28th Sep, 2008

Gay blogs, and lies posted about Russell, and his parents, part one

I wish to make some comments about statements made on the Internet by gay activists. These statements were made soon after our son’s death, when we filed a caveat to the purported will. We knew if our son was as sick as we read in the medical records, most likely could not have signed a will two days before he died. Russell was in a really state of deteration, and if one did not know what was in the medical records, it would seem like what Kevin said was the truth. This is the way homosexuals believe anyway. Russell did not sign that will and one day……….

The making of the will was a joke…..

We knew this did not sound reasonable, and as much pain as we were in, we had to started on a jouney to find the truth. Who would have thought it was as dirty as it was? We knew we had to get our son buried in a place he would have wanted, where his family could give him a decent burial.

Unknown to Kevin and his parents, (since Kevin had not filed anything in Court) we were his legal next of kin, and had a right to the medical records. This was when his mother wrote the letter to our lawyer saying, ” We wanted to brandish about the idea Russell died from AIDS, which was not true” We did not know what our son died from, until three months after his death. We had found a big cover up with all kinds of lies.

The first person’s comments I will start with is Mr. Joe Brummer. From what I have gathered on the Internet, Joe is a homosexual activist, and pretty much listens to the lies that are told to him. He certainly did not try to find the truth!

It is hard for us to comprehend someone would use a person’s tragic death to attack the parents who loved their son so much. It was not something we did wrong. It was  the horrible choice Russell made, trusting the very people we believe are responsible for his death whether directly or indirectly.

When you stop and think about it, it’s mind boggling to think about how many people are being swayed into believing the lie from Satan, that homosexuals are born that way. This is what the gay activists want to encourage as they spit their nasty venom.

I really do get angry because of all the unnecessary loss of lives like Russell’s. The acceptance of these lies are becoming more and more the norm. Our television media is bombarding the indoctrination of homosexual activity in about every program. Children are being indoctrinated at a very young age now, and even homosexuals are being put in places where they can influence our children’s minds. This is all in the name of diversity! Through diversity comes doctrination, then acceptance.

God loves us unconditionally, but he does not love the sin in our lives. He is there for us, and knows what is best for us. Sometimes we do not obey his laws, and we have to suffer the consquesnses. Satan loves to seek and destroy. God’s unconditional love was shown to us on the Cross where he gave his only begotten son to die for our sins. All we have to do is ask and receive his abundance of unconditional love, and then try to keep from sinning by being in his Word.

Russell was a born again Christian, but he chose to disobey God. He turned his life to a way that led him away from God’s word, and he had to pay a dear price for this. He thought his living with Kevin was okay because the Religious Society of Friends embraced the lifestyle. Woe unto those people who accept this lifestyle, in the name of religion!!! Russell became very confused by becoming involved with these people who do not even believe in Jesus and the Cross.

The choice Russell made to live a sinful and dangerous lifestyle caused his precious life to be cut short. No matter what the gay activists say, this is a dangerous lifestyle and, “IT IS NOT GAY.”

We do know that Russell was a Christian, and we do know he is forgiven of his sins through what Jesus did on the cross and his Amazing Grace. Russell did not have the time here on this earth to gather rewards he could have had in Heaven, but we know he is there with Jesus now.

Russell was a very special person, and will always remain that special son in our lives. All of the people who claimed to know and love Russell while he was in the lifestyle,  weren’t even close to knowing the real Russell.

One exception was one of his friends who went to college with him. He told us of Russell’s love for his family. Kevin could not stand that,  he knew how much Russell loved us, and we loved him.

We could not embrace the homosexual lifestyle as Kevin’s family did. Telling your child that a sin is okay is not love……

It is hard to comprehend, there are cruel people out there that prey on people’s pain and suffering, like the homosexual activists that have written all kind of lies on the Internet.

It is time for us to let everyone know the lies that were spread in order to help cause us to lose our court case. What we had to go through to try and bring our son home to be buried properly. Your comments hurt us and our case, Mr. Brummer, as did all the others who made evil remarks.

Russell was buried in a pine box in a woods without a vault. It was not Russell’s wishes to be buried like that. This horrible burial was his partner’s wish, because it was cheap, and he could keep control over us.

There was no legal document that would prove this. There was a document that I took to the FBI, and they told me it would not stand up in court. It had been changed and altered,  and tried to be covered up by his mother,(who pulled it through a copy machine,we believe) to smudge over the signatures that Kevin had changed. I am going to post these documents in a book I am writing.

This should have been enough to show the Judge. Our lawyer only presented one version of the burial document. There turned out to be three versions of the burial document. This was one of Kevin’s lies we believe, along with all the others.  This document was phony as the testimonies to the purported will. we know for a fact that Russell was too sick to have signed.

Our attorney mishandled our case very badly by this and other things I will be talking about.

Everything about the making of the will and burial documents were lies! A big cover up and for many reasons……………….

I could not  let this go because we I knew something was wrong. This was my son and I was going to find out what happened to him.

Gay bloggers are like a vicious cycle. They have repeated their lies over and over all over the internet as soon as they got the story started from Kevin. This has been very painful to Russell’s parents. Mr. Brummer, you are no different in my eyes, you do not seem to care how you hurt people.

In your article you wrote that Peter Labarbera exploited the death of a young man. This young man happens to be our son. Peter is a good man, and I feel he was unfairly attacked for doing this story. You activists seem to think you are the only one that can put a story on the Internet. Peter was telling the truth, pure and simple!

Peter posted an article about Russell because I asked him to. At the time I did not have a way to get the truth out about Russell’s death. Peter wrote the truth….

Russell did not die of a staph infection due to having his gall bladder removed. Russell did not have is gall bladder removed!What do you say about that lie? I have the medical records and his death certificate.

Mr. Brummer you wrote, ” it was UNKNOWN if his “staph infection” was  caused from HIV” How do you know????? I want to tell you and everyone else, it is a KNOWN that Russell died of FULL BLOWN AIDS!  You need to retract this statement, as it can be proven what he died of. We have a copy of court documents, video, depositions, and most of all, the medical records!

Mr. Brummer how can you say there is no “health risk” of homosexuality anymore than there is a “health risk” of heterosexuality? How do you justify this statement? You may think you are living a healthy, happy life, but you are eluding yourself.

Aren’t you afraid you may have, or will get AIDS? Perhaps you should consider believing it can happen, and most likely will happen to you. There is a 95% degree of fidelity in a homosexual relationship. Don’t ask me where I got that figure, because I would have to go through a lot of papers to find it.. If you want to know the facts talk to the CDC in Atlanta. They would share some pretty alarming facts and figures with you, or anyone else that would care to inquire. You probably know all of this, but would never tarnish your image to admit it.

It would be great if this story would be a witness to you to accept the real facts, or even this story about Russell may cause you to leave the lifestyle.  I guess you consider yourself to be a pretty smart man, and if you think about it what I am telling you makes sense. You could accept Jesus as your savior, and help the homosexual instead of promoting Satan’s lies that hurt and destroy lives. Wouldn’t that be something!

You may not like me, but you do not know me. I love my Lord, and what he wants us to do here on this earth is to witness and serve others, not ourselves. If Russell had listened to the only people who really loved him, he would be alive today. When he left, our lives were literally destroyed. We have to keep trying to do our Lord’s will, and pray that some good will come out of all of this mess.

With the death of our son I have done a lot of studying about the AIDS epidemic, and I know there is a real health risk in living the lifestyle of homosexuality. The death of our son is real proof of this. I know some homosexuals who are in denial about the fidelity in their relationships. Russell was in denial!

Yes I do agree that unhealthy choices belong to gays. Russell got the virus from someone he trusted, and we believe we know how he got it….from all we have found out. The thing about it is God already knows the truth, and he is the Judge, who will judge those who responsible for our son’s death. No evil deed goes unpunished…..I would not want to have the blood of others on my hands at judgement day!

I resent your slanderous statement, that I disowned my son!!!! This remark was something that Kevin and his mother slung around during the court case, and we have proof that we were in contact with Russell.

My husband and I cherished each one of our children! Russell was our youngest. No matter what anyone does or says, they cannot take away our memories of Russell. These are something they can never have either. We will cherish them until we see him again.

When you wrote, “Lastly, Groff’s mother disowned her son years before.” This is a lie from the pit of hell. You should try to investigate things before you write them, instead of copycatting things from the other homosexuals on the Internet.

My husband and I spent six years trying to get our son out of the lifestyle. We have suffered greatly for almost ten years of our lives fighting the homosexual agenda. The gay lifestyle is a destructive one, both to the homosexual and their families. So many families are suffering because of this lie from Satan.

Can you prove your statement that we disowned our son? I think not!  You did not know Russell, and those who told you this have very twisted minds. Kevin kept him from coming home and now we know it was because he was sick.

One letter that one of Kevin’s friends wrote to our lawyer  told about Russell wanting to tell us about his illness. Of course, we know Kevin could not let this happen! Russell was controlled until he died, and this is all something that was so obvious to us even before we got some documents that showed this to be a matter of fact. Some statements Kevin made in court made this obvious, but I don’t believe it mattered to anyone. Kevin got his way in court, and our attorneys did not even put us on the stand.

One of the things we learned, Kevin made Russell get up out of his sick bed and go to his (Kevin’s) class reunion in North Carolina. This was a few weeks before he died. He was afraid Russell would contact us if he was left alone. This was a despicable thing for anyone to do to someone who was terminally ill. I hope and pray he will have to suffer a death just as bad as Russell had to suffer.

The month before that he made him get up out of his sick bed and go to Florida on vacation. Kevin said in court documents that Russell was so sick he had to stay in the motel room all the time. I know Kevin said these things to make himself look good, but they came back to bite him, as far as we are concerned. He was instrumental in our son having to suffer greatly because of his selfishness.

Russell was really sick at this time, and had already had to quit work, according to what we found out. These trips made him worse, and hurts me to think someone could be so cruel. Kevin made the statement in court that Russell was sick both times and had to stay in the motel room. He also said he was moody and grumpy. This was coming from someone who was supposed to care about Russell. It didn’t sound that way to me when he made that statement. When he said this, my blood boiled inside of me.

Russell had to enter the hospital when they had to come home a day early, (from the North Carolina trip) and he almost died. He was on a respirator after having a heart attack. Russell continued to deteriorate from then on, and died soon after.

I had so much love for my son, and it makes me very angry to have anyone say I disowned him. These are fighting words, and from now on I will fight to get the truth out about all we found out.

We are not in good health and it is hard for us to travel, so this court case was very hard on us. We loved Russell so much, we had to try to get our son’s remains. By the way this was not a lawsuit, it was a caveat to the purported will. This will was not signed by our son. Russell was not competent, and as far as we are concerned this is the fact.

Mr. Brummer since you are so analytical, maybe you could explain how you came to the conclusion that I did not want to warn other parents about the dangers of embracing the homosexual lifestyle. You wrote, ” I want to blame my son’s death on someone, and Peter helps to make gays an easy target for blame.” Strange statement, so far out there, even you surely cannot believe this is true.

I know who is to blame for my son’s death, and they know I am going to eventually expose them.

You should know the truth, not that it will matter to you. If you had any decency in you, you would never have attacked two parents you don’t even know. Two parents, who have struggled to make a living, and raise their family. Then, having to go in debt to the tune of over $250.000 and going, to fight a three year court battle to get their son’s remains brought home and buried in dignity. You should be ashamed!

Russell would have wanted to see his parents, and we knew he wanted to be buried with his family. We will find out why the hospital did not notify the only people, who legally should have been notified. We suffered a lot of pain in not being able to see our son before he died, and not being able to give him a decent burial.

Russell was not treated very well when he was sick. Kevin talks too much, and now it is a matter of record.

In reference to the article Peter wrote, he does not hate the homosexual, he hates the sin they live in. Peter does want everyone to know that homosexuality is the reason our son is dead. How could you say that homosexuality is not the reason our son is dead? He died a horrible death because of this AIDS virus.

Maybe if people would listen to someone who wants to tell the truth, then there would be fewer deaths like Russell’s from the HIV/AIDS virus. I think you are wrong in saying not all homosexuals make bad choices, Russell trusted the person he lived with. There is no fidelity in homosexual relationships, according to all the studies and things I have read.  Russell was not the one who belonged to the POZ social club.

Russell was a born again, baptized Christian who belonged to a Baptist Church. He joined this religious sect, a group Kevin was involved with for many years, who embraced the homosexual lifestyle.

Russell did not join this group until after he got sick, and we believe Kevin made him do so. Everything happened after he was sick! I know Russell just gave up.

Kevin lied to all his gay friends like you about his legal fees, he was not out one penny. You people were scammed, but anything for the agenda, right?

Kevin had a lot of insurance on Russell’s life, and he got his entire estate too. He is living on Russell’s blood money, and one day he will have to suffer judgement for all he has done. When I think of how Kevin took Russell’s car, and he had to walk ten blocks to work up and down hills, late at night, I really do have some terrible things go through my mind about Kevin.

Mr. Brummer neither you or any of Kevin’s friends knew Russell or his family. The fact that Russell’s real friends would never do or say the things that have been said about his family.

I hope this clears up the facts about your article, and I will continue to write more about other comments made on the Internet, even though they are about the same. They came from the same source….

Remember the poor man Lazarus, and the rich man. I guess you probably don’t know much about the Bible, Mr. Brummer…..anyway when it is over, you don’t have a chance to go back and do it over again.

It was hard enough to lose Russell as we did without being attacked by people like you with all your lies.

I may have a lot of writing experience, but we believe the content of your writing does not speak of very good characterization of a sensitive situation like this one.

It would seem to me that you are a person, who doesn’t even care if he tells the truth. You have written lies that have hurt us very much….

We have been constantly attacked by gay activists for the last four years.  God loves everyone, even the homosexual. I do not hate, as I did not want anyone to hate my son. The homosexual needs to know Jesus, and they would know the truth and the light.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

Galatians 5:22  But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

Galatians 5:23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

Galatians 5:24  And they that are Christ’s have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts.

Galatians 5:25  If we live in the Spirit,  let us also walk in the Spirit.


Hello Mrs. Groff. You dont have to post this comment but I just wanted you to personally let you know that my heart is truly broken reading this and grieved that your son was taken away.

Moreover, I am angry that gay activists have attacked and maligned your family to conceal the truth about homosexuality and its deadly consequences. They will spare no lie to defend themselves unfortunately at the cost of many unsuspecting souls.

You probably dont know first hand what goes on in “gay lifestyle” but I do and did for 11 years of my life. Thank God he rescued me from it or else I would surely have died in it. You are not off the mark in what you have written. Trust me, I have personally counseled and prayed for hundreds of young men who want out of that lifestyle but the deception is so pervasive. Only God can give freedom from it.

Of more alarm to me is that homosexuality has been imported into the church via false teachings on tolerance, acceptance and love and are deceiving many. Thus I have taken on the responsibility to expose this error and rebuke the church for allowing God’s house to become a den of thieves.

Thank you for speaking up and sharing your hurt. My mother would have lost me too and so I know how the way in which Russell was stolen is deeply hurtful.

You are in my prayers and if you want to share anything on my blog http://www.gcmwatch.com you have an open door. Thank you for being courageous to speak out for truth.

May the peace that passes all understanding guard your heart.

Thank you so much for the comments you left on Russell’s site. My heart was so lifted, by your words of understanding and compassion. Tears flowed from my eyes as I read these heart warming words.
I want to leave a comment on your site, to thank you. You must have been through a lot during the 11 years of involvent in the lifestyle. I am thankful your mother did not have to go through what I have had to endure. Russell’s dad is heartbroken too. Thank you for thinking about the hurt she might have had to go through. You have no idea what that means to me, to have you feel the hurt in my heart.
This has been a really hard to go through, losing our son, and being attacked on the Internet by gay activists. As you said, they don’t even know us. I do hope many will come out of this lifestyle, before they die from AIDS. This lifestyle is devastating.
I have so much to tell, and will eventually get it all out.
The reason I said part one, is I am going to address all the lies from other gay activists.
You have no idea how you have brought joy to my heart by your posting these comments.
May God bless you for doing what you are doing, and may you continue to witness against this lifestyle.
I will leave a comment on your site.
Carolyn Groff

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