18th Jan, 2019

Finally, exposure of Kevin’s lies with proof

I am finally going to give proof and exposure of what this lifestyle is all about.

Kevin’s lies were so obvious; yet were believed and executed against us getting our son’s remains. All we wanted; was to get Russell buried with dignity, in a place where his remains would be taken care of.

The medical records are really most of the proof we needed, if the lawyers would have fought for us. The Judge had all the proof she needed to give us our son’s remains; but she was very much against us. Our forensic expert proved Russell was in an altered state when Kevin and his mother executed a will.

I’m going to get the truth out there about this whole heartbreaking thing; being a homosexual agenda. Kevin wrote lies that he knew would intentionally tear my heart out. We loved Russell very much, and tried to keep him in our lives without approving of how he was living. It was so hard because of the manipulation of Kevin and his parents; mostly his mother.

I can’t see how anyone can be as cruel as these people have been. Satan comes in many ways; and this is proven in the ways of these people. It was Kevin’s intention to hurt me; with the things he said in this deposition. I have read these many times since Russell died; also the medical records. I find more and more each time reading these documents; I just want to be able to prove how he lied. More and more I have come up with proof of his manipulation and lies.

Through writing these truths about Kevin’s lies; I pray more people will come forward with their experiences with Kevin. I am sure there are many others who have been hurt by him. I wonder how many he has given the virus to since Russell.

The insurance investigation’s dates don’t coincide with the dates Kevin provided in his deposition. I personally talked to insurance companies; and this was all presented to our attorneys, who refused to use it. We were naive about many things at the time. Little did we know about the Judge and her gay agenda; she had no intentions of being fair towards us.

This was a horrible thing that happened to our family! I hope and pray that I can make it an agenda for the truth about the homosexual lifestyle being a destructive one. This lifestyle destroyed our family! There are so many more Kevin’s out there; who prey on Kids like Russell.

Next post will be the heartbreaking facts of all involved and the lies thereof.

Carolyn Groff

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