6th Dec, 2019

I watched my son die on paper (medical records)

Watching your son die is the worst thing possible! To watch him die on paper is something one could not even imagine. To know this has happened and you couldn’t do anything to help him. I watched him suffer and die the most horrifying death!!!!!

This is an absolute travesty! No one could ever imagine the pain I have suffered reading the medical records and knowing how he must have suffered, and no one with him that loved him. Kevin didn’t care anything about him. He was living with another homosexual while Russell was dying in the hospital. I have plenty of proof about this; and who it was.

I have gone through all this pain over and over; to expose the evil we have encountered. We were not notified of Russell’s illness by a lot of folks who had the moral, ethical and legal responsibility to notify us.

I will start with the Olives, who used their status as lawyers to keep us from being notified; we were the legal next of kin and they went to the doctors and told them we disowned Russell. They used their lawyer status over and over; especially at the hospital and funeral home.

The hospitals had a legal responsibility to notify the legal next of kin. We had a long battle with the Olives while they were brainwashing Russell into their cult way of thinking. They and their son are responsible for destroying the life of a beautiful young man. I do not intend to let them get any peace for what they did.

The so called friends of Russell who believed all of Kevin’s lies; none of them cared about Russell. If he had one true friend, they would have contacted his parents; to let them know of his illness. We didn’t disown our son; Kevin, his parents, and so called friends alienated him from us.

It was spread all over the internet that our other son; said we disowned our Russell. This was a lie from the pit of hell; he didn’t say this! Walter agreed with Kevin about not letting us know about Russell’s illness; which nearly killed us. You have to know the situation with Walter; he is very much manipulated by his wife and her family in Washington State. She and her family are atheist; the brother of his wife is gay. They have turned Walter away from God; to believe this lifestyle is okay. Walter has no Christian influence out there. Before he got married and moved to the west coast; he was very much against the homosexual lifestyle.

This has been very hard for us, because Walter was a good Christian son, as Russell was. Satan attacks the morals of those who he wants to devour…..Walter served as Lay Reader for the Chaplain at Paris Island, when he was in the Marines. He would pray with the guys in is platoon who was having a hard time. We were so proud of him! I resent anyone spreading vicious lies, and misquoting him! He knows now he was used!!!

We didn’t accept Kevin and his control over Russell; that was why he and his parents hated us so much. We tried to talk to Kevin about the lifestyle; which ended up with him threatening us with his parents. I told him I wasn’t afraid of his parents; I hope they know this now.

The homosexuals (Kevin’s and his friends) used Walter against us in court; Kevin’s parents interfered with our lawyers, and to anyone involved with us. Kevin’s mother sent a letter to Walter, and had him sign it against us. I think this will come back to haunt her. This was devastating to us! The Olives slandered us every chance they got. We have tried to forgive Walter for what he did; as we tried with Russell.

I am quoting a woman (Bee) who wrote on GCMW website; Individuals who embrace the homosexual lifestyle have fallen for a lie and cannot see the truth.

It was really hard for me to see Kevin and his mother give a perfect stranger a big book of Russell’s medical records after the trial. We had to subpoena those records; spending a lot of money to do so.

Our lawyer had his clerk copy all Russell’s records and bring them in on a cart the day of the trial. These records had been given before; to the Judge, Kevin’s lawyer, and our lawyer. These records were useless for the trial; our lawyer just wanted to look like he was doing something for us. He was wanting to charge us more for doing this act; as well as the cost of printing these records. This was unreal; him doing this for show. These were a lot of medical records to be wheeled into the court room; the Judge even stated that she didn’t know what they were for; she didn’t want them.

Our lawyer refused letting us set with him during the case. This was very upsetting to us! He talked with the Judge before the trial; and wouldn’t even talk to us. I believe he told the Judge he wasn’t going to fight the case; because of what he said to us after the trial. He cut us into pieces when he said he believed Kevin. We knew then he doubled crossed us after taking so much money from us; which was very unethical! Some of the things he said, and did before the trial; made sense to us after the trial.

More about these private and personal records; I believe, Kevin and his mother violated the law by giving these to this woman. We tried to get our lawyer; to get these records back. He was not interested in doing this because he knew; I believe, he should not have brought unnecessary copies into the court.

This was something I had no control over because of one of the horrible acts of the Olives! These records were very personal to me; as they are how I watched my son die…….

My next paper I write will define what went on at the first hospital; things I haven’t written about yet. What went on that caused him to be admitted there. I will write about the second hospital; then the last hospital where Russell’s life ended.

Just a note to the folks involved; if there would be a thought of suing me for exposing all these things; think twice folks!!! I have four drawer file cabinet full of files on the horrible case! I have learned a lot, and gained a lot of support in helping me find the right avenues of how to do things. We were so naive, while in such grief! A lot of people took advantage of us, especially the lawyers and Judge involved.

My heart still hurts as if it happened yesterday. These holidays will never be the same again. Russell loved Thanksgiving and Christmas; and he died at Thanksgiving. They took his life away from him and us!
Carolyn Groff

11 Chronicles 19:11 Deal courageously, and the Lord shall be with the good.

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