15th Aug, 2017

Discrimination? What is fair? What is equality?

Is it fair for many to get away with discrimination; and others that are discriminated against, go unnoticed or unpunished?

There was so much discrimination in our court case to get our son’s body. Every turn we made; the lawyers and Judge discriminated against us. The Judge was really disgusting to us; now we find out about her involvement with the LGBT group. She was so upfront about not liking us; because she liked Kevin. We were doomed from the beginning and we didn’t realize it.

How could such a thing happen in our society today because you don’t approve of sin? As Christians we
we discriminated against; and didn’t get our son’s body. This shouldn’t have happened in a court of law. Many laws were broken; and I aim to make it known; I have only begun!

Our hearts are broken; and every time we go to Russell’s grave in that overgrown place where he is buried, we hurt with everything inside of us. We have to live with what they did to us, and to Russell. I hate that place where he is buried; that is why he is buried there, to hurt us. We had every right to have his remains and bury him with respect; where he would be taken care of when we were gone.

We proved that Russell was not competent to sign that will; and that is what we were supposed to prove. The Judge rendered her opinion, instead of the facts; she was not about to go against her homosexual views.

My latest work has involved seeking out those who would like to make a movie about this case. I have been told there is interest; this would be closure for us, as well as for other parents.

Carolyn Groff

Matthew 6:23 But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!

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