6th Mar, 2008

Genesis……….and God created male and female

This is the first part of God’s Word I want to refer to, when I start talking about a post I found on a gay web site. Sometimes I go to some of the web sites to see what the activists are saying about us. Some statements on these sites are just mean gay propaganda.

We believe we proved Russell never signed a statement to say he wanted to be buried where he is, in fact the documents that were purported to have been signed by him was not even brought up and discussed in court. There was three versions of this documents, and was so obvious that these documents were false documents.  We believe the fact that we did not get these document before the court, was because of our attorney. This is just one of the things the attorney did wrong.

We feel this “homophobic in-laws” statement, Kevin put on the Internet  hurts God……………..as he speaks clearly about how he created male and female, for his purpose here on earth. Marriage between male and female, is pleasing to God. Same sex marriage is an abomination to him. You cannot be an in-law in marriage, unless it is in God’s eyes.

God stated in Genesis that he created man and woman for marriage, then in Matthew and Mark he also said this. All through the Bible, God makes things pretty clear all through his Word about marriage, and he did not create male for male or female for female. 

Some  gay activist, degrade Christians and call them names for opposing this destructive, cruel and sinful lifestyle, these people are called homophobic. We try not to take the things serious that are written on the Internet by these people, as they are in need of Jesus. We hope we can tell the story of Russell and help someone else not to have to go through what he have had to go through with.

I am writing this blog from my heart, not any big fancy words, but painful words that are engraved in my heart from the loss of my son in such a tragic way. I would not want to have Russell’s blood on my hands, and I believe a lot of people do. Only a parent that loves so deeply can feel the pain Russell went through, while he lay sick and dying. 

It is painful to know that Russell’s life meant so little to those he put his trust in. We as Russell’s parents are the ones who will suffer his loss the rest of our lives.

As I have mentioned before, I cannot believe a parent claims to love their child, and they embrace the homosexual lifestyle. I wonder what God thinks of this. Parents who love their child and do not embrace the lifestyle, is the parent who loves the most.

You do not stop loving your child because they do something wrong, you just cannot stand the pain he or she is going to have to go through. In our case, it was devastating pain he had to go through, dying of AIDS. We were kept from him and we believe from the hospital records he wanted to see us. 

Some are struggling to get out of the lifestyle. I know Russell was one that was not happy in the lifestyle, because of some things he said. He was a really confused young man.

Russell was a very kind person, and would never have wanted to see us hurt, as we have been. I wish we would have went to that gay wedding and maybe we could have stopped it. We did not know how to handle things, but we may have found out he was ill, and he was being coursed into this gay marriage.

It is easy to look back and see what we could have done, but didn’t know what to do at the time. We may not have been able to stop that farce of a wedding, but I wish we would have tried. We would never have attended the ceremony though. We are very disturbed about what happened at that ceremony, and maybe later we will talk about it.

Russell knew he was doing something wrong, but we feel he was convinced he had no choice. There was too many people in the picture trying to convince Russell that the lifestyle was okay, and the gay wedding was part of it. God’s word is law, and he makes it clear, there is a penalty for those who disobeying his laws……………

I believe God will judge same-sex marriages, and those who preform them. I also believe God looks away when these things take place, as he is a Holy, pure God. He does not look at sin. He knows of the sin that is going on and he will in time, judge this sin.

Russell spent many painful and lonely hours while he was dying. I feel God was his only comforter, and I really do believe he asked God to forgive him, according to his medical records, he asked for a religious person.

We found out that Russell was thinking about telling us he had the HIV/AIDS virus, but he didn’t get to do this. We feel this was halted right quickly. Russell would have wanted to see his family, and we would have been there. I want to talk more about some events that took place about this later. We found out that Russell was wanting to see us from one of the letters that was sent to one of our lawyers, by one of the partner’s friends. I don’t think this was supposed to have been said.

We believe it was very hard for Russell to know he was dying and could not be with his family. We believe he was told we would not come to see him, and his illness was kept from us. Who knows what all happened? We do realize God knows, and now Russell knows the truth. A cruel and inhumane thing was done to Russell and his parents.

We know Russell was like an Alzheimer’s patient at the time the will and burial papers were purported to have been signed by Russell. We feel Russell did not know what was going on in that room on those specific days, according to medical records. He was there and could talk to people, but was not competent to sign a legal document.

Kevin told the nun and social worker, they (he and Kevin)were concerned about a will. When the nun and social worker offered to help him get one made, Kevin told them they would wait and get it made the next day, which seemed  strange to us.

The people who witnessed the purported will later, was Kevin’s friends. They could not corroborate their stories in their depositions. If this case had been tried in Tennessee, we believe this ruling would have been different.

The “in-laws” part of Kevin’s statement on some of the blogs was totally a monkery of God and his word. In the beginning, when God created the earth and his creation of male and female for marriage, God repeatedly makes this clear in his Word, he did not create male and male or female and female for marriage. You are only in-laws when the marriage is in the eyes of God. 

When you lose a child to this kind of lie, you want to shout to the world, that “We believe  everything about the homosexual lifestyle, is a lie,” You just want to tell everyone what a deception, and how it is wrong in God’s eyes. I am so thankful to for God’s great gift to man. God’s Son’s horrible death on the Cross for our sins, is the reason my son is in Heaven now. I am ashamed that my son chose to betray his Savior by living in this sin, but by his blood, my son is forgiven.

The same-sex marriage is a unnatural act, and will only bring devastation upon those who practice it. The gay wedding that took place after Russell got sick, was totally a disasterious choice for our son. We are not “in-laws” to Mr. Olive, and saying this only shows ignorance to God’s Word. This statement also shows what we have had to deal with during this mess.

The hardest part of listening to the partner and his friends testify. We realized how nothing seemed to be about the pain that Russell had to suffer. I felt  there was no sympathy for Russell and how he felt when he was in the hospital dying. All I could think of was the pain my son had to suffer. The parents are the ones who feel the pain that their children have to endure. Russell had a lot health problems but he always too good care of himself. Sometimes it is hard to understand how he could be so deceived into something so destructive to his health.

Carolyn Groff
Genesis: 1 
Genesis: 2

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