23rd Jul, 2008

Listening to a Christian Physiologist today….

Today, I was listening to a Christian Physiclogist on AFA radio. As she spoke, I was really uplifted, hearing how she has stood up for her moral beliefs, for many years of counseling, and all through her college years.

She takes a very firm stand, about homosexuality being something you are not born with, but it is a choice, one makes. I tried to get on air to talk to her, but couldn’t. I really do admire people like this, because there are so many therapist out there that is making outlandish statements, of one being born that way, and that it is an acceptable lifestyle. 

These kind of statements only confuse young people like Russell, and assure them that they are right. Russell would not be dead today, if people had not lied to him.

I only wish more people would stand firm against all of this homosexual propaganda. My son fell into the trap of believing the people he surrounded himself with. 

When I talk to people, sometimes I have been verbally attacked for my view. Most people are very interested in Russell’s story. If only they could have walked in our shoes for the past 10 years, they would not take things so lightly.

The gay activists are so ugly, they can lie without a thought. They call Christians, every name in the book, names I have never heard before. I don’t hear Christians using vulgarity, parading around like a bunch of insane nuts without their clothes, in front of children, and things like that.

It is shocking to me, that the police in the states where this is happening, just stand there and let them do this. These are tax payer dollars, being spent to provide protection for those who are committing crimes against nature, in front of little children and adults, who do not wish to see this. These are the activists, who are coming to all of our towns, they are the ones who control and influence, those who are lured into the lifestyle.

Russell was a strong minded, but yet laid back young man, who had some great goals in mind for his future. After involvement into this lifestyle, he did not follow these goals he set for himself. You never know, when a loved one will be lured into something that may take or waste his precious life. What a heartbreak it has been to lose Russell………and yet try to keep going. It is also heartbreaking when you know that you raised your child right, and then he gets involved into something so dark and ugly.

Many great people are fighting this gay agenda, that is running rampant over all of us and our families, they need support in their effort, as this is affecting all of us.

Telling the story of what happened to Russell is hard, but as I try to reach out with the things that destroyed him, and his family, I want to help others. I ache to think of anyone having to live and die, as Russell did. It was such a tragedy to have lost our son, and have to go through all we have the four years since his death.

This is a powerful agenda, and people need to wake up.

I have put forth so much effort to get the story out about Russell, and I want others who have experienced such tragedies, to come forward, and blog on. No newspaper will do a story on the parents side of the story, just the homosexual side. If you have a son, daughter, or other loved one in the lifestyle, please contact me through the blog. 

I would love to talk to parents of children in the lifestyle, or have died of AIDS.

Communication with someone who has experienced the death of a loved one from AIDS, and has experienced the wrath of the gay activists, would be very helpful to what I am trying to do. I do not intend for my son to have died in vain. 

We loved our son, and nothing could ever change that. I know the ugly, devastating side of the homosexual life, and I want everyone to know what happened. I will continue till I get the whole story out. 

Carolyn Groff

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