4th Sep, 2020


For those who find themselves in the same situation Russell was in; it’s not too late.

I know there are so many who are involved in this lifestyle; and want out of it. I know Russell felt this way! If he would have trusted God to forgive him; he wouldn’t have had to suffer and die. It’s not hopeless!

I believe Russell wanted out! When he was dying; he ask for a religious person at Mercy hospital. Kevin made a horrible statement; “All they had was a nun; that was better than nothing.” This nun served God; not like the Religious Society of Friends that Kevin belonged to. This group believed everything sinful; like homosexuality. I have written about this group in my other stories.

You can turn away from homosexuality; God forgives, and can change your life. Russell was brainwashed and manipulated; many of you are like that. I pray you listen to my painful words about this lifestyle. It is not easy for this mother to write about all the painful things that happened to Russell; but I feel God wants me to try and reach as many as I can. Everyone is so afraid of speaking out about the horrible lifestyle that took my son’s life; but I am not!!!

Kevin hired a gay lawyer when we were fighting for our son’s remains. This lawyer was the worst human being I have ever encountered. He treated me like a piece of trash! I believe he is one of these (like Kevin, his parents, and friends) who manipulate; and uses their position to hurt other people.

Sometimes it blows my mind to know there are such mean and evil people in the world. They don’t know God; or they would fear him for what they do. It’s not too late to listen to God instead of the evil one!

Carolyn Groff

Psalms 38:20 They also that render evil for good are mine adversaries; because I follow the thing that good is.

Psalms 38:40 And the Lord shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him.

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