5th Jun, 2017

How could they????

I ask myself this question everyday! How could the Judge, do what she did to us? Karen Friedman was elected without; I believe, anyone knowing the devastation she reaps on society with her manipulation of justice. I now have proof that we didn’t have a chance to get our son’s body.

Russell could not have signed the will that Kevin and his mother made; our attorney refused to use facts we put before him about this. Russell lost the muscle function in his hands long before he died; and before the “will” was constructed. The signature was not like he had lost the muscle function of his hands; like a signature we found in one of the medical records. This was just one of the facts I found.

Our medical expert provided facts about his health in which he was not capable to sign this will. None of this mattered to the Attorney or the Judge; this was so obvious in which our attorney met with the Judge several times and wouldn’t tell us about why he did that. I have written about some of this in my other posts.

Our attorney drained us financially and didn’t fight for us at all. He and the Judge should be held accountable. Judge Friedman should have excused herself because of her ties with the LGBT community; and her standing for the same-sex marriage issue. She didn’t render a fair judgment in our case. Judge Friedman manipulated this case in favor of Kevin and the same-sex marriage. I didn’t know about this at the time; or I would have asked for her to excuse herself. During this case; she treated us with disrespect and discrimination.

I want to let folks know how the system works in Baltimore!!! I hope someone will step up and speak out about this miscarriage of justice!

More to come about this issue!!! It has not gotten swept under the rug; I loved my son too much. I just can’t even imagine how God must feel about all that went on during the horrid case we brought before the court. He will be the Judge!!!!

Russell suffered because of Kevin’s manipulation to keep us from him; the whole thing was about money!!!!!

When I get all the information I have out there; a jury may have to decide the truth about all involved.

Carolyn Groff

PSALM 43:1 Judge me, O God, and plead my cause against an ungodly nation; O deliver me from the deceitful and unjust man.

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