7th Apr, 2017

I cry tears each day for Russell

Each day is heartbreaking for us; it doesn’t get any easier after all these years. Sometimes I think about Russell, and new things come to my mind about the way he was treated.

Not one person who cared about Russell was with him when he was sick and dying; which hurts me to the depths of my soul. My love for Russell drives me to tell everyone what he went through. I have all the information to prove what I say; in 1800 pages of medical records and court depositions. Kevin was allowed to talk in court; but we weren’t. Kevin let a lot of information slip in court transcripts and depositions.I can elaborate on some of the statements he made. I also had talks with hospital personal; which was not used in court.

I have talked about so many of things that transpired; and how I wish I could have seen my son before he died. I want to tell the world about the people who are so eat up with greed and control; just like in so much today, that human life doesn’t matter.

Such inhumanity for someone like Russell and his family to be torn apart for the sake of control and money. Russell didn’t deserve what happened to him no matter if he did make some bad choices. So many people judge; but they haven’t been there. Russell was one of the kindest young men; everyone who knew him could not keep from liking him.

I think about all of the young kids out there that is being sucked into this homosexual nightmare by these predators who make this lifestyle seem wonderful. What a lie!!! If I can just put it out there about people like this who are so evil; like the ones we had to deal with when we lost our beautiful son.

I looked up predator in the dictionary and this is what Webster said, “Prey,” living by plundering or robbing,” an interesting note to see, “greedy,” which coincides with predator. Greedy is defined as selfish, desiring more than one deserves, exploitive, and devouring. All of these definitions are so on the money when it comes to describing these people who exploit children for their own selfish desires; as with those who manipulated Russell to his death.

I think about things like this all the time; not always having time to write them down. I want the world to know I am not afraid of the homosexual activist out there; even though we have been attacked viciously by them. Most of the attacks have been lies conjured up by Kevin and his family. It still gets me how Kevin’s dad told me he was a Christian and then tell the lies and do the things he and his family did to Russell and his family. God will deal with this man and all that used lies as a means to hurt us.

I guess I have talked about the man who said I should be mowed down by an AK-47. If this had been anyone besides a homossexual activists; they would have been taken in by the police and charged with a crime. It is put out there that if you oppose the sin of homosexuality; you are the one who gets attacked viciously. I know there are good people who hate what is going on; but are afraid of what damage these crazy people can do. These people are vicious! Lies and liars are dangerous; and we had some lawyers,(as we had) judge, Kevin and his friends who confirmed this. May God have mercy on those who call evil good!

I would love for more parents to contact me and talk about how we can oppose what is going on in our society today; that is killing our children as if they have been shot with a gun.

I want to thank all the people who stepped up and gave us support during this horrible time in our lives.

Carolyn Groff

Psalm 43:1 Judge me, O God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation; O deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man.

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