23rd Oct, 2008

Part two….gay blogs

Finding out about things after Russell’s burial, we were shocked we had been lied to in order to keep us from finding out that Russell died of AIDS. Kevin and his parents knew we loved Russell with all our hearts, and they could not afford to have us find out the truth.

Kevin and his family did not count on us loving him so much, we would search to find the truth. What happened was shocking to us, and we had to keep going with all we could find out. We worked on this for over three months before the Olives knew what was going on. The Olives did everything they could to stop us from finding the truth, and we know it was all because of the insurance. Kevin thought he would breeze through all of it.

We have had to suffer so much during all of this, and the true stories have not all come out yet. The lies of slander, and hate from gay activists, and Russell’s partner. Some of the contemptuous, cruel lies put on the Internet we horrible. A quote Kevin made in court docements in his own words, stated “We Quakers are all computer nerds, (us Quakers ) and we are all ready for the Groffs.” This was saying, they were ready to attack, and they did this in ways we could never have imagined.

You have to realize how lies and deceit fill the minds of these people, in order to get their way. I am not used to this kind of stuff, Lowell and I live our lives with truth, knowing we have to answer to our God for what we do and say.

We had good reason to file the caveat, we had found some really disturbing things about Russell’s death and burial. This was not a something we wanted to put ourselves through, while we were grieving our son’s death. We loved Russell enough to try to bring him home, for a decent burial with his family, no matter what the cost or pain. This was the right thing to do, but we did not succeed because it was a homosexual matter. You cannot fight these people, unless you have unlimited resources.

Kevin fed his side of the story, (lies) to all of the gay activists, and in turn they spread their lies to everyone else. The gay and liberal newspapers, in Baltimore and Tennessee, were no exception. It seems as if we were being attacked from every direction; which was the plan. The Washington blade lied about an interview, I was supposed to have given them. Letters written by people to our attorneys were mind blowing.

The people who said they went to college with Russell, and distort all these things Russell said, were not Russell’s friends. I take their words with a grain of salt, as I have talked to people who knew Russell in college, and they tell me he talked very lovingly of his parents. Russell loved his parents, and no matter what he did, we know this for sure. Russell wanted our approval of this lifestyle, but we loved him too much to lie to him, as some parents do,  (PFLAG GROUPS).

We would never hurt Russell intentionally, and he knew this. He also knew, we would not accept this lifestyle. One homosexual person said, “Russell was hurt because we would not accept his gay lifestyle.” It turns out to be quiet ironic he would say this, because it was the”friends” like him, who encouraged our son in this lifestyle that destroyed him.

The acceptance of the lifestyle turned out to be exceedingly worse than our non acceptance of this horrible lifestyle, that soon killed him. Of course, it hurt Russell because we did not accept his behavior! He was brainwashed! It hurt us that Russell was ruining his life, (which came true) and ruined ours too. I often think of what Russell could have done with his life, if he had not fallen for this lie of Satan.

I hate the way Russell’s name has been drug through the mud, in order to uphold the same sex marriage, (which we feel Russell really did not want this, but was manipulated into it after he got sick). We don’t deny how this gay marriage hurt us, and we know it is hurting so many other parents too.  It is only a way for one homosexual to gain control over another. I hope people realize this when they think of going into this lifestyle. Russell gave up everything, even his life.

We were sent an invitation, (to this illegal wedding ) and we know this was done by Kevin. Strange…… his parents would go along with something illegal, since they are both attorneys.

Russell would never have sent us an invitation, knowing how we felt about this. We know the invitation came from Kevin!The things Kevin has written about Russell and his parents, is not showing love, itt is slandering  his memory for selfish purposes.

If Kevin had not had motives, he would have given our son’s body to us. He sure would not have even paid to have him buried where he was. The burial was paid for by Russell’s money, but Kevin would not have even buried him if he had not known he would get a lot more money. Everything about this tragedy has been for Kevin’s selfish purposes, and the homosexual agenda. We believe Russell was used, Kevin got thousands of dollars from life insurance on Russell after he died.

Russell was everything to us, and we have done everything to memorialize his memory. We are making sure he is not forgotten for the person he was. He was a very special person to a lot of people, but not to these people who destroyed his life. It really digs at me, for people to throw out statements like, ” we disowned our son.” Kevin’s parents went to the doctors at the hospitals and told them this. His mother and Kevin even told the mortuary the same thing.

Russell knew we were as close as the phone, and we would do anything for him. It is hard for any parent to cope with the homosexual brainwashing, unless you are like the Olives and you uphold the sinful lifestyle.

We talked often on the phone to Russell, but we feel he was warned not to tell us of his illness. If only he would have told us…….I believe from one statement,(in one of the letters sent to our lawyers) he wanted to tell us.  We also believe some of our messages were deleted from the phone recorder. There was always a message on the recorder in Kevin’s voice, never Russell’s voice; this shows control……

We called Russell occasionally at work, but we did not like doing that.  A lot of things were done to try and alienate us from our son. This lifestyle is a very controlling one, and I believe Russell was afraid of those around him. Homosexuality has a lot of down characteristics, and this is one of them, there is a tremendous amount of control…….We believe Kevin threatened to do something to us, because his parents were attorneys, and that is why Russell let him do whatever. After all the motive for such a thing was the life insurance that was taken on Russell’s life. From what we found, Russell did not know about these insurance policies. The attorney refused to subpoena the insurance records, (which was not the only thing they did to hurt our case). We went to great lengths to get the information for the attorneys and they would not do anything with it. If they had argued motive, with the insurance records, the Judge may have thought twice before she denied us our son’s remains by ruling in our favor. We believe the case was decided before we even went to trial….

After our medical expert left the court room, Kevin’s attorney made fun of him, (all because he felt inferior to this medical expert). Our attorney or the Judge did not reprimand Kevin’s attorney for making such an unprofessional and even degrading remark about a man who had just testified. This was so unprofessional! I have a court video of this, and if I can I will use it.

The people who are saying the things about Russell, should consider how they make themselves look. Comments made on these sites are really dense, these people are in the same sin Russell died of. I hope they do not find themselves in the same situation Russell was, but they eventually will, if they do not change their lifestyle.

There are things on the Internet about how Russell died, with Kevin’s mother setting by his side. This was the most despicable act any mother could carry out, keeping the parents from their child when he was dying…..this was cruel to Russell too. I know he asked for us, and was told we would not come….this was when he had a bad day because of some news he had gotten. Kevin’s parents used their status as attorneys to keep us away from our son, we believe. 

When Kevin’s mother and husband went to the doctors and told them we had disowned our son, which was a lie from the pit of hell, I can’t figure out why these doctors did not know this was a legality for them to notify us, we were the legal next of kin…… (see story on this.) We feel there was some really dirty things that happened to keep us aways from our son, besides the inhumane part of it. This speaks volumes of these people.

I hate the garbage Kevin has spewed to hurt us in his deposition. Our  attorney let him carry on for several hours, without representing us properly. An attorney is not supposed to depose someone like this…… The attorney did not require him to answer the questions on the witness stand properly either, he was supposed to answer “yes” or “no”, (as he was instructed) and the attorney let him rattle on and on with his irresponsible rantings. Same as with the court testimony. I have never seen such blat-en disregard for the proper actions of an attorney. 

We believe the attorney disposed Kevin, and let him talk as long as he could, in order to get more money for the hours of taking this deposition. When I read the deposition, it is outrageous in how it was done. This seemed to be the way this whole case was carried out. I will have a separate story about these attorneys and how they did us.

Honestly, I could have done a better job than these attorney did. The last one would not let us go on the stand, for fear we would win, we believe. He would not even subpoena the nurse in charge of Russell, as we asked him to. So many things about this we have to take care of eventually. He did not want to use our medical expert, but we insisted.

When this David Busher, wrote about me in a letter of July 16, 2007 on Box Turtle Bulletin, he stated, “That woman, (meaning me) is a self-contained universe of hatred and pain. I’ve never seen anything like it.” This hurt me very much for this person to have enough hate in his heart, to say something like this. 

This nervous little gay guy had never met me, he did not hear me testify, (we were not allowed to) he knew nothing about me, except what Kevin told him. He was so nervous on the stand, and could not even answer a question without looking at Kevin, as if to ask him, “what do I say now?” what to say. He was such a disaster of a witness for Kevin, he was so scripted, and was so nervous, he must have forgotten what Kevin had told him, we believe. The attorney could not help but say something to this witness, because he made such a mess of his testimony. The attorney said he had selective memory.

This witness was just like the witnesses to the purported will, neither of them could corroborate their stories, and the Judge believed this farce of Russell having signed a will, they made in Russell’s hospital room, when he was incompetent to sign anything. This court case was the biggest scam I have ever seen. Eventually, this will all come out…..people are really getting interested in what they did about this will.

I have plenty of proof of all the slander against me. David Busher, Kevin, his parents, his gay blog friends, or everyone who wrote letters against us, have a lot to worry about. I will be happy to address all of the vicious slander, and the pain and suffering they have caused us. We have all the court documents, and letters, and documents from the Internet.

The people where Russell is buried have carried on some horrendous acts, and I have talked about this in a separate article. I have more to write about that as a part two.

Maybe they thought I was not smart enough to investigate, fight, and keep records of everything that has happened. I ordered court transcripts, court video, and I have interrogatories, depositions, etc.

I hate the fact that Kevin had his friends begging for money in Russell’s name,  it was to be sent on one site to Russell’s pay pal address. Then another on was to be sent to the Quakers. Several addresses were used to bum money to fight us in court. Kevin came out smelling like a rose, and not owing one penny, and getting his way about everything. He violated the mediation agreement, and now I can go on.

The gay newspaper, The Washington Blade lied about talking to me, I refused to talk to them, so they made up a story. They have a reputation for doing this, so I know what they say is not worthy of my concern. They did cause a lot of negative remarks to be made against me on the Internet. This was slander from this newspaper that caused us more pain and suffering.

The Blade was begging money for Kevin, saying in one article. “He was going to have to sell his car and his house to get money, this was such a lame article” People are so naive…..

Kevin did not have a car at that time, I believe. Someone had given Russell and old car, because he was having to walk to work while he was sick. Kevin had conned him into selling his car, (see other story on site about this). Kevin most likely wanted to get rid of this, and buy a fancy on with Russell’s insurance money.

He is set for life now, and Russell lost everything, (so did we) even his life……Now Kevin has moved on, and my son is dead from this stupid lifestyle with Kevin…..The Blade also said, Kevin was having to sell his house, and he was actually in the process of having it completely remodeled….some scam on his friends, huh?  He did not intend to sell his house, and he did not have a car except the one someone gave him. I think it was an older model volkswagen. I know it was not good enough for him, because he always drove a fancy car. Russell had to walk to work after Kevin conned him out of his.

 Why didn’t he get a loan on his house, if he needed money, (which he didn’t). He claimed he didn’t have any way of getting help, and his parents are both lawyers!!! Kevin’s parents, we believe bought the house Kevin lived in, and he was making Russell pay for it. Kevin was a big spender we believe. Russell was not, he worked hard for everything he had.

Kevin came out of this smelling like a rose, (or to us, a rat). He did not have to spend one penny on anything. He used Russell’s money before he even died. We believe he used his credit cards too, but we could not get the attorney to deal with this, and the court refused to make him show Russell’s credit card expenditures. One woman was really rude to me in the court’s accounting department, when I demanded this. It seemed like the court did not want us to win, and we believe it was because they wanted Kevin to win. I believe Kevin’s mother did a lot of interfering with the whole situation. I know she did here in Knoxville. She used her position as an attorney to degrade us, to get what she wanted for her son. This is a brave statement, but I have documents, and if it came to the point where I had to prove it, I could.

The Washington Blade was behind a lot of the lies posted on the Internet, along with some of the following people. I want to let everyone know the vicious tactics of the gay activists, when you oppose them, and try to get the truth out there about homosexuality. I am glad we went through the court case, (it gave me a lot of information I would never have known)and I am not going to give up on getting his remains moved, and I will tell all that was done to us during this time.

Steve Charing was one of the gay activists who wrote a lot of hateful lies about my husband and myself. He wrote this commentary about Kevin and how bad he was struggling financially, to fight us in court. What a joke! Telling these lies are to support the hateful gay agenda. Those who oppose their child having lived this destructive lifestyle, are attacked as we have been. This makes many afraid to speak out. We have to go through these tormenting lies, that defaced our character, and has ruined our health from all the stress.

Steve Charing needs to get his facts right before he writes things on the Internet, he could get sued for. We believe he is just another activists, who will stoop at anything to benefit the gay agenda.

One learns a lot when they have been dealing with these people……they say anything to get their lies out there in the minds of anyone who will believe them.

When I think about all the parents, who are hurting for the loss of their children to this destructive lifestyle, it breaks my heart. I can surely feel their grief. I want to encourage them to speak about what is happening to their child, (don’t be ashamed, it is not your fault)this is the only way to fight these homosexuals from taking over their children’s lives until they destroy them.

We did not tell many people for the six years Russell was in the lifestyle, but now we tell everyone we meet. We try to witness with this tragedy, that happened to our son. We find so many parents are ashamed, and blame themselves, when they don’t need not to feel ashamed. I have had some people attack me for the way I think, but this is something I feel they will one day regret, when their children or grandchildren are affected by this lifestyle.

I am thankful for the people who have come forward to help and encourage us. Kevin is really to be pitied! To us, he does not have a thread of decency in his cold heart. He has destroyed Russell, and his memory by all the mean things he and his family has done. The way we feel, is that Kevin destroyed the precious life we gave our son, and we can never forgive him for this…..

Russell was not loved by these people, we believe in a literal way of speaking, he was just another notch on Kevin’s belt. We believe Kevin has gone on to destroy another person’s now. I sure would like to talk to this CW! This is who he has gotten for a new partner now, (I wonder how long before Russell died, he had this one.) He would have no idea what Kevin has done, and is capable of.

In one of Steve Charing’s articles, he made the statement, ( I have talked about before) “That Russell was buried in a rural Tennessee cemetery, that the partners had agreed on in a will and burial agreements.”  This particular article was made during the appeal, while we were trying to represent ourselves. We did not have the money to hire another  attorney, but Kevin had a gay attorney come on board to fight us with vengeance. This attorney was so ugly and nasty to us. I have all of this documented. The attorneys we had hired before,  did not represent us properly, so we could not afford to hire another one to do the same thing. I am going to write about his soon.

Steve Charing said in his one article Russell died of a staph infection. Russell died from full blown aids! The staph infection was caused from his not taking the viral drugs, (which Kevin had him go the herbal medication way). Russell suffered a terribly painful death because of not having taken the anti-viral drugs.

I have made statements about the facts concerning the purported will, and how it was made when Russell not competent to sign any legal document. The judge, we believe, chose to ignore the facts. She was supposed to give the verdict on our case in three weeks, but waited six weeks, until the day after the election. We believe she may have been afraid it might affect her re-election.

Steve Charing said that Kevin and Russell agreed on the burial place, but that is not true. Why did Kevin type up the burial papers in October, and not have them signed until Russell was not competent to sign any document. Russell would never have agreed to have been buried where he was. This was Kevin’s way of controlling him even after his death, and us too.

The Judge went with the two witnesses, who ( in opinion) were not credible. The two witnesses were friends of Kevin, he had refused earlier to let someone at the hospital help with a will. They all knew when this will was signed, Russell would not have been competent. The whole case was a joke, none of our evidence was considered. This was mostly because of our attorney…..

Steve Charing states, “The legal battle strapped the finances of Kevin, and he must sell his car and try to raise funds.”    

Ha, Ha….if only Charing knew, (but then maybe he did know) Kevin was not hurting for money, it was us that was hurting. This is another thing that really made us mad, he had people begging for money on the Internet, to fight us. Kevin had taken all Russell had, and he had life insurance on Russell’s life…. that was taken out after Russell was diagnosed with HIV.

Mr. Charing did not, evidently know the facts when he wrote all his lies. He did not talk about Kevin burying our son without legal papers to do so. Mr. Olive was not strapped in any way, with finances, he had two parents who are attorneys, and they give Kevin anything he wants…..He did not need money, believe me, I know this and have documentation.

Mr. Charing does not know us, and yet he writes, “We have been virulently anti-gay, which is ostensible motivating them in their pursuit to deny their son’s expressed wishes.”  This was a hate filled slander from Mr. Charing, which we did not appreciate.

We are anti-gay, but we are not hate filled in any way. We believe the word of God…..not the PFLAG group. We think Russell’s wishes were not done the way he had expressed. Russell wanted to be buried with his family, and he had expressed this to us many times. It so happened there was a lot to be gained, by keeping our son from us. If this will had not been forced on Russell when he was not competent, we would have been able to give our son a decent burial.

Russell was buried like a piece of garbage, in a woods, in a pine box, without a vault. Kevin would never be buried like this, we believe Russell was put in a shallow hole in a woods. We were not even allowed to know where he was being buried until after he was in the ground….because of the lies that were told to us. He was buried there in order for Kevin to have control, we believe.  A policewoman told me it was all about control. This is so hard to handle to know how he was buried, and we had no say…..we were the ones who gave him life, and they were the ones who took it.  

When we went to the gay parade in Knoxville, we did not give an interview to the Metro Pulse, and yet they put an article in the newspaper about this. They had spies that listened to our conversations with friends. This was disgusting! I do not, and have never attended Bible Baptist church, but there was a group of people from this good church. They carried signs but none of them were bad, just truthful. It was said, this parade was a, ” Fred Phelps” type of parade. This is what the homosexuals compare any protest against the gay agenda too.

It is sad that we went there with so much grief for our son, to help others realize what happened to him, and we were compared to Fred Phelps. Mr. Charing was not there, and I was. There was no hate spewed except from the gay community.

The Christians there to witness, were very nice, and carried themselves like Christians should. It was the homosexuals who were absolutely disgusting, they even came by and cursed and spit at Russell’s picture. This was not the only things they did to us……The freak that spit at Russell’s picture, did this was on a bicycle.  He was a coward, and knew he would have had to deal with the police for that, if he had gotten caught. A policeman told me he would be right near by if I needed him. I had gone there by myself, and had asked for police protection.

Mr. Charing caused some really hateful comments about us……from people who do not even know us. Read about these comments on another story…..

This statement that Charing made, “This kind of Christianity drove Russell away from the Baptist Church.” This is really a statement that made my stomach turn…..Russell was lured away from the Baptist Christian Church with the false teachings of the Religious Society of Friends, and Kevin. I don’t appreciate the degrading of my Bible believing church. Homosexuality is an abomination to God! This is what God’s Word says, and there is no way around it. Russell was brainwashed! I would not give all I have to deal with this, if I did not know that Russell was intentionally destroyed, and all the lies that was told about what he wanted. He was kept from us when he was dying.

 All of these people who have written lies about Russell’s wishes, are just listening to a person who says anything to get what he wants. I just hope one day, I can get someone to tell the truth about Kevin and what he did.

 This evil lie of Satan, that homosexuality is okay for him to live, was preached to Russell by all around him, (including the Religious Society of Friends, Quakers). The teaching of this gay church he was attending indoctrinated his mind, and came along to embrace the sin.

Russell discussed the Quaker church with his dad, and he didn’t seem to like it. Kevin was very controlling of Russell, and when he got sick, he did join the Quakers, and they had a same-sex marriage. This seemed strange he only did this when he became sick….We believe it was something he really did not want…..he had not done it before. I believe this was all instigated by Kevin, as he is a very manipulating person. He does this like he did all the lies that were put on the Internet, in order to get as much attention he could.  

Mr. Charing stated, “Kevin’s parents were involved in the PFLAG chapter where his mother served as treasurer.” They upheld the lifestyle for their son, and claimed to be Christians. I can never understand this one, only God can. I know they did everything they could to keep Russell away from us, they messed with family affections, which we may eventually do something about. They blatenly interfered with the relationship of our other son.

Mr. Charing stated, “Kevin’s family did not have the financial means to help him with the series of lay suits.” This was so funny, they played on the sympathy of others, when his parents are both lawyers. They probably make $500. 00 and hour between them, (we believe). My husband has a heart condition, works a really hard job, and makes a very meager salary. I cannot work for the neurophy in my feet and legs, diabetes, and arthritis in my legs and back. We are the ones that could not afford to do what we did, but we did it because we love our son.

These people caused us to lose our retirement and had to take a mortgage on our home. We live a simple life and have worked very hard to raise our children, nothing has come easy to us. We farmed for many years of our married life, and that is hard work.

I will tell everyone, that Russell would never have wanted this burial like this, it was Kevin who instigated all of this farce of a will. I have the right to my opinion, no matter what anyone says. 

I have started these series of stories to inform those in the homosexual lifestyle, what can happen to them and their loved ones if they follow this lie of Satan. Your family loves you, and no parent should have to go through this horrible pain of watching their loved one suffer because of living this lifestyle. I can tell you, it has destroyed our lives, and many other parent’s.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

Psalm 31:18  Let the lying lips be put to silence; which speak grievous things proudly and contemptuously against the righteous.

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