13th Sep, 2008

Evil, cruel, but more so, we believe, illegal……..

Everyone who met Russell, loved him. He had such a magnetic personality. God made him so special!

Russell brought much happiness, to everyone around him. It was hard, when we lost Russell, our hearts were so broken. Sometimes it is terrifying to wake up in the morning, and know that all of this is not a nightmare…….it is real!  The pain of losing him floods our entire being, and rips at our hearts everyday.

Keeping us from our son, was cold and cruel, as well as calculating. We believe it may have been illegal, for the doctors at the hospitals, not to notify us of our son’s illness and death. We were the legal next of kin, and even if there was papers for someone else to make decisions, (which we cannot be sure how these were obtained) it was a moral obligation.

We were told by Kevin, via our other son, that Russell died from a heart attack. Russell had several heart attacks, but he died from complications from HIV/AIDS. This is what was proven, and documented in all the records, and his death certificate.

If I had not gotten the hospital records, we may not have ever known how our son died and what he had to go through during his illness. This is what they were counting on. God just empowered me with the strength to find out what happened.

Russell was talked out of taking the anti-viral drugs, so he died an quick death from the HIV/AIDS virus. He could have lived longer, if he had taken these drugs.

Kevin’s mother wrote a letter to our attorney stating, “The Groffs wants to brandish about the idea that our son had a two year old diagnosis of HIV, and died from AIDS, which was not true, according to Kevin”.

This was a faulty statement from his mother, one which our  attorney could have used in court, but he wouldn’t. She was setting beside of him reading a funny book to him, (according to Kevin’s testimony). This was degrading to a young 26 year old young man who lay in a coma and dying. The actions of those around him, we feel are the reasons he is dead. How disgusting!!  They used their power as attorneys to keep us from Russell, and after he died to keep us from burying him.

All the attorneys would keep saying was that it had nothing to do with whether Russell was competent to sign the will or not. It had a lot to do with the way the Judge gave her verdict, because it sure was not the medical competency she based her opinion on, it was the manipulation of Kevin and his parents and friends, we believe.

It really makes my blood boil, to think Kevin’s mother was at the hospital, to make sure we did not get to our son, and she made a statement like this in her letter to one of our attorneys, saying Russell did not die from AIDS. Russell died a cery painful death from AIDS.

I don’t think I will ever get over what was done to our son. He was the breath within us……they took him away and destroyed his life.

One gay blogger said, Russell died from gall bladder surgery. He did not have gall bladder surgery!!!! So many lies have been spread on the Internet. We believe all of this was to cause us to lose the case. There was an agenda.

We offered to give Kevin all the money in the estate to let us have our son’s remains, but he wanted to keep control of everything.

We found, he had life insurance on Russell’s life, but the attorney would not use this either. Kevin was telling everyone on the Internet he was broke. He had all of Russell’s money, and knew he would be getting the insurance from policies besides his insurance at work. We believe he was using Russell’s money before he died.

Russell was a hard worker, and he was saving his money. Kevin controlled his money, and we believe, Russell had a hard time even having enough money to buy anything. We still don’t know what happened to Russell’s money, because it was never accounted for.

Things were charged on credit cards, which were not accounted for either. I filed so many papers to get this done, when we appealed the case, but it had to go back to Orphan’s Court, and I could not get anything done there.

We have so much information that we wanted presented in court, but none of the attorneys wanted to fight the case. It was all about the homosexual agenda and the liberals that we were up against.

The will Kevin made, when Russell was like an alzheimer’s patient, was very well planned and executed. Russell did not even know what was going on in that hospital room on that particular day. Besides he was virtually blind, (this hurts so bad to say this) because of the AIDS virus.

These things were not even considered by the Court, we believe. Even if our attorney did not present enough evidence, the medical records spoke for themselves, and the medical expert proved Russell was not competent to sign any document when he was purported to have done so.

The medical records was the evidence…but the word of the two witnesses to the will, is what the Judge took, over the medical evidence. The two witnesses were good friends to Kevin, and could not even cooberate their stories in their depositions.

I read the medical records so many times, I knew a lot of the things that was wrong with Russell. He was a sick young man.  Our testimony was suppressed, because they all knew we had the facts. We believe, it would not have made any difference what we presented, there was no way we could have won in a court in Baltimore. It was three years of pain and heartbreak……

We do have the right to have our son’s body. The one we believe, are responsible for his death, should not have control over his remains.

From what we learned in the medical records, we believe Russell wanted to see us before he died. We were kept from Russell, to keep us from finding out what happened to him.  

Any decent, normal, and caring person, would have wanted what was best for Russell, and let him see his family. There was no love for Russell, we believe. Kevin was there, but we believe he was not interested in seeing that Russell was taken care of. 

We know the doctors wanted to let us know Russell was dying, and Kevin’s parents stopped this. I have written proof of this, from the medical records and from a letter from his mother, to our attorney. It was documented in the medical records too.

We believe a lot of ethics have been violated by the doctors and the parents, by not notifying us. The same thing with the mortuary, (that did not notify the legal next of kin) when they did not have any papers in their folder, to prove they could legally bury our son.

The local newspaper would not allow us to put an obituary in the paper, (as the next of kin is supposed to do). The obituary had to come from the mortuary, and director at the mortuary, had been told by Kevin and his mother, that we had disowned our son. They just assumed, (as the hospital doctors did) like they were told. Kevin’s mother had her attorney card attached to the folder, (when I went there two weeks after Russell died) and we believe this is the reason they believed her. We believe their attorney status was used at the hospital and the mortuary for this cover up.

We spent several hours at the newspaper, trying to get an obituary printed, but we could not succeed. This was horrible for us, while trying to grieve the horrible loss of our son. We were treated awful at the newspaper, and us grieveing our hearts out. Later the editor called to apologize, and even wrote us a letter after I wrote to him and told him what happened.

Since then, we have tried to get the newspaper and the news media to do a story on this, but they refuse. No one wants to do anything against the homosexual agenda. The newspaper wanted to get the other side, which would have been all lies, so we did not do this. It is strange that some stories have to have both sides, but others are so one sided. I could understand having a rebuttal, but we needed to get a chance to tell our story. We will get this done, even without the help of the media.

“Assumption,” was the word the director at the mortuary, said to me, when I went there. He just assumed! How this hurt, we could have buried our son!!! He took the word of these people. without any questions.

Kevin had a long obituary put in the paper telling of the gay lifestyle, and had the nerve to list his parents as relatives.

This obituary caused us so much pain and suffering. It was a slap in our face, that proved to be even more painful at this time of such great sorrow. It was embarrassing more so to Russell’s dad, (who has a heart condition, and did not need more stress) who had to face the people he worked with. Fortunately, everyone understood, and respected Lowell for his testimony.

We could not even have a funeral, so that our relatives could say goodbye to the Russell, they loved so much. We did not even get to see him before he died, or have a funeral for him. This is the way normal people have to grieve for their loved ones. The evil that has been done to us at his gravesite is horrible, and it will never stop until we get him moved.

Such evil doings that were done……..and later we were to find out just what horrific things were executed. I believe they thought, we would never dig into the situation, and find out what they had done to our son. I know that we found so much, but it is what we did not find out that bothers me.

Kevin did not win the case against his “homophobic in-laws.” This is what was on the Internet, and it is despicable, as with everything else he has spread about us. We are not his in-laws, and we are not homophobic. We have nothing but sympathy for the homosexual, and we would love to see everyone who is involved in this lifestyle, to leave it.

We know what happened to our son, and we tried hard to get his body, but we will just have to keep trying and pray that God will work this out for us, and for Russell. This would be my last wish before I die, to get Russell moved to our family plot, and put in a vault. 

They may have stopped us from winning in court, but we will get the truth out.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

Genesis 6:5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually,

Genesis 6:6 And it repented that the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

Psalms 25:17 The troubles of my heart are enlarged: O bring thou me out of my distresses.

Psalms 25:19 Consider mine enemies; for they are mnany’ and they hate me with cruel hatred.

Psalms 25:20 O keep my soul, and deliver me: for I put my trust in thee.

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