2nd Feb, 2015

It’s amazing……….

I hope this series I am writing about will bring light to things that took place when our son became involved in the homosexual lifestyle and lost his precious life.

Russell was an amazing young man who had the world in the palm of his hands only to have it taken away by being manipulated into this homosexual lifestyle. He listened to the things of the world instead to what God wanted for him. Russell would be alive today if it were not for the homosexual lifestyle.

I want to start this series by telling some of the things that happened after Russell’s  illness and death. His death was manipulated for money; I can prove this, even thought the Judge didn’t want to see it.

So many things happened while Russell was sick; some  were horrendous. Russell died alone, without anyone with him who loved him. Kevin and his parents told Russell we would not come to see him when he asked for us; I can only imagine how he felt when being told this.

The hospital reported what a horrible day he had that day. This was so evil……for someone to deny a dying young man his wish to see his parents. Kevin’s dad told the doctors not to call us,( his legal next of kin) because we had disowned him. This was not the truth, and the doctors should not have believed him. I believe he used his power of being an attorney to persuade the doctors not to call us. This was beneath contempt as far as I am concerned. I believe there should be some kind of reprecussions for what he did. We loved Russell no matter what he did, we just didn’t approve of his lifestyle. This is why Kevin and his parents hated us so.

This was typical of what things the Olives did during the term of Russell’s involvement with them. They did everything they could to alienate Russell from us. The things they did to us; especially me, was nothing short of horrific.

We did everything we could to get to Russell when we found out he was sick. We didn’t even know how sick. Our other son was manipulated by the Olives not to tell us; but our daughter did come to tell us, only it was too late. Russell died before we could get a flight out. Russell’s dad got off from work and we had started out the door when we got the message Russell had died. I cannot tell anyone how devastating this was for us…………………..

To think someone would keep us from our son. The Olives knew this would be something they would not be able to control if we were there. The phony making of a will when we proved Russell was not competent to make one. Our lawyers did not even make this an issue, even with the best forensic expert in the world.

The Judge and our lawyer did not intend to let us win, because it was evident with all the things that transpired. I intend to make all of the world aware of all that happened. If there is a repecution from this, I have plenty of evidence to go viral with it. It is a federal offense to let someone have Russell’s medical records, and this happened after the trial was over.

Our attorney had copies of all Russell’s medical records and brought them to court;(more expense to us) mostly we think, to look like they were doing something. Kevin and his attorney had copies, the Judge had copies, and our attorney had copies.Then our attorney had more copies made…..

After the trial was over, Kevin and his mother did not want the records and they gave them to a stranger. We felt she was one of their friends, but she should not have had these private records. We had to pay several times to get records supoened. The Privacy Act was violated by Kevin and his mother, the woman who they gave the records to, our attorney, as well as Kevin’s attorney.

Before court our attorney would not talk to us, but went into the Judge’s chambers. We believe he was crossing a legal line of inapproiate behavior; conflict of interest. We believe our attorney wanted to score points with the Judge because he knew she didn’t like us. His law clerk told us tne Judge didn’t like us, especially me.

After the trial we asked our attorney why he talked to the Judge and he said it was about another case he had there. He had told us earlier he had never had a case in Orphan’s Court. We believe,one can figure that one out.

The Judge didn’t like us and she showed this at one of the mediation meetings. Kevin and his parents had interferred in talking to the Judge and degrading us. She said to me before the mediation meeting started, “You are the boss in your family.” Startled that she would say something to me like that; I responded by saying, no it is fifty fifty in our family, but he is the head of our household.” She responded by saying, “My husband is to, but I tell him which leg to put in his pants first.” This was absolutely astonishing for this woman in her position to say something like this. She is not supposed to be bias, which only showed she was not in the position of acting in our favor; this was not right!

This is evidence to show how the Olives had manipulated the situation. They are attorneys and she would naturally listen to them.

The first mediation meeting with our second set of attorneys; they told us we didn’t have to be present. They told us that attorneys always met behind closed doors. We believe this is when the Olives  had the opportunity to discuss us and degrade us with the Judge. Later, we figured out that these attorneys too were working against us. They later took our money as a deposit to go on to court and then walked out on us.

He was going to run for State Senate and didn’t want to be involved in this dirty matter. I will explain more about this in my next series.

I just wanted to hit on a few things I will be elaborating on in my next series. These things need to be made public because of the dirty deeds done by those involved. Every way we turned someone was pulling something dirty tricks to slander us and stop us from having our son to bury him in dignity.

Proverbs 6:16 There are six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

Proverbs 6:17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

Proverbs 6:18 An heart that devised wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

Proverbs 6:19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethern

These verses are fitting, applying them to the people who did such terrible things to Russell and his parents.

Next series: Our attorneys



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