10th Sep, 2019


This case devastated us! We didn’t have a chance with all the dirty dealings that went on. We just wanted to get Russell buried in a place where we could go and grieve for him; without worrying about what would happen to his grave when we were gone. It is bad enough the way they buried him.

It takes some really evil people to do what was done to Russell, and to us. What went on during our plight to move Russell and bury him with dignity; was absolutely horrifying! Russell was buried with lies, (I have talked about in previous posts) to keep control of the insurance money they took out on his life.

We didn’t have a chance to bury our son because of the crooked lawyers and Judge. All the backroom dealings are now obvious; our grief blinded us then. We as Christians, tried to believe there was justice in the system. I know these people will have to answer to a higher power!

All I have found out since this disaster; will soon come out. You can hide the truth from man; but you can’t hide from God. I think sometimes about these people who are playing with lives. The lawyers who took our money and cut our throats; (speaking literally) were about as evil as they come.

The Judge was someone who needs to be exposed for her values; the ones she judged us by. She is supposed to judge the facts; but she didn’t. She stated in her decision that she believed the two friends of Kevin instead of the forensic expert who testified (over 1800 pages of medical records, and two and a half hours of testimony) Russell could not have signed the will they said they witnessed. This was all about the gay agenda in which the Judge is endowed in.

Russell’s signatures were very important in the case; the lawyers refused to use these facts. Long before his; Kevin’s mother (the lawyer) wrote about Russell losing is muscle function in his hands and couldn’t write. Much later when the purported will was established by Kevin and his mother (the lawyer); Russell’s signature was perfect. I will to get these posted soon, by injecting them in this post.

The lawyers refused to use anything that might help us. The last lawyer didn’t even want to use the forensic expert we found. His testimony was all we needed to win; and the Judge ruled against his testimony. She waited six weeks after the trial; instead of the two weeks she said. She had to wait until after her election. We were devastated to wait this long; it should have not even taken two weeks. She was very obviously afraid of what would happen if she gave her verdict before the election.

Russell could not have signed the will at the time they said he signed it. The Judge will be exposed if I can take care of some things I am working on. She cannot go on hurting people; and making a mockery of the judicial system.

I talked to some really good out of state attorneys during this time; some who really helped me. The lawyers we had hired in Baltimore were very unethical. We didn’t know who to hire; one set was recommended by someone at the court house. The other set was recommended by a church; the one who quit the case after taking our money for three years. The other one was recommended by a lawyer association (turned out to be the one who betrayed us on the last). We really got taken in by our naive grief. The way these lawyers in Baltimore did; reflects on all the good lawyers.

All the expert testimony given should have given us the peace we needed; this didn’t happen. We have never had closure; thanks to all the evil people who chose to hurt us. My next post will be very interesting!

Carolyn Groff

Proverbs 10:18 He that hideth hatred with lying lips, and he that uttreth a slander, is a fool.

Proverbs 10: The tongue of the just is as choice silver: the heart of the wicked is little worth.

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