3rd Oct, 2019

So many lies told by those who were responsible for Russell’s suffering!

The second set of lawyers we hired told us the Olives were furious when we had did an insurance investigation. We did a lot of research to find out if Kevin had taken out insurance on Russell. We found stories on line about how a partners would take out insurance on a dying partner.

(Fact) We found this had happened; even after Russell had been diagnosised with HIV. (Fact) This was according to the doctor’s report when he got sick; and the date the policies were taken out. The information from the investigation has many more facts.

Kent and Martel treated us like idiots about this; and wouldn’t use the information we had gotten. We weren’t idiots; just naive, grieving parents. Every time we found information, they refused to use it. We should have fired them when they just kept dragging things on; without even trying to help us. They seemed to work against us; instead for us. We believe many things they did were unethical. We kept trying to trust them; as we had already paid them so much.

If they try to sue us; we now can fight back. The 17 hour letter they wrote us to take up all the money we paid them to go to court; would be enough to give us leverage. I have documentation about the all the things they did. The worst was this asking for more money at the mediation meeting to go on to court. We didn’t have that much money in the bank after they had bled us dry; we had to give them a check to hold till we got back to Tennessee and borrow more money.

After they got the money they wrote a despicable 17 hour letter; which they said took up our money. (Fact) We didn’t ask them to write the 17 hour letter of resignation. (Fact) They were supposed to use this money to get ready for court. (Fact) This was unethical for them to write this letter to use our money. (Fact) When we asked for our money back; they refused. The letter was so negative toward everything they claimed they were doing to help us; and positive towards the Olives. This letter made it obvious they were working against us all the time.

At the end of the letter Kent wrote; Martel was going to run for state senate. Their resignation letter was because they didn’t want to be involved in this controversial case! They should have returned all our money for the whole time they wasted; if they were going to bow out. I have plenty of facts about these lawyers; who were recommended to us by a church in Baltimore!

(Fact) Kevin testified in his deposition that Russell took out insurance policies on him and made Russell beneficiary. We wanted the lawyers to make Kevin produce the insurance policies; he claimed Russell took out on him. (Fact) Russell didn’t take out any policies on Kevin.(Fact) Kevin had insurance, but none of them had Russell as beneficiary; Kevin’s parents were beneficiaries to his policies.

(Fact) We asked the lawyers to make Kevin produce one policy to show he had Russell as beneficiary; they would not do this. (Fact) There were several policies we found that Kevin had taken out on Russell. (Fact) One of the companies we found; said they refused to write a policy on Russell because the information sounded suspicious.

(Fact) None of the statements Kevin made in his depositions were in line with the proof I had gathered. I have a lot more facts to write about.(Fact) Kevin collected on four insurance policies we found; maybe even more we didn’t find.

Russell suffered so much because of Kevin’s greed. When I read the medical records over and over; it actually made me sick to read about how Russell suffered! Russell’s parents suffered because of the lawyers not doing what they were hired to do. I believe Kevin is the reason Russell is dead!It is hard to write about all this stuff; but it is the only way to get the truth out there. They all thought we would go away and that would be it.

As long as I live I will endeavor to get all this exposed. After I am gone there will still be someone to expose everything that was done to our son; and to us. We are not as naive as we were then; and have a lot more backing.

I wonder sometimes how many young men and women out there are suffering because of those who drag them into this horrible lifestyle.

How can anyone call themselves Christians and do the evil deeds that the lawyers, Kevin and his family did to us; just because we wanted our son’s remains; he was our son? Only God knows and will deal with them.

Carolyn Groff

Matthew 21:21 Jesus said, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also ye shall say unto the mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done.

Matthew 21:22 All these things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

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