9th Mar, 2009

Russell’s grave…..desecrated again

Several times a week, we go to Russell’s grave, and it is always the same……Russell’s grave is desecrated each week by the Friends (Quakers).

The meaning of desecrate is; to abuse or disrespect that which is sacred, profane, defile, abuse, violate, commit sacrilege, pervert, dishonor, debase, degrade, blaspheme, contaminate.  

Desecration, is exactly what is happening at Russell’s grave all the time. His grave is sacred to his parents, it is the place they go to grieve, which is normal for people who care for their loved ones. (His remains should be given to his parents, and eventually they will be.) We are the only ones who cares…….others only want the self gratification, (evil action) of harassing us.

Each week for nearly five years, we have driven nearly 70 miles round trip, to go through this abuse and disrespect. Not only is this violation of his grave is profane, and abusive, but we have too been viciously violated. We spend money constantly, trying to keep his grave looking nice. We respect his grave as we respected his life, unlike others who destroyed his precious life.

The sacrilege that has been committed, is the damage, and stealing from his stone. The Friends, (Quakers) took his bronze vase and would not return it, (as written in another story). We had to pay $310.00 to replace it. Now they have torn it lose from the stone, to show us they could. 

The Friends (Quakers), or Kevin always take the flowers, we place in the bronze vase. They took the vase to keep us from using it. This vase was paid for by Russell’s money, and it belonged to his grave stone. They had no right to take it! This is a vile debaseing (degrading, defiling, and disgrace) of Russell’s grave. We try to keep fresh flowers in the vase, but as written before, they find degrading ways of destroying them.

Sometimes, we get so distraught to know there are such evil people who commit such evil behavior. It is almost a nightmare to try to go there and grieve.  We have always tried to be good to everyone, and these people have caused us so much pain and grief. Russell should not be there!

This week when we went to Russell’s grave, his stone was covered with the Eucluputus mulch. It looked as if they had taken a stick and scrapped it from the grave onto the stone. Needless to say,  we were very disturbed as we tried to clean it and put it back on his grave. This is a new way they have started harassing us.

I use this mulch on his grave, because it makes it look nicer. The Quakers don’t like the fact, we keep his grave neat. It is hard to keep the leaves, acorns, dead limbs and trash off of his grave, especially with our health so bad. I cried because as hard as I tried to keep acorns off his grave, there were hundreds of them sprouting from his grave. I cannot stand the fact that one day when we are gone, (unless we get him moved) there will be oak trees growing in his grave. 

During the month of February, we tried to keep roses in Russell’s vase. Two weeks, we put fresh roses, the rest of the time we kept putting artificial roses. It didn’t matter what we placed, they took, and or destroyed them. I placed a nice wreath, and roses in the vase where my mother and dad are buried. These stayed the whole month of February, until I took them off. They are buried in one of the nicer cemeteries in Knoxville.

According to the Word of God, we believe these people do not have any moral or ethical values. If they had Jesus in their hearts, they could not do such vile things to others. 

They cannot stand the little twig cross we put on Russell’s grave each week. This is something I would never do, violate the symbolic cross of Jesus…….I would fear, the wrath of God. 

I have to say with no pun intended, (I don’t know if all Quakers are like this group) but we believe these people are NUTS!

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

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