10th Aug, 2010

In the name of Diversity…..

In the name of “diversity,” our son and many other young people are being confused by the acceptance of homosexuality! Diversity….just what is the meaning of the word? Where did it come from? Webster says it means variety…….variety means diversity, etc. Who made the word mean… of acceptance of homosexuality? In Roget’s Thesaurus the meaning is n. variety, difference, assortment, multiplicity, heterogeneity, miscellany, medley. ANT.  sameness, homogeneity. Guess that answers the question!

Now I want to go on to express my feelings about the matter….In Webster’s dictionary, the word diversity, (meaning variety) could mean the production of an acceptance of a sinful behavior such as homosexuality. Companies who pour millions into the gay agenda should say, we are going to support homosexuality, (a production in killing your kids)! Instead they use the word “diversity” to make it sound justified and pitiful. Diversity as such today is extremely dangerous, not productive!

How can people be so misled by the use of the word “diversity”? I want everyone to understand, no one should be treated unfairly in a work place. I did not want my son to be treated with disrespect…even though he was doing something wrong.  He and everyone else deserves to be able to work and support themselves. I wish someone who Russell worked with would have been able to talk to him about the sinful behavior of homosexuality……but then that would have been harassment under the word “diversity.”

No one should push their bad choices on those who do not agree with them. There are so many employees who disagree with  “diversity” in the workplace, but they have to cope with it in order to keep their jobs. I know these are things I hear about a lot. This is what diversity is all about with the homosexual agenda…… forcing sinful behavior on everyone who does not agree with them. 

Russell was a wonderful young man who worked very hard, and four years after college died with the horrible disease AIDS! He had it all taken from him by making a sinful choice.  I am very concerned with homosexuals working in restaurants or around any kind of food jobs. I don’t think homosexuals should work in schools either, in order to brainwash! 

The main reason for writing this is because of how many companies are getting on the band wagon and supporting gay organizations with millions of dollars of money we pay them.  These companies are misleading everyone! The ones who are pouring money into supporting this dangerous lifestyle may as well be pouring poison down the throats of our young people. It all seems so normal to accept the lifestyle because you like someone, (as I have heard many times) but it doesn’t mean you have to accept the abnormal lifestyle.

I wonder if the companies who support the homosexual lifestyle would like to post pictures in their business places of our Russell and all the other young people who have died of AIDS!!! Of course not! It would not be something they would even think about! Why? Because it would be the truth about“diversity”, (acceptance of homosexuality and what it does to a human being). I hope someone in these companies would get the message! They are helping to kill our kids!

Our President even supports homosexuality! Tell me our country is not in some real trouble! 

No one could ever imagine the turn of events we found when we went through the court case to get Russell’s body brought home. Now that we look back and looking at the truthful facts more closely, we realize we did not have a chance fighting the homosexual agenda. This is what it turned out to be….an agenda. We believe there was too much going on with our lawyers, the Judge and Kevin and his parents, (who supported the homosexual lifestyle).

Russell was naive and fell into trusting and believing the wrong people! This is why his beautiful was destroyed. This is the consequences of the homosexual lifestyle……there is no loyalty in a homosexual relationship.

I will never get over all that was done to Russell to give him HIV, but I will continue to try and make those who give HIV knowingly be help accountable. Russell was treated very badly when he was ill with AIDS. He was just another person with AIDS and no one cared about him. I know he is looking down and knowing the truth now. He knows his Mom will make things right if she can. If I can help one person, I will make Russell have a great big smile in Heaven. (Refer to story about why I know Russell is in Heaven). I know he is smiling right now! That is why I am working so hard get his story out there.

So many children today as young as primary school are being brainwashed into thinking gay is “cool.” I wish I could get through to some of these kids who are like Russell and are being brainwashed into thinking they are born homosexual and it is “cool” to be gay in school. This is a lie from the pit of hell……and I do not care to tell it like it is!

How outrageous for companies to use our dollars we spend with them to support killing of our children! I don’t support these companies and I hope others will refuse to support them too. You can find companies who support the gay agenda online. Many organizations are trying to help save people by telling the truth about the homosexual agenda. These organizations are accused of being hate orientated, but the homosexuals who are the ones who attack viciously when they are confronted. 

Lowell and I know what hate from the homosexual activists is like. We have been through over ten years of it.  We were attacked viciously on the Internet all during the court case, in a local newspaper, and through a wave of letters to our attorneys from Kevin’s friends. We can tell anyone who speaks out against homosexuality, you are going to be attacked with vengeance! It is those who speak out in the name of Jesus who really care and love the homosexual.

I have spoken about “diversity” because in my mind it has such a horrible definition, in that it is just an excuse to justify something that is so wrong.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

Proverbs 16:25  There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

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