19th Feb, 2009

So much wrong……

I’ve heard all this about loving homosexual relationships, devotion….. and all of it. I’m just sick of what is going on in our country, with the acceptance of the homosexual agenda. Homosexual relationships are devastating, and Russell’s death is a good example. 

I know Russell was in turmoil all the time. Russell, like so many young people are seduced, brainwashed, and manipulated. How can anyone say homosexuality is normal? 

I often think of what goes through someones mind, who gets into a homosexual relationship, but I can only wonder. I know what goes through the minds of parents, they are devastated! Our children are the ones we bring into the world, nurture, and love, so naturally we are the ones whose hearts ache when they make bad choices. Other loved ones goes into the lifestyle, and this too, is very devastating.

Going through materials written by gay activists, I get really ready to fire up, to speak the truth, and let everyone know about Russell, and what happened to him. This is just one story, there are so many loved ones who have died from AIDS. Many who have a chance to get out, and not die from AIDS. Russell never thought he would get AIDS, and I am sure he wished he had listened to his parents when he was laying in a hospital bed dying a horrible death. 

The gay newspapers in Washington, DC and Baltimore, certainly took their turn in exploiting their lies for Kevin during our court trial. The writers in these papers seem to have no scruples, when it comes to writing the truth.  We believe Kevin fed these lies to the papers and the gay activists and their blogs, he certainly set out on a letter writing campaign to slander us. Our attorneys got all kinds of slanderous letters. 

Kevin claimed,  in one of his notorious stories on the Internet, our lawyer grilled him so bad. This was rather amusing, because, we believe our attorney did a poor job of giving him a deposition, and crossing him in court. He just let him ramble on with his lies in court, and even Kevin’s own attorney got upset with his talking so long. I was shocked at the farce of a trial….If our attorney had done the ethical thing, he would have been working for us. His law clerk made the statement, “She likes Kevin, he is very nice.” This is the way the youth of today accepts the gay lifestyle, as normal and acceptable. She was 25, and obviously had some effect on our case with her opinions, we believe.

Kevin’s deposition was a real joke, our attorney let him ramble on and on, just like he did in court. He wanted to take the deposition, but did not even use it. I can’ t remember how much the deposition cost us, but I have it on file. It was several thousand dollars. 

We believe our attorney kept trying to do everything he could, to get more money. He had his law clerk to go to Kinko’s the morning of the trial, and make three copies of all the medical records, (one for him, Kevin’s attorney, and the Judge). This came to a total of nine big books.

The law clerk for our attorney, came wheeling in all those big boxes of medical records, and I thought, what in the world was going on? We could not figure out why all those records! The law clerk put three big books of the medical records on the Judge’s desk. The Judge made the statement, “You don’t expect me to read those, do you?” This told us, it was not necessary for them to have had all of these records copied…. a real waste of our money…..

The law clerk then placed three big books of medical records on the desk where Kevin and his attorney was setting. They already had copies of all the records, and even a CD. How in the world would this benefit them at this point, they had already been furnished these records, which they made their case with? These records  cost us a lot of money! Doing this was an unnecessary action, and we believe it was just to get more money.

After the trial was over, no one wanted the records, Kevin refused them, and so did his mother. Finally, some girl took them, I think it was one of the Friends (Quakers). I was very angry about that. This was an outlandish and unethical, making of these extra records, for no reason.

Our lawyer had three big books placed on his table where he was setting with his law clerk. He did not even open a one of these. He had a big book that he looked at during the case, so we knew something was wrong with this picture…..

Our lawyer would not let us set with him, as Kevin’s lawyer did. We believe our attorney thought we would say something when he did not even fight for us. We know, we were are supposed to set with our attorney.

We believe they thought making all the copies of the medical records, would make us think they had been working hard on our trial. We knew this was not right…..

Our attorney was moving his office to another firm, and we believe he was not too concerned with our trial, just the money. He failed to provide an important paper, we had given him, as an exhibit, (a medical record). Kevin’s attorney presented this document, and our attorney acted like he did not know anything about it. This document was critical to our case, and he did not even act as if he knew what it was all about. There was many more key pieces of evidence that was not presented by our attorney, as we had requested. He let on to us like they were important, and he was going to use them.

There is a lot more things our lawyer did wrong during the case, and most of it, we believe was to scam us out of more money. I have all of this documented.

In his deposition, Kevin was supposed to answer yes or no, or a brief statement, as he was in told to in court too. The attorney let him talk about everything, just to run up our bill we believe. It was disgusting the things Kevin said…..using foul language, and lie after lie. Our attorney was not acting in our best interest, in not properly disposing Kevin. 

I laughed at one of the gay newspapers, saying I would not want to give an interview, for fear of future ramifications. I did not say such a thing, and anyone who knows me, knows I am not afraid of any ramifications from anyone. They should know this does not even sound right for someone who fought for over three years + to get her son’s remains. I will defend my rights, and any lie that is told. I am sure the Olives thought we would not try to find out what happened to Russell, we would be afraid to cross them, because they are attorneys. They used their position to pull off one of the cruelest exploits, on desirable of a best seller.  

Jeremy Hooper, (a well known gay activist) told many exaggerated stories about Russell and his mother. I found him to be someone with many issues. I felt he was Kevin’s friend instead of Russell’s. It is hard for me to defend myself from their lies, but I will continue to tell the truth for those who want to know it. Those who know me, know the person I am. I am proud for the stand my husband and I have taken, and even though we continually suffer the arrows of Satan, we will continue to fight the homosexual agenda with all our might. With all that was done to Jesus, we know that whatever trials we have to suffer, we are suffering for Jesus.

Joshua Lynsen wrote about the settlement agreement, saying Kevin won the court trial against us. He said he had to agree to replace the double homosexual tombstone, to get us to leave him alone. The real story is, Kevin was going to get into trouble with the insurance company, for charging his half of the stone to Russell’s estate. This is not the only thing Kevin  did that was unscrupulous, and I have this documented.

Does anyone think we could have gotten this stone removed, if Kevin was not afraid of what he and his mother did wrong? Kevin took everything Russell had, and he did this in an unscrupulous way. I had filed papers to make Kevin  be held responsible for what he did. This alone should have been a strike against Kevin with the court, but nothing went against him.

Kevin did not win the trail, as he and his cohorts stated on the Internet.  The court case was dropped by us, we had to give it up for several reasons, but the main one was I was having a hard time dealing with all this and trying to take care of my mother who was very ill. She passed away soon after we dropped the court case. I wish we could have went on…..but we did not really have a chance in Baltimore.

Kevin’s gay attorney was harassing us and being down right nasty to us. He would not work with us in any form or fashion. We had to appeal to the Circuit court after we lost in Orphans Court, to keep trying to get our son’s remains. We didn’t have any more money to give a lawyer, so I appealed as a pro se litigant. I knew this was a long shot, but I did not know how dirty those people were.

Kevin did not win the case ….and I want to make that clear. There was no agreement to make sure Kevin would get separate tombstones either, (as stated by Kevin and his gay attorney).

Kevin evidently told the story to the Washington Blade, he was, “willing” to change the homosexual tombstone, if we would leave him alone. This was really a joke, he was afraid of what I would do with reporting this to the insurance company, as insurance fraud. I intended to see he was made give back the insurance money, and or face prosecution.

Joshua Lynden also wrote, we thought our son did not know what he wanted, when he completed his will and burial instructions shortly before his death on November 23, 2004. Kevin said, “Russell made the will and burial document in anticipation of a legal battle from his parents.”  Why didn’t Russell make those documents before he became incapacitated, and not able to know any documents were being made?

Russell was too ill on those dates, to sign the purported will and burial document. The law clerk for our attorney told us the Judge liked Kevin, and she made it pretty clear she did not like me.

Medical records speak for themselves. Russell was like an Alzheimer’s patient, his bilirubin level as really high, causing him not to get oxygen to his brain.  He was not able to comprehend anything, let alone sign a legal document.

Russell was also blind from anaretic conjunctival conjunctivitis, hemorrhage of his eyes. He could not have been able to see how to sign the documents, even if he was alert and competent, (which he was not). Russell’s name was forged! Russell had lost the muscle function in his hands at the first hospital where he was admitted, and this went on to get worse as he was dying. He could not have signed those documents two days before he died…..no way! This was not even debated by our attorney, for the Judge to hear. 

We believe, the Judge did not even consider any of our well qualified medical expert witness’s testimony, but wanted to listen to two witnesses who were, in our opinion, very capable of lying for Kevin. There was a lot of the reason for our loss of the case, we believe it was mostly our attorney’s incompetence in presenting the facts, all of which we had given him on a platter.There was so much reasonable doubt, about this case, and we should have won.

Russell died from full blown AIDS, he was not just HIV positive, and died from a staph infection, as all the gay activists have written on the Internet. Even Kevin’s mother lied, and she is an attorney. She wrote that we wanted to brandish about that Russell had a two year diagnosis of HIV, and died from AIDS, which was not true…….This is how they tried to cover up his illness, that they did not want to get out. They thought we would never get his medical records. He had a staph infection from the AIDS virus attacking every organ in his body. Russell was not just HIV positive, he had full blown AIDS. They did not want us to find out he had AIDS, we believe this is why we were kept from Russell.

Jim Burroway, and a lot of the other gay activists also wrote about him dying of a gall bladder infection, and one activists even wrote, Russell had his gall bladder removed. This was all a bunch of irresponsible reporting of false statements.

Kevin and his parents used their position as attorneys to get our son buried without us knowing what happened to him. 

Knowing how Russell felt about his ancestors, he would have wanted to be buried with his family. We believe Russell did have a previous will, (according to certain documents )and Kevin did not like it. Kevin most likely made Russell believe he would carry out his wishes, but he waited to make a will,  when Russell was too ill to know what was going on.

I believe there is a possibility, there was no will or burial papers made at the hospital, but made after Russell died. This is something I have thought about so often. I believe these were made after we filed against the will. Three months after Russell died, no will had been filed a will, so we were considered the legal next of kin.  

We did not offer to end the court case, during the mediation meeting, (as was stated by Kevin in one of the gay newspapers) by letting him be buried beside of Russell in our family plot. Our lawyer wanted this, and his legal assistant said, (when the Judge was out of the room)”Just say anything to get him moved.” We told them both we were not going to ever allow him to be buried by Russell in our plot. We are not liars either! We would never just say a lie to get him moved. 

Kevin transferred Russell to Johns Hopkins when he was dying. This was difficult for us to accept, why he was even transferred, with him already dying. There was no chance of his being benefited by moving him at that point. We believe it was to hasten his death. Our attorney did not make any effort to discuss this, as we had asked him to. There was such a mound of evidence,  he would not present, to win our case. The medical expert testimony was awesome, and should have won the case…….

Russell was so bad that he had a heart attack on the way to John’s Hopkins, and was bleeding from even his tongue, and skin. He had to be subjected to all kinds of tests, and we believe this hastened his death. This was something we also believe was intentionally done by Kevin and his parents. Then they disappeared from the hospital, to what we believe was to wait for him to die.

I get really upset when I read the gay activists say Kevin was by his side during all of his illness, this is just propaganda. Kevin could not be found by his cell, or his home phone the night he was transferred to Johns Hopkins. The doctor needed to have permission to give a test, and he would not answer his cell. We all know, and it has been said during the trial, Kevin’s cell phone was never away from his side. He was always was talking on his cell. We believe he was ignoring the calls from the hospital, because he did not want to deal with Russell anymore, and did not care what happened to him.

Kevin knew Russell was dying, and with all the insurance he had on Russell, it seems obvious to us why he was transferred. If he cared, he would have stayed at the hospital, and been there for Russell. It seems very cruel, all of these happenings I had to read about.

Russell needed to have his family who loved him so much with him. We did not get to be with our son, because the people who destroyed him saw to it we did not find out. He was not even at the hospital when Russell died, and when he got to the room he displayed a big scene of disgusting behavior to make everyone think he was upset Russell had died. I can prove all of this, and I have a right to my beliefs about the situation.

Kevin thought he might gain sympathy by saying he held the bed pan for Russell, as one of the gay activists wrote. Well that may have been the only time he did anything for him, or I am sure it would have been posted on the Internet. How sad he had to post something like this…..and I am sure he hated to do it for Russell. Why was Russell sick, and who caused his illness?

Kevin’s parents, (as I have stated before) was the reason the hospital did not let us know about our son. We were his parents and legal blood kin, and we were not informed of his illness by three hospitals. We have documents to say Kevin’s dad talked to the doctors about not telling us, and one of the documents was sent to a local attorney we hired by Kevin’s mother. I guess she thought we would not get the letter.

Russell was not estranged from us, we tried everything in the world to stay close to him, but he was manipulated by these people, and with what all we found out, we understand more now.

They wrote about our other son supporting Kevin, which was another manipulation by the Olives. They used our son….

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Lowell and Carolyn Groff

II Chronicles 20:15  Be ye not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great mulitude, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.

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