25th Nov, 2022

Seems Like Only Yesterday

As the years have gone by, I have lived each day thinking of my son who was taken in the prime of his life.
I have come to realize that he is in a better place and not living in the sin he was in. I think he realizes what is right and wrong now.
Even though I miss him so much and it is like I have a hole in my heart; I know I will see him again someday. No one can manipulate and lie to him anymore.
I know the evil one that destroyed Russell’s beautiful life will go to hell to live with Satan. I would hate to be held accountable for the one who destroyed Russell.
The lawyers, Judges, parents of the evil one too will be held accountable. Those where the evil one buried him will be held accountable too.
This Thanksgiving was very hard. I wanted to write something for Russell. He loved pumpkin pie; it took me several years to be able to make one. I decided he would want me to make one in memory of him; every year I have made one for him.
Russell liked to cook; both of my boys like to cook. He was always calling me for recipes of his favorite things.
I will see Russell again one day; and I know this for sure.

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