4th May, 2009

Judgement Day

As I keep pondering things that happened to our Russell, I find it interesting, there is so much evil connected with this whole devastating destruction of Russell’s precious life. I am in awe of how Russell has been forgotten, to everyone accept his parents. The only time he is mentioned, is to hurt us by slandering the love we had for him. It is like he was just someone who lived and died. I want more for my son! He died a horrible death that was caused by someone else. His life was a part of us, and every thought and memory of this life meant something to us.

My son’s death came with a lot of unanswered questions. We believe his death was a means of getting money, and sometimes I wonder if his death was premeditated. Why doesn’t Kevin tell on his sites and blogs, (to his friends)  about all the life insurance policies he took out on Russell after he was HIV? Beats me how he got away with it! Did the insurance companies just not want to fight the gay agenda? These policies were taken out when Russell had HIV! We wanted to lawyer to subpoena records from these companies, but he wouldn’t.

During the court case, there were stories written by some of Kevin’s friends about how destitute Kevin was, and how he needed money to fight Russell’s parents. Kevin was not hurting, this was all so painful to think they were soliciting money for him when he had spent Russell’s money, and had a the life insurance on him. We believe deception played a part in obtaining money from sources on the Internet. A lot of facts have come to our attention since we dropped the case, and as he and the Quakers have been in violation of the mediation agreement, we continue to gather facts to use in getting our son brought home.

I feel sad for all involved in this homosexual lifestyle, and all the pain it causes. I think of each and every homosexual and the parents who love and hurt to see their children head down this path of immorality and destruction. Statistics prove, the imminent death to follow such a choice.

Our heartbreak is not unusual, we are just two people who stood up to the people who destroyed our son’s precious life. The things that were done to win power over Russell was despicable, and I will not rest until there is some justice. We will not rest in peace until Russell  is brought home, and his life has been brought honor.

We spent a lot of money going through that court case, in which we did not have a chance. We believe, (because of the evidence we have obtained) Kevin and his parents knew they could manipulate the situation to their benefit, because of their position of both being attorneys.  We were once threatened by Kevin because his parents were attorneys. We believe their involvement to keep us from Russell when he was sick and dying, was beyond any human morality.I believe this would be something a lawyer would be violating their oath of office to do what was done. Kevin’s mother wrote a letter that admitted her husband went to the doctors to keep us away, and it was in the medical records that he went to the doctor. She also wrote a letter saying this, and one that said, ” The Groffs want to brandish about the idea that Russell was HIV for two years and died from AIDS, which was not true according to Kevin.” This was so damming to her, as she knew he had HIV for two years, and he died a horrible death from AIDS. Kinda speaks for it’s self completely…….

Kevin said on the Internet, he and his computer nerd friends were ready for us, (to attack us) during the court case. As I have said before, they did did a terrific job of slandering and degrading us. Our attorney would not use anything that would help us win the case. We had a mountain of evidence and should have been able to win this case, and bring our son’s remains home. Fortunately, we have grounds and evidence that may bring Russell home yet. The letters from Kevin’s friends were very hurtful and slanderous to us, and are more evidence of his manipulation.

I believe God does not like what happened in this entire situation. Even if Russell was drawn into this lifestyle through indoctrination, and brainwashing, I don’t feel Russell deserved what was done to him.  With all the people who wrote our attorneys and the things they put on the Internet, it seems as if Russell knew everyone in the world. Russell  did not know all these people, but Kevin does. Kevin is a gay activist, sites on the Internet say this, and he even manipulated those friends on the Internet into sending him money. Kevin came out smelling like a rose, and kept control of our son’s remains and belongings.

Russell did not write on the Internet, and he respected us by not doing that. Kevin disgraced the Groff name, and it hurts Russell’s dad that he did this. I can only imagine the things that went on in Russell’s his life when he was involved in homosexuality. I do know from the facts I have gathered, there was some dirty things that transpired. The homosexual lifestyle is filled with hidden pain and suffering.

Homosexuals will not admit the dark side of homosexuality, which is in reality a cult. Many books have been written about the Cult of Homosexuality, Brainwashing into homosexuality, etc. I have done extensive research on this, and will be going into more of this behavior in my book.

One man I have become acquainted who can tell you so much about the homosexual lifestyle, and has a wonderful website that can truly help the homosexual is www.gcmwatch.com. This man does some really in dept writing, and I think he truly wants to help tell his story to help those who are entrapped in homosexuality.

As a parent who does not condone the homosexual lifestyle, I know I could not bring him out of the lifestyle, only God could……..and he did. Maybe it was not the way I thought, but I know Russell loved the Lord and he is with him now. He is watching over all I try to do on his website, and I do believe he is smiling.

It really hurts us to lose our son, and we hurt because we blamed ourselves for not being more informed. We do not blame ourselves for not accepting the lifestyle, but we just did not know how to help our son.

I know Russell is with Jesus, but I have to get his remains buried where he will have perpetual care when we are gone. If Jesus comes before then, we would not have to worry about his remains, they would rise from that grave to meet Jesus in the air, because I know he was a child of God.

Kevin and his friends talk about God and Jesus, but have twisted God’s word to uphold their lifestyles. When I read all this stuff, I wonder what God thinks of what is going on. Jesus is not a subject the Quakers, (the ones we have met) like to talk about. Every time these people remove the little cross we put on our son’s grave, this just reinforces their disbelief with us. Let me note, I do not believe all Quakers are like the ones we have had to deal with. These people hid behind simplicity, and other traits of the old Quakers, but we do not believe these people follow the creed of the old Quakers, only when it is used to do what they have done to us at Russell’s grave. These people do not believe in the Christianity as written in God’s Holy Word, or they would not uphold what they do. No one could ever be as cruel as these people have been to two grieving parents.

We all are going to die one day, and what we have done on this earth will have to be accounted for at the Great White Throne of Judgement. I  think the people involved in all the pain and suffering that has been poured out on us, do not really care about anything but hateful revenge on behalf of Kevin.

What Russell had to endure when he got HIV and died from full blown AIDS, no human should have to endure. These people who hurt Russell, truly do not care about their souls. Parents who become accepting of the homosexual lifestyle, ( I am talking about the ones who join PFLAG) to make things easier on themselves, (to try to keep from losing their child) is not doing themselves or their children any favors. We have to pray for deliverance from the bondage, and know that God knows what he is doing. I do not yet understand my son’s death, but one day I will. 

We understand the feelings of being afraid. We were also afraid of not having Russell in our lives, and we did not know what to do but pray for him. We  stood for what we believed was right for our son. We could not tell Russell, homosexuality was a lifestyle that was right.  We knew the scriptures in God’s word, and they are very easy to understand.

We walked a sad and stressful six years while Russell was involved with Kevin. Not one minute of the day, did we ever stop praying for our son, and for him to leave that awful lifestyle. I have written about a lot of things, but I have not yet poured out the sadness of my heart for my son.

It was hard to realize he was doing these things, when we knew it might destroy him. This is every parent’s nightmare, when their child enters into this sinful, destructive lifestyle. I know every parent thinks about this, and it is really hard to deal with. It took six years of our lives before Russell died, and now nearly five years more. The years will continue to eat away at our very existence because of all the worry and stress, and the emptiness of losing him.

Since Russell died and having to deal with all we have found out, it has continued to be devastating to our lives.  It has been nearly eleven years of pain we have suffered from his choice. The pain will never go away. We were naive, about how Russell was being manipulated not to be around us, but we did not have the resources we now know about.

I would tell every parent to get with a group that will help, and not fall for the propaganda of the PFLAG group, “That you do not love your child, if you do not accept them for who they are.”

Your child or loved one, is not homosexual by birth, it is a CHOICE! So much brainwashing out there today is exploiting this statement…and I find it utterly ridiculous

People who do not believe in the rapture, will one day see the sunshine! It is Biblical, spelled out in God’s Holy Inspired Word. It is easy to accept the ways of the World, when you do not believe in Jesus, and the Word of God. .

I believe some of the Friends (Quakers) evidently don’t believe as the ones where Russell is buried. At one of the Quaker cemeteries, they have crosses and all kinds of mementos on the graves. It is hard to describe how utterly despicable these people treat us where our son is buried. They absolutely harass us all the time. It is not enough for them to have buried our son with illegal papers, but they want to keep on hurting us, because of Kevin and his wishes.

I think one day, these people will have to answer to God for the desecration of his grave and the removal of the cross. This is dangerous for to remove the symbolic Cross like this, because we feel they are blaspheming the Word of God.

Each time Lowell makes a cross for Russell’s grave, I can see the pain in his eyes, because of them removing the ones he places there. He tenderly makes and places the Cross, and stands back and seems to be meditating. It means so much to us to journey to his grave, to place things there that are symbolic of who he was, and is in Christ. He always loved the Lord, and was a very spiritual person. He was gentle and kind to everyone, and loved life.

Some believe Russell did not go to Heaven because of the sin he was in, but then no one would go to Heaven if that were true. We all are sinners! He was a child of God, born again. God would not kick him out of his family, but he would be forgiven. Even if that were true, he died a confessing Christian, it is in the records. I am glad he confessed, but I know God would have forgiven him anyway. We all are in danger of dying in our sin. The people who have done so much hurt, and are responsible for his death,  are the ones who are going to have a harsh judgement one day.

The weight on my heart for all the pain we have had to suffer for Russell’s choices, makes me think of every parent out there who has a loved one in this lifestyle. These parents are suffering the same way we have. Maybe not with losing a loved one, but who has endured years of suffering trying to get them out of the lifestyle.

It is hard to believe people actually believe this lie that homosexuality is an alternative lifestyle, and it is okay to have abnormal sex. This world is so messed up! You would think, one would have the intellect to understand the Word of God, He spells it out plainly…….one man, one woman!

Jesus is coming back again one day to judge the world, and I know we all sin, but when you intentionally hurt someone, you will have to answer for it. There has been so much hurt with this acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle. The world has gone crazy……companies are pouring millions of dollars into the support of the homosexual lifestyle. We are buying their products, so that puts our money into supporting this lifestyle, when we actually oppose it. Our political leaders supports homosexuality, which is dragging our country down an immoral path for our future generation. What in the world is going to happen! I will tell everyone, I think God is about ready to step in and Jesus is coming soon!

The morality of our country is on a downward spiral, and it seems to be getting worse. When a young man dies of such behavior that is prevalent of society today, it is a sign of what is yet to come. I would like to just know how many have died of AIDS since Russell died. I am researching this……..

This past week when we went to Russell’s grave, they had taken his yellow roses off again. What gives them the right to do this? To us it these are evil deeds…..they took the Cross again, and his picture. 

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

I Peter 4:1  Forasmuch the as Christ hath suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves likewise with the same mind: for he that hath suffered in the flesh hath ceased from sin;

I Peter 4:2  That he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh to the lusts of men, but to the will of God

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