3rd Jul, 2019

Pride, Or No Pride

I have been praying about how to express; what I am about to write. I have a great burden about what the homosexual community thinks is “Pride”.

When I saw the news with all these “Gay Pride” parades going on; I was so upset with the way these people think. How could anyone call this behavior on our streets; “Pride”? How could our leaders allow such behavior litter our streets! It really stirs up my emotions for the way these people portray themselves in such a vulgar way; and call it “Pride”. God surely is hurting for these actions against his word! I truly believe these people are acting in a sinful immoral way! Our streets will soon become as the streets in California. I know what I am talking about; homosexual sex acts are allowed in the streets of San Francisco.

I have a right to voice my opinion; but I am sure there will be those who take offense with this post. I have seen the evil that Satan is putting out there; for these folks to act as they do. It is sad; they think this is the way to express themselves. I looked at these folks, and really felt sorry for their ignorance!

It is only self-satisfaction; that draws one to the homosexual lifestyle. I saw little children in these parades; this really made me sick! These folks who bring children into this perverted lifestyle are sick; in my opinion! I hurt for the way this lifestyle is affecting our society! My heart is broken for the loss of my loved one; because he believed Satan’s lies! I know the pain of having someone you love getting lost in this horrible lifestyle! There is no “Pride” here!

How did the word “Pride” come to represent the homosexual’s deviant behavior? These parades represent how our country has lost all respect for our God! I can’t imagine the pain it causes God! He knows all; I know he is getting fed up with this behavior. He is about to put a stop to all this sinful behavior.

I saw one of the senators running for our highest office; riding in a car, in one of these parades. She was wearing the gay colors expressing what she stands for. Our nation is falling fast! Not long after our son died; we went to a local gay parade. We went with so much pain still hurting our hearts; to try and get it out there how dangerous this lifestyle is. We we exposed to the ugliest people; saying hurtful things. As we carried our picture of our son with the words of what happened to him; we were cursed, punched and threatened. These are dangerous people who will do anything but listen to anything or anyone who is against what they are doing.

We experienced the evils of trying to fight these people! The court case of trying to bring our son home and bury him with dignity; was one of the worst experiences of my life. We were fighting the homosexual agenda with a prejudice Judge and dirty lawyers. The court in Baltimore is soaked with gay judges and lawyers. We were so naive; and going through so much pain! we were really taken advantage of by these folks who represent the law.

We don’t need leaders who are involved in this so called homosexual “Pride”! It is sad that people who are so mixed up; set in judgment of others. Our lives were devastated by these people!

I hope and pray my comments will help someone. It is not easy to see what is going on in our country; when you have experience the pain it causes. I looked in my Thesaurus for the word “Pride”; and found some interesting definitions. “Pride”; the quality of being vain, conceit, vainglory, egoism, self-love, self-glorification, self admiration, conduct growing from pride or conceit, haughtiness, vanity, condescension, patronizing, superiority self-satisfaction,etc. This pretty much explains the word “Pride”; and why it was use to describe this behavior.

In my opinion there is no “Pride” in disobeying God and his Word!

PSALMS 139:20 For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain.
PSALMS 140: Grant not; the desires of the wicked: further not his wicked device; lest they exalt themselves.

Carolyn Groff

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