14th Jan, 2019

Starting a new year of revealing the facts

I have been slow to write about all that happened during the horrible experience of losing our son Russell; however, now I am ready to write about all of it.

Starting with things written by homosexuals; about what was happening, and had happened. Some of it was spread by Kevin and his friends, lawyers, family and even the judge.

The first one I am going to address is a gay writer; who wrote an article in the Washington Blade, (a liberal newspaper). At the time we could have sued him and the newspaper; for slander. None of the things he wrote about were true; but constructed by Kevin and his friends.

For those who don’t know Kevin; we found out through all this, he is a manipulating person who will get his way, no matter who it hurts. He and his family interfered with lies; in everything we tried to. His mother was the treasurer for the Greater Knoxville PFLAG chapter (a gay organization). Kevin’s parents promoted his lifestyle; helping Kevin manipulate and brainwash kids like Russell. These people are beyond disgust in my book.

Charing wrote about us going to the gay parade; but failed to write the truth. We went there with our hearts bleeding; hoping to help anyone we could to know what this lifestyle was all about. That was not an easy thing to do; to see what we saw, and hear all the disgusting things we had thrown at us. He wrote that it was a Fred Phelps parade; who was this person we had never heard about. It was used against us; but God knows our hearts and how we went there for the purpose of serving him.

The homosexual agenda is all about spreading lies, brainwashing, and manipulation. As God sets on his throne he looks at what has happened; with much sadness. I know there is redemption for all these lies; as well as judgment.

One of the first things spread by Kevin; besides Russell dying, was that we disowned him. This was written by Steve Charing in his article. We never disowned our son; this was a lie from the pit of hell. Steve Charing, the lawyers, judge or anyone involved; didn’t want to know the truth. Our friends knew what we went through; trying to keep Russell in our lives. Because of us trying to get Russell out of the lifestyle, Kevin hated us. He manipulated Russell against us in every way he could think of. I believe this is pure evil for someone to do what he did. As time went on; we felt Russell was afraid of Kevin. We researched everything about this lifestyle. There is always the one that does the manipulating.

It was portrayed in Charing’s article that Kevin and Russell both chose to be buried in the woods where they buried Russell in a pine box. Russell would not have wanted this; he would have wanted to be buried in a place where his family was. If it was as Kevin said; why didn’t Russell sign a paper when he knew what he was doing. The will was made when he was in an altered state; this was proven! No papers were presented to prove anything Kevin said.

It was like when Russell was dying; and asked for us to come. Kevin told Russell we wouldn’t come to his bedside. This was so cruel !!!! Can one just imagine how this hurt our son? There are hospital records about this; I won’t get into yet. Kevin had to go to great lengths to keep us away; he knew what would happen. He would lose control; and he knew there would be trouble! Kevin’s dad told the doctor not to call us; we had disowned him. This is an ethical and legal matter for him to have done this. The doctor wanted to call us because we were the next of kin; he should have went ahead and called us. This was another legal matter.

Charing wrote; the gravestone was the only agreement met when we had to give up the fight for our son; Olive wanted to end the case by making this concession. I am sure it hurt him to no end to do this; because of control. The only way we got this “concession”; was Kevin had violated the law by having his mother make the stone with his name on one side. We had to look at this everytime we went there; so we knew with what we found out about his paying for the entire stone with Russell’s money; was a legal thing. Kevin’s mother (the lawyer) played a big part in the things done to hurt us. She too resented us; because we didn’t accept her manipulating son. I say a lot of this now; because I have so many things against them. Slander and messing with family affairs; are only a few of these.

Charing wrote; Kevin stated it had been pretty traumatic for him. Not so; for the parents who went through trying to deal with all the lies and deception by Kevin, his family, the lawyers and judge. We tried to deal with all this before and after Russell’s death. It was so horrible to lose the child you love so much; and couldn’t even grieve for him. The pain of what was done to him; was a reality all during the fight to get his remains. All we went though was pretty horribly traumatic for us! Why couldn’t anyone see that Kevin destroyed our son; and was manipulating the system! I can now prove what Kevin did to Russell; and I am excited to be able to write about all this now.

Charing wrote; a gay attorney for Kevin gave us two dozen of Russell’s belongings as a settlement. The list of things he gave: Russell’s karate black belt,(which Kevin cut into),a fishing tackle box that his father had given him. This was not a tackle box; but a tool box his father had filled with tools. Some of the tools were his father’s and grandfather’s; Kevin refused to give us the tools. The rest of the items were gay books that were bought from thrift book store. All of this was done to make a statement; and to hurt us. This gay attorney was an absolute jerk; he treated me like dirt. He should lose his license for the way he treated us. I have written about this in another story.

The gay community set up a legal fund for Kevin to fight Russell’s parents; this says what the agenda is all about. This is a part of our society; that sets out to hurt those who don’t agree with their sick agenda. Kevin caused us to lose so much; besides losing our beloved Russell. He has the nerve to have a legal fund set up; to fight us! Anyone who is decent would have let us bury our son. It was all about the money Kevin had obtained through insurance companies; a fact I can prove. Kevin and his parents had a real fit because we had an insurance investigation done. Kevin knew he would face “financial ruin”, (as Charing quoted) if Kevin lost the case. He would have lost Russell’s estate money; which was his insurance at work, and all the other insurance monies. I also found that he controlled Russell’s financial affairs with control of his bank account.

This Metro Pulse wrote that we drove Russell away from the Christian church and he joined the Friends church with Kevin. This was a horrible lie! This church branched off from the Quakers many years ago for their liberal views; and upheld everything. We found what they were all about! See one of my other stories about what they did to us at Russell’s grave.

Steve Charing wrote that Kevin was a teacher, and Kevin’s parents didn’t have the financial means to help him with his legal fees. They are both lawyers and have plenty. It was made out that Kevin was a pauper. He never had to work for anything. It is our belief his parents see to it; he is gets anything he wants, no matter who it hurts. Kevin even threatened us with his parents; the lawyers.

While Russell lay dying; Kevin was living with another gay person in Russell’s home. This is one of the details I will show later on; a real eye opened!

I guess this is all I am going to write about Steve Charing’s lies. I believe this person is quiet a misguided soul!!!! We have the support n we didn’t have during our legal battle. I realize this is a long story; but one that needed to be written.

Carolyn Groff

< Proverbs 19:5 A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape. Proverbs 19:9 A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall perish.

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