24th Oct, 2008

Going to Russell’s grave……part two

I have already talked about things that have happened at Russell’s grave, but we want some things that have happened recently.

We feel we have the right to keep our son’s grave the way we want to, because he does not belong there anyway. We are his blood kin, and deserve the right to have our son’s body.

We have spent money we could not afford to try to get our son’s body, and also to keep his grave up. It is hard to imagine what we have had to spend to keep his grave looking nice in those woods. We go there and just get sick, because of what they do to his grave. These people are vicious!!!!

Since the mediation to drop the court case, we had been paying a lot of money, to try to get what we were promised. The stone that was supposed to have been destroyed, laid there for four weeks, for us to look at. Then it disappeared into the ground, when we complained about it not being disposed of….. We found it had been buried a few inches deep in the ground next to Russell’s grave, with the intention of putting it back when we were gone, we believe.

It was no use to try and get anything filed against Kevin, because of the liberal progay judges in Baltimore….Finally, we gave up, it was costing us to go back and forth trying to get something done through the Court.

We never did get the few things we were supposed to get of Russell’s. It was said on the Internet we got 18 things back. That is a joke….I am going to write a story about Russell’s pocessions and what happened to them, to be posted later.

We had to order a new bronze vase for Russell’s stone, as they (The Religous Society of Friends) took it in January, and would not put it back, after we requested it several times. Kevin was supposed to get it put back, but he did not.

We just went ahead and ordered a new one, and engraved it. It is fixed to his stone, and cannot be removed. If it is taken, we will go to court, because it will damage the stone if it is removed. This replacement of the stone is a story in itself, so I will have to address this seperately, calling this story, The Stone…..

Replacing this bronze vase was expensive, and something we should not have had to experience……the people who took it, (the Religious Society of Friends, Quakers) should have to pay for the new vase. We believe they are going to use the original one for one of their,  “Friends” so they will not have to fork over the nearly three hundred dollars for one. It is like they are trying irritate us and cause us more pain and suffering.

They have even threatened to stop us from visiting our son’s grave, but we take that with a grain of salt. If they want to try this, we are prepared to fight such an action. I know these people think they control us, but they don’t. If they want to do anything, let them go ahead, we are prepared…….they have to have handicapped access to the cemetery where our son is buried.

I was there Wednesday and worked for several hours. I had to work and set down and rest, then work some more. My legs have been hurting for three days from doing that. It is terrible to have to go through that, and then they remove his flowers. I have to keep blooming flowers on his grave, and that takes some real devotion.

I have said to Lowell many times when we go there, “I don’t know how these people sleep at night.” When someone does something so cruel and evil, as to take a young man’s flowers, picture and cross off of his grave, it is simply repulsive.

I don’t know what is to come, but we will take it one day at a time, just as we have for the last four years. God is our guide, and he is with us always. He has a plan for everything. I would certainly have some fears, if I were taking the cross of of Russell’s grave.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

 Proverbs 2:5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

Proverbs 2:6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

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