4th Jun, 2016

Attorneys–our experiences

In telling about these experiences, we hope to expose what was done to us when we tried to get their son’s remains after his beautiful life had been destroyed. I hope to enlighten about how unfair the justice system is when Judges and lawyers promote their opinions instead of the law they are supposed to uphold.

The way we were treated and taken advantage of incompresensible.
Russell wanted to see us when he was sick and dying; (We have proof of this now) but this was something Kevin and his parents couldn’t afford to happen.

We did everything we were supposed to legally to get Russell’s body for reburial; but because of the Judge’s unfair ruling; (her own opinion, not the law) in the case, we did not get this done.

When the Judge met with Kevin and our attorney without our presence; (which happened several times) we believe this was a conflict of interest for the both of them.

Unfortunately, we didn’t know we could prove all of these things before the time limit was past for filing legal papers.

The Olives were cruel and inhumane to do the things they did to get Russell buried before we found out the truth. When we found out what had happened; we were devastated. The grief we had to go through kept us from being aware of these things until it was too late…..

We never let our son down no matter what he did; and we were not about to let him down after his life was “destroyed”. I know he was saying to us; find the truth and do something about it. This is why I must uncover all the things that happened to him and to us.

Dealing with the people involved was something of a nightmare; and dealing with all we had to while in such horrible grief. Kevin and his attorney parents, the homosexual community, Judges and Lawyers; were all devastating to our grief.

Kevin’s parents used their position as attorneys to keep us from Russell at the hospital and funeral home; we can prove this. It is hard to believe someone could be so cruel as to deny a dying young man to see his parents; but this is what Kevin and his parents did. They went to the doctors and told them not to contact us because we had disowned him. The doctors were going to contact us when the Olives told them this. We were his blood relatives and the Olives had no legal right to go tell the doctors this.

Russell loved us and we loved him; he was the life inside of us.

Kevin and his parents used Russell; and in order to do that, they had to alienate him from us. We believe the Olives were directly responsibly for the death of our son; and I don’t say this lightly. I have documents about Kevin; and his parents went along with it all. When will society quit accepting the lies that are destroying our kids?

Two weeks after Russell was buried we found out they had him buried without papers to say they could do this. Only the paper for the cost of a cheap burial in a wooden box in a woods; and Sandra Olive’s attorney card, were in the folder at the funeral home. I have talked about this in some of my other writings. The reason I am writing about this now under this topic, is because of the injustice of what happened to us and Russell.

When we found out they had buried him illegally; we had to get an attorney here in Tennessee and one in Baltimore. The funeral home director had the nerve to say to me when I met with him; “This meeting never happened”.

No one in the court would talk to us without a lawy when we found out what had actually happened to Russell. We were told he had a heart attack; and we thought this for a while. This was having to get attorneys was disasterious for us financially and emotionally.

We asked around about finding an attorney in Baltimore; and one was recommended to us. We were both dealing with a lot with our health; which made the long trip to Baltimore very hard for us.

An attorney was recommended to us; and we met with him and paid him a deposit to take the case. He talked like he could handle this situation; and for a while we thought everything was going fine.

All of a sudden, this attorney notified us he could not handle the case. We found out that his partner didn’t want him to handle a case like this. Everyone is afraid of being associated with a case involving homosexuality. We know how vicious the gay community can attack you; as they did us later.

We had to make another long trip to Baltimore to hire another attorney. We didn’t know what to do; we were so desperate because we could not drop the case. This attorney had already used our money and filed papers.

When we got almost to Baltimore; we looked in the phone directory and called a Baptist church to see if they could recommend a good attorney. The one church recommended another church for us to call. They gave us the name of another attorney who might take the case.

It was late in the day; but when we found this attorney, he said he would wait for us to get there. We felt so relieved; we thought things were working out. When we met with this attorney; his partner was there, and between them both they fed us a really big line of bull.

We had our papers with us that the attorney we hired first had given us when we asked for our files. At least this (the first) attorney did give us our records like he was supposed to do.

These new (second) attorneys said they would use the papers that had already filed; which I don’t know if it was ethical for them to do so. We were still charged again for that work. All the work had been done in filing the papers; and it seemed like this attorney and his partner were going to be able to get our son’s remains. They told us all we had to do was prove Russell couldn’t have signed the will at the time it was signed.

We handed these attorneys proof of the condition Russell was in, and he could not have signed a will. We had subponed the hospital papers; but they had to be subponed again, or so these attorneys told us. We believe now that they did this to get more money.

We had read over and over 1800 pages of hospital records; and we knew what had gone on there. We weren’t professionals, but we knew Russell was not in a state where he was coherent enough to be able to sign a legal paper.

The first meeting that we were supposed to have with Kevin and his attorney; the new attorney and his partner told us we didn’t have to come to Baltimore that they would be able to deal with it. They told us something that still rings in my ears; that lawyers always meet behind closed doors. This had the over tones of something illegal, but we trusted these attorneys be honest as they had talked about how religous they were. We believe now these comments were just to win us over. I wish we would not have been so trusting with these attorneys.

Evidently from what was said, Kevin and his parents were there at the meeting; the one they told us not to come. This makes us think it was plotted for us not to be there.

Now it seems like this was dirty stuff; but then it didn’t seem that way because we trusted them to have our best interest in mind. We believe these and other actions should have been reported to the Bar Association.

After that, the attorney and his partner were always acting really strange to us when they were supposed to be helping us. We know now that the things they did were working against us.

We had found insurance policies that had been taken out, and some that had tried to be taken out. We believed it was all about money, and they couldn’t let his parents win and be able to bury their son with dignity because they would not receive the insurance money they had taken out on Russell. We believe, and have some copies where the signatures were not Russell’s on the policies.

The meeting that our attorneys told us we didn’t need to come to Baltimore; the Olives said that the insurance investigation we had done was a slap in the face. When I asked the attorneys what they said to the Olives, they only said they were going to sue us. I was appauled; and said to the attorneys, “It was a slap in the face for them to destroy our son, and take out all kinds of insurance on his life”.

One policy was taken out after he contracted the AIDS virus. I worked and worked to find out how this could happen, and all I got form the insurance company was that they were going to pay. I believe, they had been threatened by the Olives. This is just what I believe, and with all the stuff about the homosexual attacks, I think they decided it would be better to go ahead and pay. This thinking is because of what they did to attack us.

We handed the lawyers enough information to take the case to court and win, but they seemed to just be dragging things on for more money. They told us we would never find anyone to go to court and testify for us. They didn’t even try to find someone.

We told Kevin he could have any money that came with Russell’s estate, but he and his parents were not going to allow us to have any say over the matter. It is all about money and control with these people.

This was when we should have fired these attorneys, but we were so desperate and thought we would get through it by pushing them. We believe listened to the Olives and their lies. The Olives degraded us to everyone; even the doctors at the hospital, which we have proof of.

These people are controlling; this is what it was all about with Russell, but he couldn’t see this until it was too late. It is so hard to think anyone could be so cruel as these people have been; especially to Russell.

With what the Judge said to me, I believe they degraded me to her. In her position of being open and fair; we believe she was one sided and not fair at all. She did some talking to Kevin without us being present, and with our attorney no less. He lied to us about several occasions we ask him about. Both of them should have excused themselves from the case; because of their one sided beliefs.

These attorneys did many things that were not ethical. On one occasion they lied to us about not being able to get a court date, so they had to extend the case. I called the court house and they told me the date was available.

Then after so many things happened, the last mediation meeting we drove to Baltimore and they were late for the meeting. We had driven in snow and sleet; sometimes only being able to see the road by following tractor trailer trucks. Our windshield was freezing up so bad, that it scared us. We prayed all the way, and God got us through.

God guided us through another trip back home that was worse than the trip I just mentioned; it was about 4 or 5 inches of snow. We again followed a semi truck; praying all the way. Lowell is from the north and a good driver which helped. Even at that, it was scary and stressful.

No one but God could know what these people put us through. It is a powerful story that we want to tell about how manipulating people can be.

These two attorneys kept having meetings that cost us a lot of money and stress;finally after they knew we had found proof that Russell could not have signed that will, they walked out on us. This was after they had taken a deposit to get ready to go to court. They knew they were not going to go to court; and taking this was under false pretenses.

These attorneys refused to return our deposit and wrote a letter which they said was seventeen hours to write in order to cover the $2500 dollars they as for to get ready for court. I am eventually going to publish the letter they wrote, in order to expose them. I believe this was a terrible disgrace to their profession. They also refused to give us our records when we had to find another attorney. We had to pay the next attorney to go to their office and make copies of our records; when they were supposed to give us a copy of them as the first attorney did.

I will write more about the last attorneys and what the second set of attorneys did to us.

Carolyn Groff
PSALM 25:2 O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.
PSALM 25:19 Consider mine enemies; for they are many; and they hate me with cruel hatred.

God has given me the strenght to stand up for what is right; he will take care of evil doers.
“It is not an alternative lifetyle but a destructive chosen lifestyle that brigns pain, premature death and broken relationsships”.
“Thoughtful Analysis” by Chip Ingram

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