16th Oct, 2012


No one is born gay! The word choice is so disputed! Saying homosexuality is a choice puts a target on your back.  You are mocking God when you say he made someone this way. This choice is sin born, not in born!  

When Russell made the choice to enter into this lifestyle, he had no idea he would destroy himself and his family. He didn’t understand things until it was too late. Russell did not want to die; he had the world in the palm of his hands! He listened to the wrong people instead of the parents who loved him so much. I call it brainwashing! The God I serve says homosexuality is an abomination to him. Homosexuality can be overcome because it is a choice.

There is somewhat of a question about all that happened when Russell got the virus, being that I cannot figure out how the person who gave it to him got away with it. We asked that our lawyer give a lie detector test, and neither one would do as we asked. There were too many lies, and we wanted to expose them. I believe his death was a cold and calculated plan.

Russell was manipulated and brainwashed! This is happening all the time by the liberal media, hollywood and the homosexual activists. Gay organizations and gay churches are behind brainwashing young people into this darkness to the extent of what is almost unbelievable!

Where are the morals? No one seems to care about morals and values anymore! When Russell was involved with Kevin, his parents did not like us because we did not approve of this lifestlye. They wanted us to welcome Kevin as they welcomed (manipulated) Russell. They let them stay in their home, and this  really upset me. Russell was taken by this acceptance and thought we should do the same with Kevin. This was never going to happen, so they went to great lengths to alienate Russell from us….

Russell was not a happy person after he become involved in this lifestyle. I think he became overwhelmed with thinking and being told he could not change. His choice became a burden to his family because of what it was doing to him. We could see things he could not even realize for having blinders on, so to speak. The life and death of Russell destroyed our inner beings. Our hearts were ripped apart when he left us; nothing will ever be the same.

I think the homosexual lifestyle is one of the most degrading things one can do to their bodies. The despicable things that are done to the human body are disgusting. I never knew things like that even existed. Everyone should be informed of what is out there, I cannot touch a door handle, sit at a restaurant table or even eat at a restaurant, handle money, or anything anyone else has handled since I found out what these people do. I have always been conscious of germs, but this is a whole different set of filth….thinking of these things.

I believe Russell’s emotions of guilt were used against him; maybe even at times he may have been threatened. I know he would not have wanted us to know the things that he had gotten involved in. I believe in my heart he was afraid of Kevin because his parents were lawyers. He may have been threatened to have them do something to us. My sister told me she thought Russell was afraid of Kevin. From all I have researched, I know there is a lot of abuse in these relationships.

If young people would think before acting on their emotions, maybe so many would not die. I know Russell got in so far over his head he was ashamed to talk to us about the situation. When he finally did talk to us, we thought he was going to listen, then Kevin came here and caused trouble. When I told him if he ever came to our house again he would be arrested. He had talked disrespectful to us when we told him he was going to give Russell his money for his care he cheated him out. This is a long story about the car. I have written some about it and how his mother sold the car. We found paperwork about this….

Just from what lies Kevin told our other son, I know he did a number on Russell.  All through the court proceedings, Kevin was allowed to talk, but we were never given the opportunity to talk or testify. This was all calculated too.

I have so much to deal with concerning my son’s death, and I pray God will give me the strength and wisdom to get the things done to put closure on Russell’s death. Maybe all will not be lost with all we have gone through if it helps another young person from making the mistake Russell did.

Lowell and Carolyn Groff

11 Corinthians 12:10  Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

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