13th Sep, 2008

The sparkle left Russell’s eyes…..

The sparkle left Russell’s beautiful eyes, as they became clouded with the frustration of living the homosexual lifestyle.

At first, we were so ashamed, and blamed ourselves for something we may have done wrong. Russell had a great life, and his partner was jealous of this, (Russell said this to me one day). Kevin would have loved to have had the life we gave Russell.

We know that we are not to blame, but we have had to go through so much, with all of this. We want to tell others our story, in hopes of helping some other confused young person. I know that parents should not blame themselves, and it is not their fault. We were so naive as to what this agenda is all about, but we know a lot now, and we are going to share it with anyone who will listen.

Parents have to suffer so much, to see their loved on go down a path of destruction. Our lives and dreams were shattered, when Russell went into this lifestyle, that destroyed him in such a short time.

Kevin and the gay activists have attacked me for saying, this is a destructive lifestyle. They attack anyone who opposes their agenda.

Russell became involved with people who did not have very good values, and soon he had changed his morals and values. We feel, these friends, (not really his friends) are in my eyes, responsible for his death.  Russell’s blood is on the hands of many people!!!

Russell was experimenting with some dangerous things, and he did not even consider the consequences. He never thought he would die from his homosexual behavior. I am going to give facts, (in my book)  about how we believe he got the virus, and things we found during our court case.

Soon after he graduated from college, Kevin moved Russell to Baltimore where he knew many in the gay lifestyle, and he could alienate Russell from his family. Kevin went to a Quaker college up there, and knew a lot of people in the lifestyle. This would prove to be devastating to Russell.

I often wrote to Russell, and tried so hard to let him know how much we loved him, and how much God loved him. I always wrote very compassionate letters to my son. Kevin and his friends stated that, “I incessantly tormented him.” I guess the truth, is what they call torment. Anyway, I have copies of my letter, and I will post some of them in my book.

I want to expose these people for the lies they have spewed out of their mouths. They kept Russell so confused, and this is what I call, “torment.”

Our attorneys at the time the letters came, had the case for a year and a half and would not get anything done, but take our money. They would not do anything, but try to discourage us from pursuing the case. We believe they did not want to mess with the gay activists, but they took our money and carryed on with unethical behavior, we believe.

This would prove to be the case, when they took money to go on to court, and they walked out on us two months before the case. They would not return our money. We found out that one of them was going to run for State Senate, and they wanted rid of this messy little case.

We were forced to find another attorney who was even worse, and we will talk about this one later. This is just a part of the dirty story about the court case we embarked on in a pro-gay area.

The hardest thing for me to understand, is how a parent can uphold this dreadful lifestyle, and call themselves a Christian. Kevin’s parents made a statement they were Christian, and they believed the gay lifestyle was right. We evidently do not serve the same God.

They did a lot to us, and as we go on we will talk more about their messing with family affections, which is against the law, I believe. The way they did it, caused us so much pain and suffering.

We loved our son, and never wanted to say or do anything to hurt him. It broke our hearts to see what this lifestyle was doing to Russell’s life. He was listening to people who did not care about him, and only wanted to use him.

Kevin has a my space link on the Internet now, he says he prefers college age…………..go on it and read the rest of the story. He also says he is high maintenance and easily annoyed. I knew he was easily annoyed, and was mean to Russell.

His being high maintenance, we believe was the reason for his getting insurance on Russell’s life, and getting a will made when Russell was not competent to sign it. Kevin took what Russell had when he was alive, and after too. we believe.

I don’t say anything in these stories, that I can’t prove…..so if Kevin or his parents want to discuss the situation, let them go ahead, I welcome it…… It is not slander!!!! Kevin has slandered us with all his lies, (all over the Internet and to our attorneys) during and after the court case.

Burying Russell was not to honor his wishes, or he would have been buried by his family and buried with dignity. He was buried in a pine box in a woods, without a vault. This was cheaper. It is all about control……

Our love has never changed for Russell, and I have had so many people tell me that we must have loved him a lot to go through what we have. He was everything to us……I think he respected us for not telling him a lie, and I am sure he realized it was a lie before he died.

Russell was not born gay, and that was not, “Who he was.”

Russell died a horrible death, and I want to go on to talk more about this on the website, and in my book. It is hard to believe how horrible his death from AIDS was. We had to read about our son, and all the pain he suffered, from the medical records. We were not allowed to know he was sick, so we could be with him.

It makes me sick that the Democratic candidate, stated that the gays should be allowed to visit their partners in the hospital. What about the right for the parents to see the son they gave birth to? We were denied our rights by the law, and they claim they are discriminated against. This is a law, I believe that he next of kin be notified…….if it is not already. I am going to find out.

Russell was everything to us, and words cannot describe our love for him, and how much we miss him.

The forces of Satan are being spread so rampantly now, as the homosexual agenda os being promoted in the media. In the days we are living in, it is so easy for Satan to reach out and grab one who lets their guards down.

I feel, not letting Russell see his parents before he died, was the ultimate hurt to Russell, and shows there was no love for him.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

Titus 2:11 For the grace of God that  salvation hath appeared to all men,

Titus 2:12 Teaching us that , denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly, in this present world;

Titus 2:13 Looking for the blessed hope, and glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;

11 Timothy 2:11 It ius a faithful saying: For if we be dead in him, we shall also love with him:

11 Timithy 2:12 If we suffer we shall also reigh with him: if we deny him, he also will deny us.

We know that throught our suffering, we are assured that through our faith in Jesus, we will be with him one day. We know that Russell is now with him, and he has been forgiven of his sins. (We pray for our other son who is denying God).

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