8th Jul, 2020

How Evil Consumes!

It was quiet obvious how Russell changed when he became involved in the lifestyle that destroyed him. He was no longer the loving son he once was. I couldn’t understand how he could do this to his beautiful life; full of wonderful possibilities. I know Russell never truly lost the love for his parents; Satan wants to destroy the natural love God gives.

Russell was involved with the theater group in college; where this lifestyle was very active. We always talked to our children about choosing the right friends; but Russell was in a setting where he wasn’t able to choose the people around him.I know this played a big part in the things Russell became involved in.

After Russell died; one of the people in the theater group wrote a nasty letter to our lawyer. It told me the kind of person she was; and the kind of people Russell was around. She was one of Kevin’s friends who was one of many he had writing ugly letters to our lawyers.

It’s hard for me to explain what got into Russell’s mind; but I know it was an attack from Satan. Being around those in college who were involved in this lifestyle; he opened the door for Satan to walk right in. I thought Russell was a strong person; but he let himself be manipulated and brainwashed.

When he met Satan in the flesh; his life and ours were changed forever. This lifestyle is destroying our children. I think Russell finally found the truth about this lifestyle; but it was too late. It destroyed him and his family! Our hearts are broken; they just won’t heal. Russell’s life meant nothing to those who destroyed him.

The Judge and lawyers betrayed us; they didn’t intend to let us bury our son. All the wicked things that went on after Russell died; are yet to be told.

Psalm 37:35 I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree.
Psalm 41:5 Mine enemies speak evil of me, when shall he die, and his name perish.

I pray daily that I can do something with my story to help some son or daughter; realize the pain and suffering that comes from this lifestyle. If only our children would listen; we are the ones who love them.

I woke up this morning at 3:00 AM; burdened to write this story. I have to go through so much pain everyday for the things that happened to Russell. I believe Russell was intentionally given the virus that killed him; soon I will bring the evidence forward. The lawyers had this evidence; but wouldn’t use it. So much insurance was taken out on Russell’s life. Some of the policies were taken out before and after he had the virus. Some policies were refused; I was told they seemed suspicious.

I have written so much about all this; but there is so much I haven’t written about.

Psalm 34:18 The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart

Carolyn Groff

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