10th May, 2010

Internet Slander

I have been meaning to address all the lies put on the Internet about Russell’s parents. While I have addressed some of them, I feel it is time to tell the world of what we feel about all the lies that keep being put out there.

We loved Russell so much, and after he died was no different than when he was alive. We constantly tried to keep him in out lives, but it was hard when someone like Kevin is constantly manipulating him.

We are the only ones who loved Russell as God would want a parent to love him. Russell really got himself involved with some evil people, and Satan gained control. Not only did Russell die, but with his death, our lives were destroyed too. This kind of lifestyle does destroy families, and especially the parents. No one will ever know what we have been through until my book is complete. 

When we were trying for six years to get Russell out of this mess, we stayed torn up all the time. It was a battle loving him and trying so hard, all the time knowing we were dealing with evil. Russell’s parents were the only ones who cared enough about him to try to get him to leave that lifestyle.

Russell listened to the wrong people! When he got so deeply involved, he was unable to fight off the devil. This is what often happens.

Russell and Kevin did not have the loving relationship as is portrayed on the Internet. They were constantly fighting, which is usually normal in this kind of relationship. Anyone who has been in it, or is in it can confirm this.

You know what one lawyer we had, (the second one) said to us. “Well, all married couples fight!” This man claimed to be a Christian!!!! He may fight in his marriage, but not all of us do. All married couple disagree, but not fight. We witnessed a lot of stuff first hand that went on with Kevin and Russell. There was control over Russell…….

Kevin and his friends have really slandered us, but it is to make people feel sorry for poor Kevin. One point that was made in one of the stories where people were collecting money for Kevin to fight us in court, was that we had an endless source of money to fight Kevin. I want the world to know, it was not us that an endless source of money, it was Kevin. I would be curious to know how much money Kevin collected from this endeavor.

Kevin had used Russell’s money, and we believe had charged stuff on his credit card. I am not making this statement lightly…..I know I would have to prove this, and could if anything comes up about this statement. I tried to make the court demand him show expenditures on Russell’s credit cards when he was to sick to be buying things Kevin claimed he did. The court refused…..in fact the lady at the accounting office was nothing but rude and mean to me.

Our lawyer would not help me get this done, as with everything else. He did not even try to fight the case.

We were fighting the homosexual agenda in trying to get our son’s body buried properly. We have been fighting to just visit his grave and put flowers, etc, on his grave for over five years. They have finally decided to leave us along now. It is such a shame they were doing this for spite, and they call themselves religious. We suffered greatly at the hands of these people. They were doing as Kevin wanted, and he wanted nothing but to show his authority, (not matter how he got it) and to harass us.

We go there and plant flowers and keep his grave up as we know would please him. I know how he loved flowers, and we work very hard to keep his grave looking nice. It is not tacky either. Some king of animal in the woods keep digging down into his grave. I hate this, and put sticks in the holes to deter this.

Back to the things I have read on the Internet, which makes me about sick to my stomach. Anyone who helps me, they attack too. I know many people who have read this, and they think it is sickening the way we have been attacked. This homosexual agenda is out of hand, and Russell death was used to further it. My son is gone because of this mess.

I am not making excuses for Russell and his bad choices, but I am trying to tell these kids who thinks this is fun, that it is not!!!!! Russell was a good kid, he just got with the wrong people, and that is how it usually happens…..

Russell was raised in a good home, and taught right from wrong. I do not like it at all when the parents work so hard to give a child a good life, both morally and physically, and then people brainwash them like Russell was.

I get very angry at all the stuff going on in our world, and how this agenda is being preceived as an alternative lifestyle. Why don’t they just put it out there about how you are going to die a horrible death from AIDS, like my son did. He was a naive, kind young man who turned away from his moral beliefs by getting involved with the cult of homosexuality.

I am so sick of all these lies, and I will forever fight to expose all that was done to Russell. There is not one bit of truth coming from the gay activists out there. They write all this stuff that Kevin feeds them, and they have no idea who we are. I have even ask that people contact me and talk to me, but no one has the nerve. The lies are their way of getting some kind of perverted satisfaction.

I have addressed one such person who has put some stuff out there to others about us. I only wish he and others could realize how dangerous they are living. These lies that homosexuality is okay, is just that, a lie!!

Russell’s name had been drug through the mud on the Internet, and so has ours. My effort to start a website has been slandered too, but I want the truth to be out there. This is the true side of the story……Fighting all these lies is very hard, I am only one mother who has lost her son to this lifestyle, but I am one mother who will keep fighting.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

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