17th Apr, 2010

Freedom of Speech??????

In these trying times it is hard to convince people about the horrific pain the gay lifestyle can bring! Our son is dead because of all the lies of people he trusted. What in the world is going to happen to our children if this gay agenda is not stopped. Will it be stopped, or is it about time for the second coming of Jesus Christ?

What can we do? Speak the truth in love and compassion! One person can make a difference….maybe even save a life!  

The gay lifestyle is being portrayed as, “who you are” and it is not. It has been proven no one is born gay, it is a choice. We all make bad choices, and these choices can be changed!

I find it very disturbing when people in places of authority, who are supposed to remain neutral, support the homosexual lifestyle. They have few moral values when they uphold such evil. These days, everything you see and hear is about the gay lifestyle. Children are bombarded everywhere with the perception that the gay lifestyle is fun. If all the young people who have died of AIDS were to be able to tell of how they had to die, no one would be in that lifestyle.

The gay lifestyle is nothing but lies! I get so disturbed every time I turn on the television, and see the smut on it. This is only one way our children are being attacked! Our schools are so saturated with the acceptance of this lifestyle, everywhere they are being told lies!

During the court case when we were trying to get our son’s remains brought home and buried properly, we encountered some treatment that should not have happened in the court. It was very obvious that we were not going to win, but we kept trying. We had the burden of proof, and we proved it without a doubt! The truth did not matter, neither did the rule of law, (reasonable doubt about the signing of the will).

Homosexuality is being pushed down our throats, and we are to accept it whether we like it or not. I have heard this diversity stuff so much until I am sick of it. This generation of youth (and I am not saying all our youth) who believes in diversity, just don’t seem to find anything wrong with the acceptance of their gay friend’s lifestyle. If they were true friends they would tell them the truth about homosexuality…..loving them is telling them the truth! Those who believe in diversity, (homosexuality) are not true Bible believers. 

I find it hard to believe Russell had any friends, who cared anything about him. These so called friends were the ones who helped him to his death. This is what happens when you fall into the wrong crowd, and the wrong church. 

We fought so hard to get our son’s remains, and found liberals just stomped us into the ground for going against the gay agenda. Those who did all the dirty stuff to Russell and to us, will one day have to answer to the almighty God. God is a just God, even if the courts aren’t.

We as parents are in danger of not being able to talk about the death of their son from AIDS, because of all the legislation that is being presented by some of our politicians. We have to pray for all those who fight the activists and their so called bills to support the gay agenda.

We believe homosexuality is wrong according to the Word of God! Our story of pain and suffering is only one of many…..it will never be over for us. We have lost our a part of our souls. Losing Russell hurts so bad all the time…….we will never get over it. We believe God will prevail in all of this evil agenda to push homosexuality on the world. 

Our country was founded on the Bible, and it seems as if it is being pushed into the closet where the homosexuals used to be.

It makes me sick to think how my son was killed by someone who had AIDS! I think there should be a law to determine who gave someone AIDS, and they be punished to the fullest extent of the law, just like any other murderer. Most often, there are many ways to determine this the source of where the AIDS virus came from, if a law could be passed. 

There was no justice in Russell’s case. It was murder……pure and simple! This would seem to be a reason for speaking out about homosexuality if for no other reason. People are getting away with murder, and walking the streets with not one care about the person they infected.

Mothers and fathers who are losing their children to this destructive lifestyle every day, should realize their child was brainwashed into thinking he or she are someone they aren’t. I get sick thinking of how Russell was pulled into this lifestyle…..

What in the world is wrong when a murderer walks the streets and is patted on the shoulder, (figure of speech) by everyone….. Our son’s murderer will one day die, and I know he has Russell’s blood on his hands.

Russell was a human being who had the world in the palm of his hands. He was brilliant, and had the desire to live. No one wants AIDS! I see him every day and it is as if he is asking me to do something. I will, as long as God lets me live.

People say to me that Russell wanted to live this lifestyle, and wanted to be buried there, (even the Judge used this term) but I know better. Why was there three different versions of the burial document, one of which Kevin’s mother smudged over the signatures, to cover his sloppy work on them. Russell did not sign these documents. Three different documents, and our attorney would not use all three of them in court.  These were key pieces of evidence, and we worked hard and paid a lot to get them.

Russell was indoctrinated into a lifestyle that is very hard to get out of. He was controlled and manipulated. The lifestyle was full of pain and suffering, not the loving relationship that was told. He was constantly told we did not love him, or we would accept him for who he was. This is the kind of people Russell became involved with.

I think it is the ones who love their children so much, they don’t accept the perverted lifestyle and the danger that is before them. I have cried so many tears for my son, before and after his death.

We never stopped trying to get Russell out of that lifestyle. His dad and I spent 6 years of our life grieving over the tragedy of his being in this lifestyle, and we have spent the last five + grieving over his death and still trying to get things done.

The grief of Russell’s death has taken its toll on us, but we will keep on trying to get the truth out about the homosexual lifestyle, and the devastating affects of it.

When Russell got sick, he was just another person who everyone could not wait until he died…….and this just kills me. Russell died a horrible death……..no one cared! To think no one was around him that loved him.

We had so many things to say on the witness stand, and our attorney would not let us testify. We know this would have made a difference. Our attorney and his law clerk liked Kevin, (she made this statement to my sister) and we did not find this out until it was too late.

We believe our attorney violated some ethics by some of the things he did, and not putting us on the stand as we requested, was one of them. We knew the facts, and having done all the investigations and work on the case for three years, it was evident our testimony was supressed for reasons that we may win this case.

I had done all the work for nearly three years, and the lawyer would not use my work. It is amazing all the facts we have, and how we were done so dirty.

With the forensic medical expert we had, we should have won! None of the truth mattered in this case. When Russell was transferred to the last hospital he was in, he suffered so much from all the tests he had to go through all over again. Kevin should not have transferred him, because he was dying, and nothing could be done for him.

There were reasons for his being transferred, and one we believe was that a lot of stuff went on at the other hospital that we would find out about if we got there. We believe the staff was going to alert us, and this could not happen. This was we believe part of the reasons for moving him, and therefore hastening of his death. The lawyer should have asked these important questions about the move. It was relevant! Kevin had his say about some of the most irrelevant things on the stand, but our attorney had nothing to say to him. He did not even bother with trying to cross examine him. Kevin’s testimony was a travesty!

Kevin found out we were coming by plane, so he transferred him as he was suffering an eminent death. The purported will was made because he thought we were going to get there and would find out what had happened to our son. Another reason we believe was Kevin would find out that Russell wanted to see us, and he had kept him from us.

It was not on Russell’s death certificate that he died of AIDS, but after discussion with the hospital’s attorney and the health department, this was put on his death certificate.

There were  no papers on file at the mortuary to prove Kevin’s and his parents had the right to bury our son. It was such a farce, that the Judge ruled against us. All the evidence that was produced, (expert medical testimony for two and a half hours) and all the other stuff, the Judge did not seem to be willing to listen to the truth.

I began to research about alternative drugs, and found there was some amazing things about what these drugs do to the body….. If Russell would have gone on line and found some of what I did, he would not have taken those drugs. The anti-viral drugs would have given him many years of life.

I believe he was manipulated into taking the alternative drugs like everything else that happened to him in that lifestyle. When I found in the medical records about Russell not taking the anti-viral drugs after he got AIDS, I was sure there was something going on, but I couldn’t figure it out. There were some crazy things that went on while Russell was dying of AIDS.

Alternative drugs were the reason, (according to one doctor) that Russell’s liver was damaged so bad. Some interesting things about this that should have been brought up in court. 

I believe there was a plan to have material gain by Russell’s death. Kevin said in one of his statements, “Russell’s insurance would not pay for the anti-viral drugs.” I checked with his work, and they told me his insurance would have paid for them.

I don’t know for sure what happened here, but I would say there was some kind of interference in this situation. Russell did not get medical attention until it was too late. I can’t figure out why the doctor who diagnosed Russell did not follow up on and get the right treatment for him.

A lot of the things in the medical records didn’t make sense to me. 

Kevin making him go on the trip to Florida on vacation when Russell had quit work and was bed ridden. Kevin said in his own words, that Russell stayed in the motel room because he was so sick. This was in September, before he died in November. The the trip to Kevin’s class reunion in October when Kevin said he stayed in the motel room because he was so sick. Kevin said he was moody and grumpy, (wonder why?). This was to be the last trip my son would take, except to his grave. Kevin talked a lot…..but Russell’s parents were not permitted to testify.

Kevin said they had to come back home early because Russell got so sick. He entered the hospital and never went back home. He died in November, but it is so heartbreaking to know what my son went through during the time he was in the hospital.

We know, the only reason Kevin could not let Russell out of his sight was so he could not call us. We also know Russell wanted to let us know, and I will go into all of this later on.

Our being kept from taking the witness stand against Kevin was a dreadful thing our lawyer did to us. We had spent a fortune, and we feel our attorney stabbed us in the back. 

When we had the other lawyer that walked out on us, we subpoenaed the medical records, it was going to take 30 days to get them without Kevin releasing them. The lawyers told us that Kevin would release them sooner if there was anything in the medical records about him, then we would not expose them.

We told the lawyer to wait 30 days, because we wanted to be able to use what ever was in the medical records. The lawyer went ahead and signed the paper to get them released immediately, (and at the time we could not figure this out). We were really mad that this lawyer went ahead and did something we told  not to. What was the use of getting the records if we could not use the information. This was not ethical, we believe for this lawyer to go a head and do something we told him not to.

Kevin and his mother gave Russell’s medical records, (the volumns our attorney had his law clerk bring into court unnecessarily) to a perfect stranger in the court room. The attorney was well aware of this as he said he did not want them. Both Kevin, his mother, Kevin’s lawyer, and our lawyer is to be held responsible for the release of the records to the woman, who I believe was a member of the Friends. 

Our lawyer had three copies of these medical records copied at Kinko’s and wheeled them into the court room the morning of the trial. We believe this was to look like they had done something……which proved to be to the contrary.

This was a misuse of our money, for the attorney to copy over 1800 pages of Russell’s medical records, (times three) and bring them into court. The opposing attorney already had about three copies of these already, (including a compact disc) and the Judge had copies, and even our attorney had copies, (he made a set for him too). This was insane! Then later they told us this was the rule of law. We are not that naive! This outrageous stunt was just for show!

Now can you imagine why in the world would these people have to have all these huge books of medical records copied and brought in the morning of the trial?  Even the Judge said something to the effect, “You don’t mean for me to read all of these?”

This was outrageous! Our attorney moved to another law firm a few weeks before our case was to be heard, and we believe he did not spend much time working for us. The charges were outrageous though.  We believe he did not have any intention of fighting our case, but we found this out after the fact. He met with the Judge the morning of our case, and he completely ignored us, and would not talk to us before or during the lunch break. We believe it was not in our favor he met with the Judge, because he lied to us when we asked him after court why he met with the Judge.

Talk about freedom of speech, we did not get to even get on the stand. It was ridiculous how for two days, Kevin got to take the stand and spout off, and we were not allowed on the stand. Seems really strange, huh?

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

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