4th Aug, 2019


All these years of writing these posts about the life and death of our son Russell; I have been exhausted trying to get the truth told. It is hard to fight Satan the way I have; but I know it has not been in vain. Jesus made this statement; “If it were not so; I would have told you.”

When Jesus made this statement; he declared his truth. The world today doesn’t want to know the truth; it would be to hard to follow because of the sin in their life. Homosexuality is a SIN and an abomination to God! It devours and destroys! It breaks hearts because of the results of this SIN!

I can say these words because my heart is broken from the loss of Russell; because of the SIN in his life. Satan took hold of his life; and didn’t let go. He knew the truth; but Satan devoured him. The people around him were of Satan. I know Russell loved the Lord; and he has been forgiven. I know that Russell talked to God when he got sick and lay dying. Russell knew the only love in the room with him when he was dying; was God’s love.

Jesus would have told so would have told us so in his Word; if it were not so”.

These words Jesus said; tugs at my heart. I don’t know why God laid these verses on my heart; but I know he did for a reason. The first verse of this same chapter explains it all; “Let not your heart be troubled; ye believe in God, believe also in me”.

In these verses John 1-6; Jesus is talking before he was to go to the cross for our sins; he was burdened for us! I am so burdened for all these that are in the sin of homosexuality; you can be forgiven and change from this sin.

I am heart broken for my loss! I know many have gone through what I have; hurting for their children. I pray for these hurting hearts every day! Think of what Jesus went through on the cross; God’s heart is broken because he gave his Son for our sins to be forgiven.

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