4th May, 2009

Russell’s grave

When we went to Russell’s grave this week, we found they had taken the straw we keep around his grave, and threw it on his flowers. We had to pick the straw off, along with pulling up the small oak trees that had sprouted from acorns. It had rained, so it was easy to pull the sprouts with acorns and the attached roots.

We have been tormenented about what is going to happen to Russell’s remains when we are gone. One of the sprouts that had an acorn attached, had about a seven inch root to it, in only a few days of growth. We worked hard to try and keep the acorns off his grave, but it was impossible to keep all of them off. It is heart breaking to know these will grow through the pine box, and his remains will be lost in the tearing of the roots through it.

This is part of the reason we have to get our son removed from that place, and God is helping us to obtain the information to do so, and get it in the right hands.

We put Iris cuttings on his grave this week. Two of the beautiful hybrid Iris were ones Russell had bought the bulbs, when he was about 12 years old. He loved flowers, and I know he was smiling when we placed them there. One is white with purple edges, and the other is a huge yellow hybrid. I put other colors there too, that I had grown.

Of course, they had taken his picture and cross again. This is just something they do for spite.

This is a short story, but yet a part of each week at his grave.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

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