15th Jan, 2014

Only like yesterday

The Holidays have been extremely hard this year, as other years since we lost Russell. Everyone says it will get easier, but it doesn’t. It seems like only yesterday since we lost Russell to this dreadful lifestyle. We believe his death was uncalled for, but was planned to collect insurance. This is what we proved in our case, but it was ignored.

We had no closure; we were kept from our son when he was dying, and kept from bringing him home to be buried with dignity, even though we proved he could not have signed the will that was presented.

We have not wavered in our desire to tell the story of the wrong done to our son and to us as his parents who loved him so much.

When Russell got involved in the homosexual lifestyle with the person he did, he was manipulated to his death. I will never stop until the world knows this entire story. Kevin and his parents have no idea what we actually know. If Kevin is still alive, I hope he suffers worse than Russell did.

I believe God can make this happen to one who had done so much wrong; He can make things happen that is never thought of. I am one who fears God, and I know he is going to deal with all those who hurt Russell and his parents. When I see Russell again, I believe he will say, “Well done Mom! I hope God will say, “Well done my child, well done.”

I try to do what I think God wants me to do, and not intentionally hurt people. In dealing with all this about Russell, I have seen what evil is, and what evil does……..I believe the Homosexual agenda is evil!

I hope and pray I can help someone by telling things about Russell and how he died; because there are more young people who are being manipulated by someone like Russell was. Some who become involved in the homosexual lifestyle think it is too late to turn back, but it is not too late. God loves you, and he is a forgiving God. There is help out there; please get help if you are reading this and think this way.


Psalms 7:11 God judgeth the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day.




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