10th Aug, 2009

Russell’s grave after nearly five years

Going to Russell’s grave as hot as it has been, (in the high 90’s) we are still struggling with the constant harassment we have had to endure for nearly five years since his death. I don’t talk about it on the site a lot, because it is always the same thing. They will not leave Russell’s flowers, picture and cross alone. We believe they need to know and believe in Jesus, and they would not treat anyone like they treat us. They walk down that hill just to take his things, and they call themselves peaceful, religious, and simplistic! I feel they have not respect for the Russell, his parents, and most important……God. The God they know, is not the God I know.

I plant flowers and try to keep them alive, because I cannot stand for his grave to look barren. They do all they can to destroy what ever I put there. I have had to replace flowers all summer. They take or break them as soon as they look nice.

I love Russell so much, my heart grieves for him every day. It is almost unbearable what this lifestyle did to Russell and his family! I wish every kid who thinks they know everything, could spend one hour with Russell’s mother and let her tell of the horrible death he died. I have all his medical records and forensic testimony about this…. They would think twice before going on with their involvement in the homosexual lifestyle. 

I intend to let everyone know what I have found out about this horrible lifestyle. It is hard sometimes to go on and try to get through it, but we do have God and we rely on Jesus to guide us by his Holy Spirit.  G

Gay activists don’t want anyone to talk about what really happens when one gets AIDS! They certainly don’t want people to know what takes place with the body as they are dying from AIDS. To make things worse about Russell’s death, we believe we know who was behind Russell’s taking the alternative natural way of curing AIDS,  instead of the anti-viral medication. This caused Russell to die and excruciating and early death! It was in one of Kevin’s statements, that Russell’s insurance would not cover his medications. When I called the place where Russell worked, they said the insurance would have paid. The lawyer would not subpoena and use this information.

A homosexual with the AIDS virus can live a longer life if they are taking the anti-viral medication. Russell could have lived a longer life, and not have had to suffer as he did. I have to think God loved him more than I did, so he had to get him out of that mess.

From one thing I found, the Quakers believe in the alternative medications, and we have our own thought about all of this. We believe this fact was used to get Russell to take the alternative medications. According to statements made by Kevin, Russell was not treated well when he got sick. I have made statements about this in previous stories about him making him get out of his sick bed and going on a vacation trip, and to Kevin’s class reunion. According to Kevin’s own statements, ( all on record) Russell had to stay in the motel rooms, he was so sick. Kevin even had the nerve to say Russell was moody and grumpy. This hurt us, because we could see how sick he must have been, and Kevin made him to go on these trips.

There seemed to be no feeling for Russell’s comfort in these statements. I really was angry about this, and the lawyer would not even do anything with this information. He just sat there and let Kevin blab on and on with stuff like this. We believe Kevin took Russell on these trips in order for him to keep him from notifying us. We would have brought our son home to be loved and taken care of. We believe Russell knew this, and he wanted to let us know. We believe Kevin would not have this.

There should be something done when a partner dies from AIDS, an investigation into the hows and why! This is a serious matter when someone knows they have AIDS and they give to another human being.

We believe Kevin alienated Russell from us by brainwashing him, (as in most homosexual relationships) and we blame his parents for their part in this too. They did some heavy interference in keeping us from our son, ( noted in documents)…..no one had the right to do this. The hospitals had the legal responsibility of notifying the legal next of kin, instead of believing Kevin’s parents, and some papers they had no assurance of knowing if they were valid. One of the documents we have, contains information where we believe Kevin’s parents overstepped their bounds of moral and professional responsibilities in telling the doctors we had disowned our son, and not to notify us. 

We believe Kevin had to gain control of everything with, (a new will)because he had already spent Russell’s money, and had a lot of insurance on his life. We tried to make the court order Kevin to do an accounting on the expenditures on Russell’s credit cards while he was sick and dying. They would not do this, and the clerk I tried to get this done through, was very nasty to me. She refused to do this, and the lawyer would not execute our wishes with a subpoena.I was so stressed out over this deal, as with the whole court case. I did all the work, and the lawyers refused to use the information I obtained.

I know the will was made when he was not competent, and manipulated like everything else in this matter.  Our medical forensic expert proved our case, and we still lost the case to get our son’s remains brought home.

The really horrible details of what happened with us being told about his death will eventually come out too.

They lied about what Russell died from, in order to keep AIDS off of the death certificate. I finally found the truth three months after the fact. We were livid, we had been lied to about the whole situation, and our son was buried with the lies.  It was going to be something they thought we would never find out about……..and a heartbreaking ordeal for us to find out. It was that feeling inside of me that had to find the truth, a mother thing……. The burden of proof fell on us, and we went all the way and found it. I am not going to rest until I get my son buried where he can rest in peace!  

I feel so much pain dealing with losing Russell, and what do those who destroyed him feel? Nothing! We believe, what they did during his illness and death, (which is a matter of record, and in a lot of documents)……only to gain control. They did not care about what Russell wanted, because if they had, we would have gotten to be there to see our son before he died. We know he asked for us……What kind of people would deny a dying son his right to see his parents. Russell knew how much we loved him…..and we always will.

If only the lawyers and Judge would have considered the truth, we would have gotten our son’s body. This seems like a real nightmare, but it is not…..it has actually happened. I believe a movie should be made of this story, it is almost unbelievable! The whole thing with the Judges and lawyers seems to us as a sinister plot to keep us from winning. 

The people where Russell is buried cannot stand to see Russell’s grave looking nice, so they constantly harass us by taking his picture and the cross. This tells a lot about them! They cannot even leave his flowers in his bronze vase….the one we had to buy when they took the other one that had been on his grave for over three years.

They left the bronze vase alone for three years, but when they had to replace it with a single stone, (to keep Kevin from getting in trouble with the insurance company) they took the bronze vase. We paid for another one, which eventually they are going to pay for, but they will have to answer for it if they do. We have made arrangements when we are gone to have someone taking care of Russell’s grave wherever it is.

The stone Kevin and his mother put there, we believe was to harass us. They didn’t know I would figure out, that it was charged to Russell’s estate and should not have been.  The Judge knew about this and how Kevin charged his half of the stone to Russell’s estate to make the cost go over the amount so the insurance would pay.

All through the court case, there was so much reasonable doubt as to Kevin’s telling the truth. He lied about so many things and got away with it. Of course he was allowed to set on the stand and testify for long periods of time, and most of his testimony was obvious lies to us. Our lawyer would not let us take the stand and tell the truth. We told the lawyer we wanted to be put on the stand, and it was his obligation to let us! He would not even let us set beside him as Kevin’s attorney did.

It seemed to us, as if our own lawyer was not really caring if we won the case or not. He did not cooperate with us about so many of the things he should have. I get so upset when I think of what our own lawyer did to our case……..a case we should have won. So much stuff Kevin did, was very questionable.

When I got to Russell’s grave today, they had taken the bunch of baby carnations Ihad just put there. I try to keep fresh flowers in his vase, and it is costly. You would think these people had some thread of decency about them, but in our eyes they are just evil……and you cannot deal with evil. They will get their just reward, and they will be judged! You cannot escape the final judgement of God.

We had worked and obtained three different versions of the burial document, and our lawyer only presented one version. We had been adamant about presenting all three as exhibits. We had the understanding when we went to court, all three were supposed to be entered as exhibits of evidence. Our lawyer on presented one copy, the copy from the Quakers, which had Russell’s purported signature had been altered along with the witnesses signatures. One of the other documents was one we had obtained in a letter to our lawyer from Kevin’s mother. This document had been smudged all over the signatures and the information Kevin had forgot to block out. If this had not been something she was trying to cover up, why did she sent such a document, since she is an attorney and should have known better. She refused to send a more legible document. The other document came from Kevin, and it was very informative. This is why his mother tried to cover up for his altering the document. They had a better one made to send from the Quakers.

These were key pieces of evidence, and if it had not been something she did not want to be seen, why did she do this? 

We had our attorney here in Knoxville, write a letter requesting a more legible copy from Kevin’s mother, but she refused to send another copy (noted in other stories about Russell). We also had him to write in the letter that she knew better than to send something like this to us, with her being an attorney. We sure had a lot of key pieces of evidence, but none if them used.

It is hard for anyone to believe what all went on with this case, because so much evidence was suppressed. We worked very hard to prove Russell did not sign the will or the burial papers. It is was a farce of a trial……an outrage!!!! I am the one who found all the information leading up to the trial, except for the important medical facts the forensic expert found. It was terrible the way the lawyer did not even use his testimony.

The people who buried Russell did some really dirty stuff. I have talked about some of it before. We know these things take time, even years to get justice.

If the people where Russell is buried, would spend the effort taking care of the place Russell is buried, instead of stealing the things form his grave, then the hazards of the place would not have cause me to fall twice. They refuse to contain the cornerstones, and the steel spikes that stick up out of the ground. There is only one that we found that was encased in a white pipe and cement. All of them should be, as they have already proven to be a danger to anyone walking there.  The grass has grown up around them, and they are really dangerous. When I fell this time, the weeds covered them. In the fall of last year when I fell, the leaves had covered them and I fell on one of them. It is hard to see these things sticking up out of the ground. Lowell stumbled on one of them a while back, and almost fell. We have damaged our tires on the car and all kinds of stuff at that place. Once we believe the glass was placed there intentionally to damage our tires.

Last week when I went to Russell’s grave, I fell on the knee that I had a total knee replacement. My whole leg is bruised, and that was a week ago. I have really had a hard time with it….and I am not sure, but I may have to have my doctor look at it. It seems to be getting worse. I did not think I was going to make it to his grave today….. and I have to put up with the harassment there. If Lowell had not been with me when I fell, I probably would have had to call an ambulance.

They destroyed my son, and they think they have gotten away with it. It is not surprising to us though,  since we have found out so much about this homosexual agenda. 

It nearly kills us that we cannot even go to his grave and grieve in peace. Russell’s body is laying in that wooden box, and he should not have died. Praise the Lord, he is not there! He is in a better place, and we will see him again. 

I don’t know how we have gotten through this, except for our faith. Through faith we have been given grace. We know we have not done anything wrong, and we have suffered so greatly. When we go through these tribulations, we have to put our faith in God, and know he is the Judge who will judge all involved.

Maybe I have a lot of feelings I should not have about these people, but it is heartbreaking to meet such people and deal with them and their wickedness. Russell was a sweet young man, ( I am not making excuses for his bad decisions)who really got led astray by these people, and this is happening all the time with other young children.

I sometimes wonder why Russell had to die, and not Kevin. Russell was a kind of person that would not hurt anyone. Russell was convinced by the people around him, this lifestyle was who he was. We know he laid in that hospital dying, knowing they all lied to him, and he believed the lie. If only he would have listened to the only two people who loved him.

If only kids would not believe this homosexual lie! But then with all the influence of today, how many more deaths like Russell’s will happen? Even with our President’s patting the gay activists on the back, and having them for horsdoeuvres at the White House, and supporting this evil and sinful lifestyle, what else can we expect! He is even sending his kids to a Friends private school in Washington. They are the same as the Friends here, except this is a very small branch. The Friends embrace  homosexuality, as many other churches are doing. I know these are not Bible believing churches.

What a horrible death my son had to suffer. No one can ever convince me that homosexuality is nothing but another one of Satan’s dirty tricks on our kids.

There is going to be some questions that still will have to be answered in some improprieties. The mortuary that buried Russell illegally has some answering to do also. Kevin’s parents have some things to answer to also, and just because they are attorneys, they are not exempt. We thought attorneys were bound by the law, so we thought if we found the truth, we would win. The burden of proof was on us, and we found this proof, but it did not matter with these people. I am not degrading the whole system, because we had some really good lawyers helping us, but they could not handle the case in Baltimore.

An attorney in another state told me he wished he had a license to practice in the state of Maryland, he would take the case for nothing. I know there are good attorneys, but we just a couple of bad ones.  I could not have found the truth without the help of some good people, and for that I will forever be grateful. We worked very hard to prove our case, and if it had gone before a jury, we would have won!

Liberal activism ruled over our case. Kevin and his friends were not reprimanded, or sanctioned for their actions during the course of the trial. They slandered us all over the Internet, even linking the slander to the Judge’s website. I know she knew what was going on, and she should have sanctioned him. It was very obvious she did not like us, and if we had done as Kevin did, we would have been sanctioned.

There is a God and he is in charge, even if we do not understand some things. We have to depend on God and know we must obey him. Homosexuality is a sin! It is evil, and it is destructive!!!! These are things the activists do not want to admit…..or have anyone talk about. You are homophobic if you talk negative about homosexuality.

When I was at Russell’s grave today, I thought of how many more young lives will be lost to this lie of homosexuality. The Hollywood movie industry, liberal news media, and homosexual activists are sick! They are promoting homosexuality as though it is a normal thing. This is what makes me so mad! I get really tired of homosexual activism! Forcing their sick views on people who don’t want it! Even on the streets of our cities, we have to be exposed to all of this homosexual stuff. 

The only way I can express my freedom of speech is to do it this way. Thank goodness we do have some who some people who are strong enough and smart enough to wage a war on homosexuality! We have got to do something! Stand up and speak out, or more kids like Russell will be laying in coffins, or pine boxes in a throw away place, like Russell is.

I want to see Russell so bad, and I grieve every day for him. He seems to be about all I can think about. Even after nearly five years since his death, I still ache inside. The things that were done to Russell during his illness and death are horrendous.

Lowell has a really hard time as I do, and I don’t think it will ever get any easier.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

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