2nd Feb, 2009

The Evils of Homosexuality….

A  parent who has lost their child to AIDS, can only tell their own personal experience from the evils of homosexuality. We are two of the many parents, who are grieving the loss of their loved ones to the homosexual lifestyle.

We are unfortunate to have lost our child to AIDS, and I would not ever want anyone to go through what Russell had to endure, (from what we found in our investigation of his medical records.) I want to make public what Russell and his family has to go through…….. all the pain and suffering. This is what the homosexuals, and pro-gay advocates, do not want told.

Russell would never have wanted to be given the AIDS virus. If someone had asked him, “Russell, do you want the AIDS virus?” I know he wouldn’t have said, “Yes, I would choose to have this virus.” Therefore; I do believe in my heart, the person who gave my son the AIDS virus, should be charged with murder.

I believe if there were more stricker laws when someone dies of AIDS, to make the person involved with him or her, be tested. Then they would have to admit,  about having given the virus to the partner, or who ever they came in contact with. I believe if the law was enforced, there would be fewer deaths from AIDS.  I have tried to be in contact with the CDC to enforce this,  and I am still working on this situation. It only stands for reason, Russell was given the AIDS virus, unknowingly. There are laws, but no one seems to want to enforce them.

I know the homosexual social clubs are passing around this bad strain of the virus, (which Russell had, but didn’t belong to one of these ) and with all the drug use, there are ways , (when one who trusts another) to get this virus without knowing it. I will be posting an article about this. These clubs should be shut down, they are a menace to society, responsible for passing this virus, and other diseases through the gay community, as well as to the hetersexual comunity.

I can only tell my feelings about the way my son was stolen away, without even any thought of his precious life. The people involved in the loss of my precious son, act as if his death is nothing out of the norm. He does not matter any more, except to his parents. The homosexual community is responsible for slandering his name, and doing it during an ongoing court case. I wish these people could be charged with interference of Justice. We believe the Judge and attorneys were swayed by the stories on the Internet. I checked one day, and one of the stories was under the Judge’s name. I was made out to be some kind of monster, not the loving mother I am.

The Judge made some remarks to me that I did not like, but I will have to go back and see if I have written about this prevuiously. Sometimes I have the check  legal sources  about stating something.  It was just before the mediation meeting. I still can’t understand why the setting Judge was the mediator. We believe she was bias in this case, it was very evident she was not going to listen to the facts.

Our son was  just another person who is no longer here, and everyone acts like it is a normal thing!    Russell is dead!!!!!!  He was a living, breathing young, full of potential human being, that is no longer here on this earth…….  I will never give up on exposing the whole situation to the world ,and how he was used and destroyed.  

I want to elaborate on a story I heard on 20-20 the other night., because of the outrageous way we were treated by the legal system.  It was about a man and a woman who fell in love and got married. She was from Brazil….. they had a child, and was very happy, (or at least he though they were). When the child was five years old, the mother took the child from his loving father, and went to Brazil to live with her rich parents.

I am telling this story to show how the law can be unfair in not punishing the guilty, and making them follow the laws, the rights of all citizens to fair treatment. This story was in some ways, similar to the taking of my son. No matter what we did, we could not get him back, now we cannot get his remains after he was destroyed. What happened with Russell’s burial was a travesty of the law. It is devastating to parents to go through what we have had to, because of our love for our son, and wishing to just have closure.

I cried during this story, as it was a devastating government cover up in Brazil, and the FBI, and our government has not  gotten this man’s son back. This made me feel  sorry for this man who went on a journey to get his son, and it seems like there was little hope for help. The law does not work for someone like this, as it has not worked for us.

I could feel the pain of this man losing his child, and no one could help him. He spent a fortune trying to get his son back, with no prevail. The system failed this man, and he has been with out his son for four years, and still does not know if he will ever get him back. There was money and position involved in the story, as with ours.

I can relate to the fact that my son was taken away, brainwashed, and given the AIDS virus that killed him. We simply could not deal with all the people like Kevin, his parents, and the gay activists, ACU, his gay attorney, etc. With all that was  pulled their wrong doings and behind the scenes, the legal system did not want to help us. We have spent so much on this case, just to get what was left of our son after they destroyed him, we just want his remains to be put somewhere so we can grieve, and know he is taken care of for the rest of eternity, until Jesus comes again.

We are fighting for our son too. Russell would never have been able to sign documents he was said to have signed, ( as I have written about before.) It was a strange, these documents were signed when Russell was not competent to sign any document. I will never get over the fact that none of our evidence was presented or fought for in our court case. Bias was evident!

I know from the hospital papers, Russell was not taken care of when he fell sick with AIDS, and that is something some people will have to answer for one day. We believe Kevin did not have Russell’s best welfare in mind, only his own attention and financial gain. There was much to be gained from Russell’s death….. lots of insurance money.

There are many who suffer the loss of a loved one to AIDS, and most of the time, the parents are the last to know. The children are usually alienated from their families, in order to control, manipulate, and brainwash. There was no mention of all Kevin had to gain from Russell’s death, the insurance and all. The lawyers even attacked us for having an insurance investigation done, it was done by a thirty year veteran. He was willing to go to court for us, but the lawyer did not even want to enforce this. I will write more about this later. We tried to get this in the court case, but our attorney did not present the things he should have. I am willing to provide proof of this.

This is something that haunts me, as with any parent who has given birth to a child. I think all the time of what a cruel, horrible death my son died. No one was with Russell that really loved him. How many AIDS victims lay and suffer, because they are ashamed, or they are controlled.

Homosexuality is a dangerous……Our Children are dying! Why can’t people wake up? Schools are saying it is okay to be who you are, and is normal and healthy, even offering classes for them. I can differ with anyone on that subject! Any parent who has lost a child to the dreaded AIDS virus, (from being told homosexuality was okay) can attest to the fact it is not normal and healthy lifestyle, nor is it a loving one.

I was just reading an article  posted on October 9, 2008 where Former Mr. Gay UK “slit his lover’s throat…then marinated his diced flesh with herbs, then fried it, he chewed one of the pieces e throwing it his kitchen bin. Pretty normal for someone who loves someone, huh??????

This is just a sample of a loving homosexual relationship! Russell had a horrible lifestyle, but was such a sweet spirit, he was controlled to his death. I know I will get attacked by this, but if the truth hurts, then they are the ones who will attack me.

I would love to tell every young person about how Russell suffered and died, everything I found out!!!!! I will attempt to do all this in time.  I know kids don’t want to hear about anything like this,(Russell didn’t) it is as if they only want to believe what makes them feel good, or they think it does. Russell was devoured, his life meant nothing to anyone but his parents. I know he wished he had listened to us.

It does not matter to me how many gay activists attack me, it does not deter me from telling about Russell’s death. We are attacked for wanting to get our son’s remains, but AIDS is never mentioned. It is not his parents who gave this dreaded disease to Russell, he was in a loving relationship! I have a lot more facts about loving relationships, and I will post some of them as I go along.

Television is providing teens with the encouragement they want, sneaking the gay lifestyle in,  about every program on television, even the liberal media. I am keeping track of all the programs and the gay agenda that is being sneaked in their programming.

I didn’t want anyone to hate my son, but I have not tolerance for the advancing of something that killed my son. Matthew Shepherd has been played up as being killed because he was gay, and that is not true. Matthew Shepherd was killed for coming on to another young person in the park. This facts about this story has been greatly exaggerated to one side….his parents have a lot of money, and they have pursued this with passion. I think they are not facing the fact, they are hurting their son’s memory, by not blaming the lifestyle he was living, for his death. This is setting a stage for a dangerous outrage of hate.

This week at Russell’s grave, they took his picture and a small cross, but did not take the dead roses, they had broke and damaged last week. We put them back in the vase, and laid the broken one on his grave. They did not look good, but we wanted to see if they would take them. Of course, they could not hurt us by taking them. These people will one day get their reward for all they have done to us at our son’s grave.

I fixed red roses, (artificial ones) in the vase this week, I know they will take them, but it is more strikes against them when Jesus comes again. I have a story to write about that.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

Psalm 44:20 If we have forgotten the name of our God, or stretched out our hands to a strange god;

Psalm 44:21 Shall not God search this out? for he knoweth the secrets of the heart.

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