14th Mar, 2017

Telling the Truth

So many lies have been put out there about the death of our son; I am continuing to dispute them and get the truth out.

We as parents have been slandered in the most horrific ways in which words can be manipulated.

There was no proof that Russell wanted to be buried where he was, except the forged will manipulated by Kevin Olive. Kevin waited until Russell was in a state of delirium, to forge a will with the help of his mother who is an attorney. Anyone who reads the medical records knows the state Russell was in when this will was proposed to have been signed by Russell.

Medical expert who testified proved this; but the Judge used her personal opinion as a liberal to judge against Russell’s parents. She was very ugly to Russell’s mother; and should have excused herself after meeting with Kevin, his parents and our attorney without us being present. She was unfairly influenced; and by doing so, her ethics should be questioned. Especially since she was supposed the give her judgment in two weeks after the trial; but waited six weeks after the election. Maybe she thought she was not going to do the right thing. I believe she should be investigated; and I will keep after this until someone notices it.

Kevin manipulated Russell’s life and eventually destroyed this young man.(More about this fact later in another story. There was a lot to this relationship than has been put out there; and not for the good either.

“Poor Kevin,” was put out there by the gays; slandering Russell’s parents for wanting to bury their son in a place where he would have wanted to be with his family. Russell loved his parents who loved him very much.

The liberal news coming from the homosexual community blasted Russell’s parents for finding the truth about what happened to Russell. The Olives never thought they would have a fight on their hands; they thought their lies would convince Russell’s parents to believe what they put out there.

Russell’s mother and father were consumed with grief when they found out about Russell being sick; as they then tried to reach him. Kevin didn’t think we would be told until he was already buried. I have already written about some of the facts about this manipulation of the truth.

How horrible for the parents of a child to be kept from him when he was dying. I now know that Russell ask for us right before he went into a coma. Kevin and his parents kept that from happening; Kevin told Russell we wouldn’t come; and his dad told the doctors not to notify us as we had disowned him.

I can just imagine how horrible this was to Russell to think the parents who loved him so much wouldn’t come to his bedside when he was dying. This just tears my heart apart; and now I owe it to Russell to expose how he was abused when he was dying. This is not the only abuse he suffered in order to keep him from his parents.

Kevin and his parents didn’t like Russell’s mother and father because we didn’t accept the homosexual lifestyle. Kevin’s parents played a big role in the manipulation of Russell; I call them Kevin’s glorifed pimps. I believe we would have gotten Russell out of the lifestyle if they hadn’t done this. When Russell graduated from college in 2000, they helped Kevin move Russell to Baltimore so we wouldn’t have as much influence on Russell.

Russell came home a lot before moving to Baltimore; we never were estranged from Russell before then. They tried everything to keep Russell from us(I have written about this before in one of my posts). It was put out there on the internet that we were estranged from Russell; which was a lie. We never pushed Russell; having faith that God would get him out of the lifestyle. We can never question how God works in things we pray for; we have to trust he works in mysterious ways.

So many things happened that these people who writes the garbage does not know about. One homosexual wrote that Kevin was struggling to fight Russell’s parents; it was the parents who were struggling to fight to get their son’s remains. Kevin didn’t care about Russell; it was all about control and the money. Kevin had taken out several insurance policies on Russell after he was sick; these policies were not signed by Russell, as the will was not signed by Russell. Kevin also got a large amount of money from Russell’s estate.

I was told the Olives were waiting for something to sue us over; well, I ache for them to try; I am not as naive as I was during the trial.

One gay person wrote about how nauseous it made him about the parents fighting poor Kevin. Well it makes me nauseous about this person who is evidently very misguided in his beliefs. If he were not so involved in this sinful, disgraceful, immoral and unhealthy lifestyle, he might understand the feeling of parents who had their son destroyed by it.

Kevin buried Russell with lies that this was what Russell wanted; but that is not what he said in one of his statements. Kevin made out burial papers in October and put them away in a drawer, (as he stated) and why didn’t he have them signed then if that was what Russell wanted? Also, Kevin stated that Russell said he didn’t care where he was buried. I believe Kevin wanted this; not Russell. Kevin had a way of manipulating everything.

The only papers signed were forged by Kevin after Russell was too sick to sign anything; the lawyers didn’t want to bring this out. The lawyers were liberal thieves as far as were are concerned. Kevin’s parents got to them as they interfered in everything we tried to do.

I know God will take care of those who go against him; this is the only way I have gotten through these worst time in my life.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

Revelation: 21: 28 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone; which is the second death.

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