9th Nov, 2021


Everyday is like it was only yesterday; that we lost our Russell. I grieve each day for his absence in our lives; knowing how he wasted his life on this earth. Russell surrounded his life with evil people; who led him to destruction.

I know Russell asked for forgiveness before he died; he asked for a religious person. That weighs on my mind a lot; knowing that Russell had a lot of time to think about the mistakes he had made. He was a child of God, and was baptized into the family of God. No one could take that away from him; he just lost a lot of rewards by the sin he was in. God don’t kick you out of his family because of sin; if that being the case no body would go to Heaven.

If only we could have seen Russell when he got sick. It was pure evil for the parents who loved Russell so much; to be kept away from him when he was dying. Kevin told Russell we wouldn’t come to him; just as all the other lies he told Russell. How cruel can anyone be! This is not the half of it; Russell suffered and died because of Kevin’s behavior!

I would have walked to see him if I had to; I love that child with all my heart! No one could ever know the pain and suffering we have had to endure; by Russell’s becoming involved in this horrendous lifestyle.

You can lie, cheat, steal, but when you disobey God’s rules of law; you have to answer for it. Your greedy gain on this earth will be the fire that burns in Hell! It is really something when you claim to be a Christian and you intentionally hurt people by greed!

I Just want to tell the world the heartache this homosexual sin causes; families are destroyed, lives are lost like Russell’s. A beautiful, talented young man; lost a life that could have been used to serve God. He only thought of what made him feel good; or what he thought.

I believe from what I know; Russell was miserable in this relationship. Russell was lied to, manipulated in everything he did. Even now, Kevin took his internet name (Individual 1); which was disgusting. He shows the same disgust in everything he did to Russell. Kevin manipulated Russell’s password when he was alive; I can prove that. He manipulated Russell’s bank account too. That is another story……

I know Russell had so many regrets while he was dying a miserable death. My heart hurts for the way he died; and no one with him that loved him. His so called partner was having a relationship with someone else, (in Russell’s home) when Russell was in the hospital. That is something I found out; and will come back to haunt Kevin. I have so much information; but it will have to wait for now. I can pray God deal with him and all that lied for him.

Kevin’s parents told awful lies on Russell’s parents during our trial. They interfered with all our lawyers and even the Judge. The Judge should have dismissed herself for her behavior. She didn’t have private sessions with us; just with Kevin and his parents. Kevin’s parents used their status of being lawyers to go over our heads and defame us. We had told Kevin he could have the money Russell had; all we wanted was to bury our son with dignity.

Kevin could not afford to let us know all the insurance policies he had on Russell. We found on the internet information that led us to believe that this is what one does when the partner is dying of AIDS. Kevin’s parents (the lawyers) were furious when they found we had an insurance investigation done. We found five policies; there may have been more.

I believe Russell’s signature was forged on these policies; just as Russell’s Will was forged. I believe Russell had a will; but not the one Kevin presented before the court. They buried Russell under false documents; in a horrible place in a wooden box; this too is another story continued……

I have so much information on this; the obvious signature that the Judge should have been able to recognize. She was in favor of Kevin all along; and approved of the homosexual agenda. Many of the judges in Baltimore are gay and lesbians. This is something that is mind boggling; to think Kevin got away with all his lies and manipulation, because of this rampant agenda in Baltimore City Court.

Carolyn Groff

Luke 18:6 And the Lord said: Hear what the unjust judge saith.
Luke 18:7 And shall not God avenge (protect) his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them.


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