19th Jan, 2018

On the Road to Baltimore

This is one of the stories I want to write about to show how we were treated during our case to bring our son home.

The absolute horror of the indignation of our lawyers, Judges, and the Olives; prove to be devastating to Russell’s parents.

What we had to endure because of the homosexual agenda now proves to bring light, what they did to make an example of us. Folks are afraid to go against anyone who is even associated with the homosexual agenda. I found this when I would try to talk to anyone at the courthouse. I can truthfully say; I had no idea how dangerous this agenda is.

When a Judge is put in the position to serve the people; she is not put there to serve one (homosexual) group!
This Judge ruled against parents who proved what they were told they had to. They did this without a doubt; but the Judge went with her homosexual views instead of facts. She then she brags to a gay newspaper who posts it on line about being fair to the LGBT, same sex marriage agenda in our case in Orphan’s court.

This is not what the case was supposed to be about. We were to prove Russell didn’t sign the will that was purported he signed; our evidence proved he could not have done so.

We believe, Kevin forged this will in order to get insurance money he took out on Russell. At the time of Russell’s death; we were lied to about what he died of. We told Kevin he could have the money; just let us have his body. This would be more sinister than we thought; after finding that homosexuals sometimes take out insurance policies on their partners; we had an insurance investigation done. Needless to say, the Olives were very mad about us doing this. This is where the sinister plot began; we found the insurance companies that insurance had been taken on Russell’s life before and after he was sick. We believe he was intentionally given HIV!!!!

We believe Kevin had to keep the power to receive the insurance money he had planned out. I hope to have all this evidence about the will in order soon; so I can post it.

This is what the judicial system is all about in the Baltimore City courts. I believe there needs to be a house cleaning. Folks need to be made aware of who is setting in judgement up there.

I was warned about being sued for talking against these people; but I know what to do if this happens. We have been harrassed in every way since the trial 12 years ago. We only wanted to bring our son home and bury our him with dignity. The Judge had no idea what Russell wanted; she just listened to the Olives, not the facts. She was determined to give Kevin what he wanted; and ruled that this was what Russell wanted. This was not the facts; just her views in which she was devoted to!

We have been threatened with an Ak-47 online; harassed by phone daily for 12 years, and more I can’t say right now. Lowell and I both were forced to go take training courses; and each buy a gun so we could carry and protect ourselves.

It’s sad; we have been through all this, just because we wanted to bring our son home after this homosexual agenda destroyed his beautiful life. I believe, this was a plot to get rid of our son for financial gain. If this Judge had been fair; she would have seen this, because of all the holes in the story of the signing of the will. When I get this story out; there are going to be some embarrassing moments!

These people were determined to devastate our finances. Kevin knew we didn’t have a lot of money and he made sure he tried to wreck us financially.

The lawyer we had on the end was something to behold; I just wished we could have seen what he was doing. What he did is going to be a story in itself.

The road to Baltimore is more than the long trips to meetings; the homosexual agenda is the road to Baltimore!!!
Exposure is the great victory!

Carolyn Groff
Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

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