31st Oct, 2019

Homosexuality, Witchcraft, Paganism; concerning what we have had to fight

We had no idea what was going on as we were fighting to get our son’s remains. It has been more sinister than we thought. I ran across an article I had in my files about Kevin and the Quakers (Religious Society of Friends).

I want to put this in my writings because I feel it is relevant to what Kevin is all about; the words are from his own mouth. His feeling sad over Russell’s death is just an excuse; (in my opinion) for voicing his own wicked ways.

I believe, Kevin has to have attention; he showed that in the ways he lied in so many of the papers submitted to the court; especially the degrading of our depositions and interrogatories. His interrogatories were so self serving, as the article I found where he explains his sadness (that is not a reality); that he has to explore Wicca.

Let’s put it this way: Kevin likes to talk, and this is what is going to come back and BITE him!

Kevin’s lies were prevalent in all the dealings we had with him. You would think that if someone is intelligent, they would see through his lies.

The article I am referring to above; is about, “PAGANS FIND A WELCOME HOME AMONG MANY QUAKERS”.

Kevin states in this article that after Russell died; he started to explore Wicca. In my heart; I believe, Kevin has always served Wicca as his God. He also stated he is a part of a small but growing movement of Quakers who also identify as pagan.

It is an interesting article for anyone to read. This is taking over America; pagan beliefs for anyone to believe what ever makes them feel good.

Kevin stated that in one of the Quaker meetings; they talk about (their) God, but never put a name to him or her.” To me that is what they are all about! I believe with all the sources I have found; they have no belief in the real God; but in extremely dangerous beliefs that leads down a dark and horrifying path.

I know in all that happened to our son, and what happened to us during the farce of a trial to get our son’s remains; it was Satanic. I am going to explore all that happened in our farce of a trial; and all the pain surrounding this demonic force we had to endure.

We asked Russell once about the Friends meetings. We asked him about a Bible, and he said they didn’t have a Bible in the meetings. Now this is really strange for us who believe God’s Word, and to carry a Bible to Church; to study his Word.

We asked him about an Altar. He said they didn’t have an Altar; they sat on chairs in a circle and meditated. To me this sounded like a cult; no Altar, no Bible, no singing and praising His name. Setting in a circle, meditating; is like they are trying to open their minds to evil spirits. Cults do the worshiping of their Gods by meditating.

The Friends Church people showed what they were all about when they desecrated Russell’s grave. They upheld Kevin and his lies to get Russell buried there. They took 75 of the pansies I planted there the first year. When the leaves fell; I could see some of the plants where they threw them. The little blooms showed themselves behind trees, and over the landscape in the woods.

My dear (late) Mother bought a potted plant for Russell (I planted it for her); we found it and my other plants thrown against one of their buildings at the top of the hill. This was sacrilege of his grave. The anguish we went through because they were so evil; to destroy the only way we had of grieving for Russell.

This is just a few of the way they defiled his grave, to get even with us. They have abused us and Russell’s grave in every way they could.

In my opinion, this Friends Church is nothing to do with the one true God; I feel evil spirits every time we go there! It has been an exhausting experience for us to know there are people like this. Kevin got Russell involved with this group; and he became brainwashed! People like this have indoctrinated many young folks to believe that homosexuality is okay.

I have written about this group several times in other posts. They and Kevin have done evil things to us at Russell’s grave; as we go there to try to grieve for our son. I could write an entire book on these people. I have yet began to fight what Kevin and this group has done.

Kevin, his parents, the judges and lawyers who believed in the homosexual agenda; are a great part of what we are facing in America! If you dare to stand up and fight this evil agenda; the ones who participate and promote, will try to destroy you. We faced such discrimination when we made a stand; our reputation was cut to threads! Everyone they came into contact with; they told them lies about us.

They will be held accountable for all they have done. We only tried to get our son’s remains; after they destroyed him. This is my agenda; to get Russell’s remains away from this evil place; and these people be held accountable. They are going to find out that we have rights. You can’t do what was done to us; and get away with it.

We fought the good fight; and will continue to stand firm, and say NO to this sin and destructive lifestyle!” With God’s help, we will overcome!”This vile act has no place in the life of a Christian and the Church.” ( Quote taken from article by Dr. P. Bradley Carey). I think this is one of the best articles I have found written on the subject.

The homosexual agenda was to destroy us for taking a stand against this vile sin!

Carolyn Groff

1 Corinthians 6-9; Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, no adulators, nor effeminate, no abusers of themselves with mankind.

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