13th Sep, 2011

Reflecting back on slander

I was reading some of the information I had filed during the court case to bring our son’s remains home, and found some hurtful statements Kevin’s gay attorney in a letter to our attorney. I had overlooked some of the slander that was made because of the stress I was going through.

My mother was critically ill during the time this attorney was harassing us, and Lowell was sick and having to go through surgery. All of the pain and suffering we went through, and with having to drop the case was really hard on us. My mother died two weeks after we dropped the case. I had to take care of her during all of this mess.

When we started this journey to bring Russell home to bury him where he should have been buried, we had no idea it would turn into a homosexual agenda. This case was aimed towards getting even with Russell’s parents for standing up against the homsexual lifestyle their son became involved in; causing him to loose his beautiful life….

Kevin and his parents became involved in bringing other homosexuals into the picture to fight us, and keep us from getting our sons body. They destroyed him, but they wanted to keep control of him even after his death. It is hard for me to understand how anyone could call themselves christians and do what they did to us.

No matter what has been said about us, we loved our son and we realize how he was brainwashed into this ugly sinful lifestyle. Many are falling into this lifestyle through the promotion of it being normal and fun. There is no fun in this lifestyle, just misery, pain and often death. Parents like us have to suffer when they see their child make this choice. I still hurt so bad over the lose of Russell, and so does his dad. We brought this child into the world, nutured him through out his short life. We loved Russell unconditionally, no matter what was put out there by Kevin; he joyed in hurting us because we would not accept him. Kevin manipulated Russell to this death; we believe he was a sick person. He will have to pay for all he did to Russell and to us. I had to come to the conclusion that God will handle this; and believe me, there will be a day Kevin and his parents will realize when he does.

It was said by this lawyer, “We were living in a make believe world when it comes to our son.”  This is one of the typical statements activists make about parents! This lawyer was very mean and hurtful to say this! We brought this young man into this world, and his getting his life messed up was very real to us!  It is not make believe that our son became involved with the wrong people, and eventually lost his beautiful life because of these people. He can sugar coat his remarks with the bitterness of bitter chocolate, but the fact is that he is only defending his homosexual actions. You know I truly believe what goes around comes around.

I know Russell wished he had listened to his parents when he lay dying of AIDS and knew we were the only ones who really loved him. His beloved partner loved him to death! This takes care of the statement his lawyer made of his love for Russell. The only thing Kevin cared about Russell was how much money he could get on his life. People have found this to be very interesting, and especially the Judge not considering what Kevin’s agena was.

Kevin’s lawyer stated about us,”We just wanted to remember our son as the straight kid, not as who he was a gay man with a life partner, who was talented, creative and had a life beyond his parents and their religion.” This sounded to us like a lawyer who totally supported the homosexual lifestyle and was a bitter man. Sometimes we believe some lawyers will sell their soul when it comes to money.

This lawyer and all homosexuals think parents who do not uphold the homosexual behavior are stupid; however, it is the ones who do uphold this behavior who are stupid.

You can love your child and not believe in how he lives his life. You just pray a lot!

We remember our son before he became involved in this homosexul garbage! We also lived through the mess he got himself into! There was always things going on with he and Kevin before and after Kevin moved him to Baltimore away from us. I believe we could have eventually gotten him out of the lifestyle, and Kevin and his parents knew this! They were always underminding us and I the legal term is, “Messing with family affections.”

It was a mess of a relationship! Kevin was very manipulative…and had a strange hold on Russell. I have done a lot of research on this matter, and I know for a fact  this is most often the way most of these homosexual relationships evolve.

Homosexuals become involved in a dark sinful lifestyle that often leads to death from AIDS, as happened with Russell. This was the life he had with his beloved life partner….life beyond the life his parents lived loving him all the while.

The gay attorney Kevin hired also stated, We chose to estrange ourselves from Russell.” This was when we had asked for Kevin to return the things we had given Russell. We did not estrange ourselves from Russell! This is what the Olives told everyone, and had people from everywhere writing letters to our attorneys saying this. The amount of slander that these people have done to us is devasting.Kevin put all these lies out there and had the whole gay network writing letters to our attorneys. I think the attorneys were afraid of the homsexual network and what they would do to their career.

The second set of lawyers before the third set did some pretty dirty stuff to us, but I will have to have a seperate story about this. Most all of the gory details will be in my book. This book will be worth of a movie, it is so big. So many people did so many dirty things.

No one should have to suffer the way we have had to. We were constantly trying to keep in contact with Russell and keep him in our lives. Kevin was instrumental in keeping our messages from him, along with other actions.

This attorney also stated Kevin did not have the things we had asked for. Kevin had evidently told him Russell had gotten rid of the things we asked for. Kevin is so cold hearted….as the only things he returned was like his silver trumpet that was put in the basement and molded. Kevin had put a lot of dents in it because he knew it would hurt us. We had to make payments to pay for this trumpet, and Russell took great care to keep it in mint condition. He only handled it with his white gloves on.

Kevin would not return his childhood pictures we had made copies of and sent to him. We know Kevin destroyed these; they meant nothing to him.

This gay attorney stated in the letter to our attorney that we wanted Russell’s money and this had been the focal point of the lawsuit and appeal. To us this was disgusting! We told Kevin he could have the money from the estate and everything if he would let us have our son’s remains. It was something we should not have had to ask this person, but because of all the dirty work in getting a fake will made, in which we proved Russell could not have signed,we had to go through this. The Judge did not go by the evidence in which she was supposed to judge from. We were supposed to prove Russell was not competent to sign a will when it was signed, she stated in her decision that she believed Russell wanted to be buried there. This had nothing to do with what she should have based the case on; we believe this was violation of her judicial duties in how she handled this case.

The gay attorney Kevin hired made these above statements was very arrogant and smart mouthed to me; and let me know he had not respect for me. If my mother and Lowell had not been sick, we would never have dropped the case. I had one last resort to turn to, but with all I had on me I could not go on.

I have been encouraged to keep up the fight against the dirty things that were done to our son and us during all of this. I hope for the sake of everyone, we will get our son’s remains. I will never give up! I cannot elaborate too much on this right now.

Russell is buried in a horrible place where his grave is in constant danger of being descrated. After we are gone, I know that it will be destroyed if we cannot get him moved.  I am in contact with a group that will take care of this matter if it is descrated, but I want to know he is moved somewhere else away from that place.

There has been times I have thought it is impossible to fight this homosexual agenda, but I gain the strength from the love I have for my son to keep going. A lot of things are going to come about in the near future, and hopefully they will help others the see the lie of homosexuality.

I still say each and every one who took part in the lies during the court case will be held accountable on judgement day. Russell’s blood is on the hands of all of those who upheld Kevin and his lies. God does not forget the things that are done to someone like Russell.

All the statements that were made by this gay attorney are lies too. Russell’s parents loved him more than anything, and proved this without a shadow of doubt. This young man was not gay; he was not born that way. God made in perfect; he made a bad choice that led him to a young death. He was full of promise and happiness, but he made this dreadful choice to go into the dark homosexual lifestyle.

He said it had been emotional for Kevin, but I believe he was only emotional because someone was standing up to him and his parents. There was not one emotion in any of the transcripts of testimonies, interrogatories, depositions, etc, telling of any concern about Russell. To us this was enough to tell us Russell meant nothing to Kevin….

During the court case, it was appalling to me to hear him go on and on about his feelings and nothing about our son and the pain he was going through. It was a hidous act when he was getting the will made at the hospital. His mother took part in this over the phone, as she did in everything else. If Russell had wanted this kind of a will to be made he would have made it. Kevin waited until he knew nothing of what he was doing and said he signed this will. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how the Judge could not see what Kevin did. We had all the proof anyone could have, and the Judge would not let us have our son’s remains.

The Judge ignored the fact that Kevin stated in the interrogatories that he and Kevin made a will at the same time. Then in the depositions of the witnesses, it was stated that no other will was made at the time Kevin stated Russell signed the will. Either the witness was lying or Kevin was lying! Our lawyer did not even use the depositions or the interrogatories to deal with this. It was like all we did, the Judge did not even consider the truth.

Sometimes it is more than a mind can comprehend, my has been on overload. Perhaps soon everyone will know all the emotional facts about this case, and have a chance to see the dark side of homosexuality.

Carolyn Groff (and his dad Lowell)

Job 4:8 Even as I have seen, they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedeness, reap the same.

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