6th Mar, 2020

Lies In Court Depositions

It is an absolute disgusting how Kevin lied in the deposition taken by our lawyer. I never thought anyone could lie like he does; and people believe him! He had to get his lies in writing to hurt us; and what could we do to counteract his lies? Nothing we did mattered; the lawyers took us for every penny we had; and the Judge was bias. I have written about her; and how the Judges in Baltimore are Lesbians. (I have proof in a gay newspaper article)

This is why we failed to get our son’s remains; and bury him with dignity. Every sign of Russell’s grave will be removed after we are unable to go there. Someone will make sure this doesn’t happen!

Our lawyer would never discuss the depositions with us. After we read them, and approached him; he seemed to believe what Kevin said. Everything that actually happened during the relationship, and when Russell got sick; Kevin turned it into a lie! Kevin always degraded me; I think he was always jealous because Russell had a family that loved Russell so much. His mother, (the lawyer) helped him with all his lies to hurt us; especially me! We didn’t accept her son, and what he was doing to our Russell!. She even helped manipulate a will after Russell was unable to know what was going on.

Kevin, his mother and dad; did everything they could to not only get us out of Russell’s life. They tried to destroy me; because Russell loved me. They had to get him away to Baltimore; so we couldn’t have any influence on him. I believe we could have gotten Russell out of that mess; if he hadn’t let Kevin take him to Baltimore.

Some of the things Kevin wrote in the depositions were very slanderous. I can’t put all of them in this post; but will be in my book. Kevin and his family can do whatever they want; but I can prove what I write. I would love to get them in court; we aren’t as naive as we were during our horrifying experiences with them.

We found out that Kevin, and his parents interfered with our lawyers, the Judge, our son, daughter, the funeral home, the purported will, insurance companies, and just about everything they could. I would love to see Kevin’s parents lose their law license over all they did!

Kevin went on a campaign to get homosexuals all over the country; to write our lawyers, slandering us. He cost us a lot of money to pay for their reading those slanderous letters. I answered some of them! These people should fear for what they did to us. I am going to put some of them in my book; then all the world can see the slander. One of them was a doctor friend of Kevin’s; I believe from California.

We became targets of Kevin and his family and friends because we didn’t accept the lifestyle Russell chose. I take the their slander very seriously!!! Kevin wrote that someone spoke at a memorial he had; “It is sad that Russell’s mother never accepted him.” This was a slanderous lie from the pit of HELL!

Russell’s mother never accepted the homosexual lifestyle for him. God doesn’t accept the lifestyle; but he accepted Russell!!! Kevin is a really sad person; lacking the ability to tell the truth about anything. His parents have no love for him; or they wouldn’t accept the lifestyle!!!!

Kevin put this statement about me in the depositions; he knew once it was put in writing, we couldn’t do anything about it. He was wrong! I will do everything in my power to get it out there all that happened to us!!!

Kevin’s interpretation of the truth is very dangerous! He destroyed my family, and I will not let him and his family get away with it! I have God on my side and the truth will stand forever.

Russell was everything to me! He was the light inside of me! Our hearts were broken when he died! We did everything we could to show him our love; when he chose the lifestyle that destroyed his beautiful life. This is so cruel for Kevin and his mother to write the things they did! I have a hard time realizing how cruel some people can be. I have the strength God gives me to let Him be the Judge over all this.

I know God is not happy when evil like this happens! I would be afraid to hurt people like the Olives,their homosexual son and his friends; have. God sheds tears of sadness when things happens; as it has with Russell and his family! He will judge!!!!

Russell was the love of my life; he was my baby.” I nurtured him growing up; he was really a special son! We had high hopes for Russell’s future. Our sons and daughter were our lives!!! This was all destroyed by the Satan!!!! The people Russell chose to put his trust in; killed him.

I want everyone to know just how evil and wrong the homosexual lifestyle is! It is sad that people can get up on television and tell the world it is okay; when it is an abominable sin before God. I know God is not liking this one bit; he is very angry. There is no good in this homosexual sin.

These homosexuals that do this perversion; should be afraid of God taking them out. God is a powerful God; and he is in charge. My son was taken from us because of this sin. I know God had a reason; Russell was in a mess, and this was most likely the only way he could get away from Kevin. I don’t know the answer now; but one day I will!

Every day I suffer; my heart is so broken, because of losing Russell. If I can tell the world what happened to him; and how evil destroyed him; I will continue my fight. This is one mother that will not set still and let this happen to her family; without letting the world know all. Evil trampled all over two parents; who loved their son unconditionally.

Carolyn Groff

Psalm 56:5 All day they twist my words: all their thoughts are against me for evil.

Psalm 58:3 The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.

Psalm 62:4 They delight in lies: they bless with their mouth, but they curse inwardly.

Believers sometimes become targets because they stand for God. Enemies may seek out to injure us and cause us trouble. God doesn’t want us to worry about these things, but to bring them to him and obey him. He knows all about them and knows how to respond.

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