18th Mar, 2015

Eternity and Evil

Sometimes I wonder how anyone can do such evil things to another human being and call themselves Christian. We are all going to die one day; even though some think they are not to be held accountable for what they do. What we have gone through dealing with what evil people have done to us and our son, is why I make this statement.

Starting from the beginning and what Kevin’s parents did to us because we did not accept their son’s lifestyle and his manipulation of Russell; I want to talk about how people manipulate the truth. The one time I called to talk with the Olives, Mr. Olive answered the phone. Before I knew how they felt; I called the Olives to ask them meet with us to talk about our sons. I couldn’t believe a parent could tell a child the homosexual lifestyle was okay; I was really niave. Mr. Olive answered,and after introducing myself, I could tell his tone of voice became hostile. I asked him if we could meet to talk about our sons; and he asked me how I felt about the situation, and when I told him I was a Christian and I believed it was wrong. He answered me back saying, “I am a Christian and I think it is right.” This has been and insuing theme during the whole story.

This man has a twisted opinion that affected my son and all that happened. When people like this use their opinions to manipulate your child to their death, then as his parent I believe on judgement day they will have to answer for his death. They accused me in the court trial of harrassing them by calling them; I called them the one time, but that is how they manipulate the truth.

Russell was an impressionable and trusting young man, as many are today. This is how they are manipulated and brainwashed into the homosexual lifestyle. I believe Kevin was not taught right from wrong and how to treat people with respect. He never showed any respect for Russell’s parents or Russell.

I am going to write more about the attorneys and their evil ways. The second set of attorneys we had was recommended by a church in Baltimore. These attorneys claimed to be Christians but did so much evil to us when we hired them to help us get our son’s remains.

First of all they assured us they could get this done for  us. We told them we didn’t have much money, but they kept dragging the case on and wanting more and more money. They refused to give us our records or a copy of them when they took our money to go to court, and then walked out on us because one of them was going to run for State Senate.

The first attorney gave  us a copy of all our records when his senior partner didn’t want him to continue with the case; we believe because they didn’t want to fight the gay agenda.

These attorneys aformentioned took our money under false pretenses and should have had charges filed against them. We have some really damming evidence to have made this possible if I had not gotten sick. I do hope in the papers I am writing I can bring all this to light. I can produce all the evidence if they want to try to do anything to us for doing this writing. I wish the world could know what these two are capable of and what they pretend to be.

Their conflict of interest with the Judge and the Olives was evident in some of the papers. The Olives and their part in going to the doctors at the hospital and telling them not to call us when they wanted to because we were the legal next of kin to Russell. Mr. Olive told the doctors we had disowned Russell and not to call us. The doctors should not have talken his word just because he was an attorney. The Olives threw their status as attorneys around to get what they wanted.

Kevin’s mother went with him to the funeral home and used her status to get the funeral home to bury our son without any papers in his folder to give them the right to do so. The funeral home violated the law in letting them do this and not letting us even put his obitutary in the paper. I have written about the deal at the funeral home when I found out what had happened; but will write more details about this as I go on.

After these attorneys took our money and walked out on us, we were desperate to keep going even after these attorneys had dragged the case on for three years. We were used because of our mourning for our son and wanted a decent place for him to be buried and with dignity.

We tried different avenues to get another attorney but one found us through a posting with an organization. This attorney was really a piece of work, he was taking a vacation about every two weeks or that is what his partner told us. Later we realized what was going on and why, we believe was the reason we were not being able to get to talk to him.

He changed firms in the middle of the case with some interesting things happening. His law clerk mentioned he was doing community service at the community college; and that set of fireworks in my head, as  remembered him having had a car wreck when we first hired him.

A lot of things happened with this attorney that was a betrayal of his oath of office as with the second set of attorneys. With what we went to court with we should have gotten our son’s remains. We worked hard ourselves to prove what we thought all along that he was not competent to sign the will that was signed. I am going to write about the will in a seperate story as it will take a lot to tell all that went on about that. This story will be taken from statements made by Kevin himself.

Telling about these attorneys reinterate my statements about the evil people do to one another to control, manipulate and greed.  I came in contact with some really good Christian attorneys during my endeavors, and by no means do I want to minimize their contriblution to helping us. When I call them Christian attorneys, I really know they are because they were not out to hurt us, but to help us.

There is evil all about us and evil is what is devouring our innocent children. I never dreamed Russell would be one to fall for the manipulation of the devil. If I had one thing to tell parents is to never be niave about anything and never believe your child would not do anything like this.

There is so much acceptance of this lifestyle and I feel the media and hollywood is making it so glamours with all the coming out that children think it is glamours. I want to tell the world that it was not glamours for Russell when he was laying in that hospital dying of AIDS and no one with him that loved him. Russell was nothing more than a piece of garbage to those around him when he got sick. His life meant nothing but money, and that is why the doctors could not be allowed to call us. His life was not glamours when he had blood coming from every part of his body… oh how it hurts for me to write this. Kevin was at the hospital to keep us from finding out about Russell; that is all.

I was niave about a lot of things during the past; but have learned a lot since then. If I had just have know to have gone viral with all that had happened, I think things would have been different. More later; it is so heart wrenching to write about Russell.


Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; and put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

Luke 6:44 For every tree is known by his own fruit; neither doth a corrupt tree bring forth good  fruit.




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