3rd Jan, 2019

Russell’s Birthday

Russell was born with so much love; and brought so much happiness to our family of four. Growing up he was such a delight; always so funny and happy. He excelled in everything he did; accomplishing so much in his short life.

His life was so full and blessed; he had so many talents God gave him. Russell was a Christian and knew so much about God’s word; I can’t understand how Satan could overwhelm him. He let his guard down by listening to the wrong people; those around him were not Christians, and led him astray.

The lifestyle Russell chose; was a choice, no one is born gay. God doesn’t make mistakes!!! Even people who say; this or that person was born that way, is way off from proven facts.

Not many folks realize there is more to the death of my son; I will spend the rest of my life trying to prove he was intentionally led to his death for money. Our lawyers wouldn’t use the facts I found; they had their own agenda of being involved with the homosexual lifestyle.

The people that interfered in our court case; will ultimately suffer God’s wrath. The judge and lawyers will have to answer to God for what they did. Whether I know about it or not; they will be held responsible.

Today we will visit Russell’s grave; he’s not there, but we will go to honor him. Folks don’t understand why we go there; under the stress we have to endure from that situation. Only parents who love and lost a child can understand.

One day I will see Russell again; I know he was born into the kingdom of God, and God doesn’t kick one out of his family because of sin. If that were the case; there wouldn’t be many people in heaven. I really believe Russell could have had many rewards in Heaven; if he had lived his life for God.

Russell asked for a religious person when he was laying on his death bed. Kevin proclaimed all they had was a nun; but that was better than nothing. I felt this statement by Kevin proved who he was; or at least it does to me.

I think it was wonderful; Russell needed to repent and ask forgiveness. I will one day talk to this nun; if God willing. I am glad Russell asked the right person; Kevin didn’t like for Russell to talk to anyone. He made him go on long trips when he was so sick; to keep him from contacting us. I have written about this in another post.

Kevin and his dad went to the hospital doctor when they were going to contact us, and told them we had disowned Russell. This was a lie from the pit of hell!!!

So much pain!!! My heart hurts so! Going on fifteen years since Russell left us; it seems like only yesterday. I will never get over losing Russell, and what was done to him.

God gives me strength every day to endure this pain. I just hope and pray he did not die in vain. I keep trying to gather all the evidence I can; to prove what happened.

This is a rebellious nation; turned away from God. Parents should not approve of this sinful lifestyle. I believe God does not approve of this.

You love your child with all your heart; but you don’t have to approve of the sin in his or her life. All you can do is pray for them; they belong to God, he has a purpose for everything.

I had a hard time dealing with why he took my son. I had to deal with the fact that maybe God needed him back. I believe this was the only way he could get him out of this mess. I just know that God will deal with things his way; not mine. He lives in mine and his dad’s heart, and we will see him again one day.

It hurts that Russell had to suffer at the hands of Kevin and his family. We could have taken care of him, if Kevin and his parents hadn’t told the doctors we disowned him. Kevin’s dad used his position as a lawyer to keep us away. His mother used this same position to get him buried; telling the funeral home to keep us away if we saw it in the paper. They had no legal papers to get him buried; just lies. The funeral home violated ethics in this matter.

So many lies surrounding him getting buried without us having any say. The evil things were still happening after Russell was buried in this horrible place. It is all about control with these people; and the fact they couldn’t afford for us to win the case, and Kevin not getting all the insurance money. This is why I believe Russell’s death was intentional. I can prove Kevin was taking out all the insurance he could on Russell; even after he had the virus.

One day I will have peace in all of this……

Carolyn Groff

Joshua 1:18 Whosoever he be that doth rebel against thy commandment, and will not hearken unto thy words in all that thou commandest him, he shall be put to death: only be strong and of a good courage.

Isaiah 1:2 Hear, O heavens, and give ear O earth; for the Lord hath spoken, I have nourished and brought up children, and they have rebelled against me.

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