When I started making calls and writing letters, I was upset with some of the way I treated in a passive manner, and my calls had to be left on a recorder.

It was the choice of Holiday Inn corproate offices to go ahead and let this homosexual orgy take place at this Holiday Inn, even after all the thousands of e-mails and phone calls poured in. It was disgraceful for this Holiday Inn to let this event take place in this beautifuil town. The sadomasochistic prevision gay event, was devastating to the community, and they let it be known.

I read somewhere during this conflict, you can go on line to find ‘safe hotels’ to stay at. I have not gone there yet, but this may be something worthwhile to look at, since some of us do not want to stay at places like the Holiday Inn, where these perverted events are allowed to take place. 

Christian protesters went to this event, and called a lot of attention to what was going on there. Health officials were there to check on the situation, but I don’t know if it made much difference. Pass the Salt Ministries were there, and was accused of having a “Fred Phelps” type parade. I contacted them to let them know, this is exactly what they said about us when we went to a gay parade in Knoxville, five months after Russell died.

I think this is how the gay activists attack any one who protests these events. I have found during the last four+years, this is the only thing they can come up with, accusing a Christian protester of promoting hate. The “Fred Phelps” issue is getting old, the activists need to come up with something new, (although they honestly can’t do so). We are all aware of how they use this phrase. 

When we were accused of this, we did not even know who “Fred Phelps” was. We were atacked by an article written by the president of the PFLAG group here in Knoxville. It was published in the Metro Pulse, a liberal, gay oriented paper here. Finding out who Fred Phelps was, I was really insulted, but still very naive about the situation of how the gay activists use this group to attack any Christian that opposes their activities. No one held up hate signs, we held a picture of our son, saying the gay lifestyle was a destructive lifestyle, and our son died of AIDS.

 We thought we might help someone by going there. It was very hard for us, so soon after our son died such a tragic death. All was not lost by going there, but we felt really bad when someone spit on our son’ s picture and went away quickly on a bicycle. The gay activists cursed us, and treated us terrible. I have talked about this in another story. The homosexuals were the only ones who showed hate at this event.

I know these Christians at Worthington’s Holiday Inn, ‘Winter Wickedness’ event, did not hold hate signs. They were there to try and keep this nasty orgy from taking place. The community was being exposed to the health hazzards from the body fluids, (urine, feces, and other fluids) when workers had to deal with cleaning this mess up. With all I know, these are hard core activists, who do not care if they spread the AIDS virus. I believe a lot of these people carry the AIDS virus….and this is spread through body fluids.

The community also holds events in the same room where these orgies take place, and I cannot believe all of this mess comes out of the carpet and from the walls. There has been many specials on televisions about the body fluids left in hotels and motels. These people holding this perverted orgy have to be staying in rooms there too. Just think of what they carry on with in the rooms. It is pretty safe to say, they do the same things in the rooms.

My husband is from Ohio, and we have stayed at this Holiday Inn, but we will not ever stay there again. I am sure this event will hurt their business, maybe they and others, will think twice before allowing such events.

I am so proud of those who went there to protest, and this is the reason I wanted to write this story. I want to  thank them, and tell them of our experience here in Knoxville at the gay parade.

I want to thank Peter Labarbera with Americans For Truth,  for all his work in alerting people about this and other events. He was instrumental in getting the orgy stopped in Washington, DC, that was to be held during the Inauguration. Peter works hard to get the truth out about this gay agenda.

Thanks to Peter, Pass the Salt Ministries, and all who came out to Worthington, Holiday Inn, and all who wrote letters, and called the Holiday Inn Corporate Offices.

These kind of events take place in the streets of San Francisco, where even children see their prevision. If we don’t stand against these events, the streets in our town will be having such events. Peter has gone out to San Francisco to film these events, and he is attacked viciously when he writes stories, and posts photos of these events. Go to www.AmericansForTruth.com  to see Peter’s work on these stories. You may have to go to his archives, or contact him.

Thanks to all who have helped us, and thanks for reading Russell’s website. Be sure to click on excerpts from Russell’s life, and the monthly archives.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

Psalm 46:1  God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble

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