12th Oct, 2018

Blatant Lies and Deception

Lies have been spread all over the internet about Russell’s life. I am going to speak for Russell as his mother; the only one in this world who loves him and has ever loved him.

The life he was leading before his horrible death is a real farce of lies. These lies continue to be spread on the internet. Russell was involved with a bunch of idiots who profess that the gay lifestyle was fun and exciting. The group of gay christians (not Godly) are so vile and disgusting! Russell was so manipulated by these people who are Kevin’s friends.

I want to tell you about someone who would not care to violate every thread of decency! I believe Kevin destroyed Russell for his own financial gain. I have documented proof of everything I write. His family being lawyers and his friend the gay lawyer may want to try something again; but I know what to do this time. We were sold out by lawyers and a the judge. Kevin’s family interfered with everything we tried to do.

I am never going to stop until I make sure everyone knows about these people and what they did. I am not as naive as I was during the court case to get Russell’s remains and bury him with dignity. I have done so much research and interviews with folks who knew Kevin; and his family. People get tired of being used; I am counting on more coming forward.

I have done a lot of research! Kevin wrote to all the gay people he could muster up all over the world. He had all these people writing our lawyers. This was his plan to destroy us financially. He is a slick manipulating person; he uses people! I can sling so much legal stuff at these people for what they have done!

Kevin said on facebook he had slept on Russell’s pillow since he died; what a manipulating lie!!!! If he did; he made a monkery of Russell. He had a boyfriend while Russell was in the hospital; and long after he died. I don’t know what happened to this man; maybe Kevin gave him the virus too. I would love to know! I hope he or his family will contact me….I need more information on Kevin. Kevin uses people; and he plays on sympathy about Russell. He is one sick dude!

The homosexual lifestyle is one of lies and deception. Maybe the rapture will come and God will deal with these evil people.

Carolyn Groff

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