19th Jul, 2011

It’s shocking! Unbelievable!

Lowell and I went to visit Russell’s grave this past Sunday; driving about seventy miles round trip, carrying 16 gallons of water for the flowers we have planted on his grave, and other necessities to care for his grave site. When we got to the entrance of the burial site, Lowell was letting down the chain to the service entrance,(where we always go up the hill) we vaguely saw something up the hill in the woods that seemed out of place.

When we got up closer, we saw two of the biggest dog kennel fences, (four sides to each one, maybe 10×10) setting about a foot apart side by side in the way of our getting on up the hill. Both of us were speechless! It was shocking to say the least to think these Religious Society of Friends had put such things in our way of getting to Russell’s grave. I was stunned that anyone could do something so cruel and mean. Nothing is beyond these people! Having to go through what we have where our son was buried like a piece of garbage is just devastating! This incident shows what kind of people we have had to deal with since Russell died.

These 2 big pens in the woods were made of heavy pipe and enclosed on all four sides and top with heavy guage wire. These were across the trail that we have to drive to get up the hill. We have to turn around at the place where Russell is buried as you cannot go any further up the hill because of the trees. It is always a tight twist and turning of the car to get turned around.

If these people want to have a burial ground, they should have  to fix a decent road up to Russell’s grave with a turning space, instead of barricading the only way to his grave.  They have tried to do many things to stop us; putting tree limbs and even glass in the place where we turn at his grave. We ruined a new tire by running over a sharp tree stump we could not see under the leaves when we first started going there. I have written about this before.

Russell was buried in this woods because of all the lies Kevin and his parents told. We were to find the truth later, but too late to bury our son. We proved Russell did not sign papers to have this done, but the Judge did not care to judge this case according to the evidence.

When we saw these big cages blocking the drive to Russell’s grave, we didn’t know anything to do except to try to physically move them. We pulled and pulled to get them out of the way enough to get by. This was very hard as I just had back surgery about a month ago. Lowell is not able to pull on something like this and we should not have to. I hurt my back and legs again trying to help him move these things out of the way.

It is despicable for someone to be so evil doing something like this to harass us. It is nothing new for these people  to come up with mean things to do to us. I think I have written about the woman who threw a ball at me so her big German shepherd would attack me. Why would she throw the ball at me if that was not her desire for the dog to attack me. He came running at me and about scared me to death. I still have nightmares about that! I should have done something about that when it happened. It is shocking and unbelievable! All we do is go there and take care of Russell’s grave and try to grieve.

A couple months those  people at the grave site put some rocks (big chunk gravel) down at the service entrance where we go up, and they had the rocks dumped in ridges thinking this would keep us from going up. We did start spinning, but we have 4-wheel drive so this did not stop us. We wondered why they did not put the rocks all the way up the hill and make a decent drive way. 

We left them a note and informed them of how upsetting the cages were to us, and requested them to remove the cages. We will go from there to see what happens if they are moved back to block us.

The see something like this in a cemetery….was unbelievable! This placement of these cages does not make this place look like a natural peaceful place to us, nor to anyone else who sees them. We took a lot of pictures of the mean and hurtful act these people perpetrated.

My health will not permit me walking up that hill and they know it. I just cannot believe anyone can be so mean! I guess anyone can tell by my disbelief that I am truly upset and hurt about this. I am a Christian and I cannot understand evil like this! I can write a whole book on the treatment we have gotten at the hands of these people. I intend to expose everything these people have done to us, and seek out laws about what has happened there with denying us access with a handicapped plate on our car.

This all is beyond human decency for them to start harassing us with such drastic behavior. Can it be that these people need Jesus in their lives and they could know what kindness could dwell in their hearts instead of this nasty behavior? Can Russell stay buried where it is so evil?

Cages that were blocking way to Russell's grave

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

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